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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, Could you please tell will it be OK for Double Switch 2 loose power on a regular base? I mean to put it in between a main switch and a load. So it is going to loose and get the power several times a day, will it be OK?
  2. Hello to all, I use a FGWP102 Metered Wall Plug Switch to switch in combination with a window open contact. In addition I would like to setup a rule which sets the FGWP to off only if the momentary power is over 5W and the window is open, for example. In normal operation the power consumption is only less than 1 W. With the standard setting for Par 11 (15%) the Switch constantly reports change of power because the change from 0.3W to 0,4W is more than 15%. Naturally I can set this to 50% to avoid permant reports. But in my opinion this makes nos sense, because 50% of operating at a higher level (e.g. 200W) is nuch too much. From my point of view there should be an additional parameter to have a minimum change in physical units (not in %) which must also be true to generate a report. If % is the only way, than it should be in % of measuring range and not of momentary value. This is useless. Any ideas how to manage this without having permantly changes reported?
  3. Hi I am trying to measure power consumed by a single device and then use this infromation to determine a further action. I cannot seem to get the invidiaul device consumption. my code is below. device is ID 320. help please. --[[ %% autostart %% properties %% weather %% events %% globals --]] local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); function tempFunc() local currentDate = os.date("*t"); local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( ((currentDate.wday == -1)) --and string.format("%02d", currentDate.hour) .. ":" .. string.format("%02d", currentDate.min) == "17:15") ) ) then fibaro:debug("It is 17:15") rkwhour = api.get("/energy/now-3600/now/single/devices/power/"..320) jsonTable = json.decode(rkwhour) kwh = (jsonTable.kWh) fibaro:debug(kwh);
  4. Hi, My Fibaro Wall Plug (FGWPF-102 ZW5 v3.2) is acting weird lately (it worked fine before). Everything is working fine (I can switch it on and off from Domoticz as well as with the 'B'-button) as long as I don't plug in a device. If I do plug in a device (I tried several different devices all with the same result) then the LED ring changes from White -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Red -> Magenta and it then switches off as if it is consuming a lot of power (which it isn't). In the attached video I show it while trying to load my telephone. I already tried resetting the Wall Plug but that didn't help. Question: Is the Wall Plug broken or am I missing something here? Thanks in advance for your answer! IMG-0845.MOV
  5. Hello, I bought a Neo Colcam power plug which is working pretty well with Fibaro, except I cant look at the consumpiton history from mobile APP. If i tap on Fibaro plug, there is screen that shows daily, weekly... consumption etc., but when im trying to tap on Neo Coolcam plug which showing actual consumption the same way as Fibaro plug, it does nothing - it wont open that consumption history as it doeas with plug from Fibaro. From web i can see consumption fine in device settings and also in panel with all graphs etc.
  6. Hi all, is there a way to receive the power status of the hue bulb? E.g. If I turn my lights off via a fibaro relay, I would like to see if the hue light is actually supplied with power or not... cheers
  7. I have a Fibaro Wall Plug (FGWPF-102) and a RaspberryPI (using openzwave) and USB Z-wave dongle. It works fine, but the Wall Plug generates 3 readings I hope someone can help explain. I have pasted the XML readings for this further down. Why do I have two "Power" readings (one under "Class_Sensor_Multilevel" and one under "Class_Meter") ? What is the "Exporting" reading. It is always False. <CommandClass id="49" name="COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL" version="5" innif="true"> <Instance index="1" /> <Value type="decimal" genre="user" instance="1" index="4" label="Power" units="W" read_only="true" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="47.6" /> </CommandClass> <CommandClass id="50" name="COMMAND_CLASS_METER" version="2" request_flags="2" innif="true"> <Instance index="1" /> <Value type="decimal" genre="user" instance="1" index="0" label="Energy" units="kWh" read_only="true" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="0.82" /> <Value type="decimal" genre="user" instance="1" index="8" label="Power" units="W" read_only="true" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="44.9" /> <Value type="bool" genre="user" instance="1" index="32" label="Exporting" units="" read_only="true" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="False" /> <Value type="button" genre="system" instance="1" index="33" label="Reset" units="" read_only="false" write_only="true" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" /> </CommandClass>
  8. Hi, I have been trying to update my HCL from 3.6 to 4.1 and it got stuck on the screen "update in progress". Probably there was a power surge during the update. What can I do now? How can I fix this? Is there any way to login through ssh and upload the firmware?
  9. The total power usage value reported in the top screen has always been weird. In the past it reported about 4 times my actual value, but now it reports to hook up to a 400kW power generator. That's about 520 Amps! I would need 3 phase cables with about 300mm2 wires for that...... Fibaro, can you please fix this in the next update and add an option to exclude a main power measuring device from adding it's value to the total value (prevent doubling)? EDIT: I compared my actual usage with the reported one. I looks like you only have to remove the k from kW and add an option to prevent doubling.
  10. After I installed Aeon power meter, I disabled all metering’s from other devices. I also disabled metering from phase 1-3 clamps and I use only total one. Nevertheless, I get different information across whole fibaro ecosystem. Web status bar shows consumption (3 differnet measurings 597W, 696W, 2,83kw) that is 1,x-4 times higher than real one, while all fibaro devices are off, so the only reading is from aeon meter. Iphone app shows in status bar different number and the only correct one (real data from aeon). (217W, 317W, 2,45kw) Android tablet app displays 0W (reports only when some module is turned on - module declared power). Any experience with this?
  11. Hi, i've created a virtual device showing instantaneous power and other info about overall consumption of my house (measures are made right after the main meter from energy company) Is there any way to have this virtual device seen as a power metering device (like the fibaro power plug) so it will be considered in the energy panel? Any glue to obtain it? Maybe through some plug in or specifically defined virtual device code providing data as a physical device will do? In general, maybe it would be nice to have virtual devices classified by functions, as physical devices are (ligthing, control switches etc) Many thanks Simone
  12. Hi, I have a Thermo-Floor / Heatit Multireg thermostat controlling my floor heating. I was disappointed that it does not support power usage. So I wonder if it would be possible to somehow add to the device with LUA or a separate virtual device that accumulates wattage for the time it was active? I have not done very much LUA coding to know if this would be possible. Is it any point at pursuing this at all? An alternative would be to use an external actuator associated with the thermostat that supports power usage. But it would be more expensive and I'm not sure there is room in the wall box. Regards Stian
  13. I am using a IP2IR from itach. where i can program several buttons within a VD. So also the Power on/off from my TV. (standby and on) the disadvantage of IR is no feedback. So eventually the IR doesn't know if the TV is on or off. And i am using the qubino Flush 1D Relay to switch on/off my AV equipment, including TV, apple TV, cable decoder, etc.. I programmed a couple of scene's like : "Watch TV" ,and "Watch a Movie" By both scene's with lua blocks I turned on the TV and set the lights, and the input of the Amplifier, etc... When i swap over to "Watch a movie" it will switch off my TV again. as it sents a IR code to turn on the TV, which is also the same code for turning off the TV. Now i was thinking, what if i make a scene where the Flush 1D relay module can measure what power consumption it has to be able to set the state of the TV i= on or standby... But within the parameters of the Flush 1D relay module there you can only add a "declared power consumption" which in my case isn't set, because i switch on the TV or the apple TV and my power consumption will go up or down. Is there another way to measure if my TV is on or standby. so that my scene knows when the TV is on ? Or do I have to use another fibaro module to measure the power consumption ? Using a HC2 from Fibaro Hope to hear from you
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