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  1. Miałem okazję sprawdzić jak działa HomeKit Apple oraz nowe moduły Fibaro for HomeKit. Jeżeli ktoś jest ciekawy jak to wygląda w praktyce, to zapraszam do przeczytania http://applemobile.pl/testujemy-fibaro-homekit-pierwsze-urzadzenia-inteligentnego-domu-fibaro-wspolpracujace-z-platforma-homekit-od-apple/
  2. I have two motion sensors and two dimmers installed to control hall and landing lights. I have successfully configured an association for the hall sensor and dimmer so that the lights come on at night when the motion sensor is triggered. However, I cannot get the same to work for the other motion sensor and dimmer on the landing - the motion sensor is being activated but the dimmer isn't being activated. The settings on both (set using Vera control panel) are identical: Any ideas how I can get the second one working or is this a known limitation wth Fibaro devices?
  3. Not sure if this is 4.100 related but it looks like I have some problems with some 3rd party motions sensors (PIR's). Looks like HC2 registers when the PIR fires a ON command, but it never returns to OFF. Am I the only one seeing this? - Everspring SP103 - Z-Wave Philio 4-in-1 Sensor
  4. Hello everyone! I'm trying to figure out a good block scene to help elder people in their bedroom, during night (e.g.: Wake up to go to the bathroom at night). I'm using motion sensor + dimmer modules + door sensor. My concern: not trigger the scene with motion sensor while he/she is moving in bed during sleep time, but only when he/she stands up to go to the bathroom. Any tips?
  5. Hi all, I've done a quick search but can only find incredibly complex scripts to work with the motion sensor on here - I'm just trying to learn the basics first! I have a Fibaro Dimmer2 controlling wall lights and a Fibaro Motion Sensor. I want to turn the lights on when it detects movement and then turn them off after it has checked for 5 minutes of no activity. Using this page by FibaroUK: http://www.fibarouk.co.uk/support/getting-started/motion-activated-lights/ and this LUA script: --[[ %% properties 56 value (Set to my Motion ID) %% globals --]] local motionID = 56 (Set to my Motion ID) local wallLightID = 46 (Set to Wall Light ID) if (fibaro:getValue(motionID, 'value') == '0') then fibaro:sleep(300 * 1000) if (fibaro:getValue(motionID, 'value') == '0') then fibaro:call(wallLightID, 'turnOff') end else fibaro:call(wallLightID, 'turnOn') end It works if I run it manually, but then it won't work automatically. Also, is this the only scene I need to create? It says about using the Blocks Scene for On / Off but then mentions: So I'm assuming that I don't need the block scenes? Sorry, I appreciate this is probably really stupid questions - but gotta start somewhere! Thanks, Josh
  6. I have a Home center Lite. My motion sensor to turn on my lights if it is between a certain lux in the room and if motion it detected. I have it set to not turn on the lights if it detects 0 lux in the room. This can be good for sleeping but what if it gets dark at 6pm with 0 lux in the room but I'm not ready for bed and want the lights to trigger with motion. Does anyone know of a solution to only run my scene i created between a certain range of times during the day? thanks for the help
  7. I just got some smart bulbs and created some scenes to trigger the lights to come on as soon as i enter the room (the motion sensor detects motion). But i notice by the time i walk in the room there is some lag (about 3-5 seconds) before the lights turn on. How can i get them to turn on faster? is it possible? I have a relatively small home and these devices are about 50 feet from the controller with multiple walls in between but i have an extender between the controller and these bulbs and motion sensors. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  8. Hey FIBARO Community, i started to code my own scenes in lua some days ago and finally finished some automated parts. The script is working well but there is a part i don't know how to fix. I will comment inline so please read the whole topic. 1. Define the motion (ID 102) after the properties to tell the script to act if the value of motion changes --[[ %% properties 102 value %% globals --]] 2. Define all ID's i want to use in this script local scene = 109 -- ID of this scene local motion = 102 -- ID motion sensor local deckenlampetreppe = 84 -- ID of the lamp 3. Time in seconds the lamp should be activated local starttimer = 10 -- activate lamp in seconds 4. Write the motion value to a variable and convert it from string to integer to be able to work with it later local motionwert = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(motion, "value")); 5. Check if this scene is already active and stop if its true if (fibaro:countScenes()>1) then fibaro:abort(); end 6. If motion is activated (value is > 0), activate the lamp if (motionwert > 0 ) then fibaro:call(deckenlampetreppe, "turnOn"); 7. Set the current time to the variable timer and as long as the current time minus the 'timer' is smaller then the 'starttimer' that was set on top, let the script sleep. If there is still movement reset the timer to hold the lamp activated. timer = os.time(); while os.time() - timer < starttimer do fibaro:sleep(1000); if (tonumber(fibaro:getValue(motion, "value"))) > 0 then timer = os.time(); end end 8. If the difference in seconds is higher then defined on top, disable the lamp again fibaro:call(deckenlampetreppe, "turnOff"); 9. End the if and kill the scene end fibaro:killScenes(scene); Okay this is the script and its working well but? This is right -> If i activate the lamp on the switch the lamp stays activated and works. This fails -> If i disable the lamp on the switch the motion sensor does not activate the lamp again if i walk into it. It looks like the motion sensor still sleeps and i need to wait like 30 seconds before it is working again. I already tried to change some parameters (2,6) on the motion settings but nothing helps me out here. I want that the motion always works and checks and starts the scene also when i disabled the lamp with the switch some seconds before. I already tried to write another scene that kills the motion scene from above when i turn the switch because i was thinking its still running and can't run twice but it feels for me that the motion needs like 30 - 40 seconds to get back to working. I really hope you can help me out here. Greetings, tiCeR
  9. Doug

    Motion Sensor

    Hi I have just installed a HC2 with version 4.056. I have added some Danfoss radiator thermostats which went fine, except a couple come up with crosses sometimes. The main issue is with the motion sensors. Both are recording temperature but neither is measuring the light level at all. I have seen a couple of other topics on this, but no recent ones and wondered if this has been resolved. Doug.
  10. To everyone who currently has Fibaro HC 2 i just have a few questions: Are you happy with the product? What issues do you have with it? Do you get any lags or whereby scenes or devices do not respond to commands? We are currently building a new house and got a quote of 120K (in South African Rand, which in USD works out to around $12000) for the following products: Description Quantity FIBARO Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW 90 FIBARO Relay Insert 1 * 2.5 KW 31 FIBARO Motion Sensor 10 FIBARO Flood Sensor 2 FIBARO Smoke detector 3 iTach Flex WiFi 6 iTach Flex Link 6 Blaster Cable 6 FIBARO Door- and Window Sensor 10 FIBARO Z-Wave Home Center 2 1 Before spending that much I want some real reviews of the product and real life experiences. In my country (SA) there is very little support and nowhere I can go to view the products. Appreciate all feedback Thanks
  11. Hi guys! I'm experiencing a strange thing with my fibaro motion sensor (with zipabox, not HC2): I configured the luminance threshold at 20lux.. so I expect that sensor report me the lux value only with a >20lux increment or decrement. But in my logs I see that the sensor report me many many many times the lux value, also with only 1 lux change! Obviously the battery is draining so fast.. Any of you with the same issue? (sensor fw v.2.6) I'm trying to understand that there's something bad with the sensor or is a zipabox fail in send configuration to the device. thanks!!
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