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  1. I have two motion sensors and two dimmers installed to control hall and landing lights. I have successfully configured an association for the hall sensor and dimmer so that the lights come on at night when the motion sensor is triggered. However, I cannot get the same to work for the other motion sensor and dimmer on the landing - the motion sensor is being activated but the dimmer isn't being activated. The settings on both (set using Vera control panel) are identical: Any ideas how I can get the second one working or is this a known limitation wth Fibaro devices?
  2. Witam, czy spotkał się ktoś z takim problemem z termozaworem na kalorywer : komunikacja z centralą jest OK w obydwie strony (zmiana temp w centrali zmienia na zaworze i odwrotnie) zawór po założeniu na kaloryfer zamyka go bez względu na ustawioną temp ? Jeżeli tak to proszę o info czy da się na to coś poradzić, czy mi urządzenie padło i nadaje się do kosza Pozdrawiam Piotr
  3. Hi all, I am using a mentioned device for make sure my pools water level does not get o high. Have been working great for a year, but I made my yearly check and wanted to exclude / include it to for the fun of it...(I know, WHY change a winning team....but I did it anyway..stupid of me..) When I add the device it works REALLY good. triple click on ST812 button and it is added straight away BUT when I test the ST812, in a glass of water, NOTHING happens, the ST812 wont beep (totally silent) no LED flashing which it should when it is triggered. HMM. Well it is old, been outside in cold Sweden for one winter. Maybe it is broken...Fair! Ordered a brand new one. EXACTLY the same problem. When I triple click the ST812 straight away it is saying "transfer ok" in the icon of HC2 . When I am reading the user manual of ST812, I found a very interesting part: Problem: No beep sound and LED not indicating when triggered Reason: Not carry out inclusion Solution: Include a node ID allocated by Z-Wave Controller Can I do more than have done? Add new nevice? I tried to Soft reconfigure, hard configure.. everyting I can think of? And I can see that it belongs to a node.. Any advice for me? All help is appreciated! Thanks Valle
  4. Hello to all I have a problem with fibaro relays. I have used the relay switches for some halogens lamps to turn on. After the first switching, it turns on all and then it jams ! I mean then I can not switch it off manually or by the application. The relay goes and sticks in ON mode ! please help thanks
  5. Hello! I start working with a RGBW Modul and LED. I made custom program (number 6, 7, 8, etc...) I found no way to start them in a LUA scene or with a Virtual Device.. I can only start preprogrammed scene (1 to 5). The other don't work. I try to move mine in first place but it's not working too. I try fibaro:call(29, "startProgram", "6"); and got no respond. I tryed with http : send me : {"id":0,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"result":1}} (working) send me : { } (not working) Someone have make this to work? (my goal is to launch a custom LED program when my alarm is on) Its really boring... plz Fibaro Guys fix that
  6. Hello! Last night i tried to upgrade my system to 4.048 but I guess something went wrong. L After the upgrade instead of rebooting all leds where lit up and stayed that way. After about 20 mins I disconnected the power supply and reconnected it. HC2 began to boot up normally but when all leds where lit up they stayed that way for a while, then all leds turned off and nothing else happened. This still occurs when I try to start it normally. I then tried to access it in recovery mode: the leds start flashing from left to right until all leds are lit up, they stay lit up a short while and then turns off. Then power turns on and after a short while powerled and the two closed to it and the recover led is lit up. It stays that way but I can’t connect to the server. I figured maybe I pressed the recover led to long so it booted up with static ip so I tried to connect it to 3 different pc:s om which I changed network settings to: ställer pc på submask def gateway: HC2 begins to boot up normally but when all leds where lit up the led furtherst to the left is lit for a while, then all leds turned off and nothing else happened. This still occurs when I try to start it normally. Still connected to the pc I then tried to connect in recovery mode but that does not work either. This time when I boot hc2 up its starts normally by flashing leds from left to right and ends with all lit up a short while. Thereafter power and recovery leds are lit up. I still can’t connect to the server by entering in the webbrowser and does not respond to ping. I would really be grateful for any hints on how to fix this
  7. Hello fibaro people, I keep getting dead nodes from fibaro relay switches. My main controller is in the same room as the switches and the devices are about 8 meters apart. I don't think that the range could be the problem. I'm using HC2 v4.035. Maybe there's any solution for the mentioned problem?
  8. Witam, Mam problem z centralka HC2. Mam ją oczywiście od niedawna i powoli testuje i w sumie to uczę się na niej. W centrali jest wpięte około 20 urządzeń ( większość fibro ale również PowerNode oraz Zipato ). Jest stworzona jedna scena która wywołuje się co kilka minut. Bardzo często centralka mi sie jakby zawiesza - wyskakuje komunikat "HC2 - 503 server unavailable ", mam możliwość "Refresh Page" oraz "Restart Page". Do funkcji "Restart Page" jest potrzebny login i hasło - oczywiście różni się od mojego standardowego dostępu. Jedyne co pomaga to restart prądowy … a, no i oczywiście API również leży wiec nic nie mogę zrobić. Centralka jest zaktualizowana do najnowszej wersji. Ma ktoś jakieś pomysły jak sobie z tym radzić i gdzie jest problem ? Z góry dziękuje za pomoc. Pozdrawiam
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