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  1. Hi, The RGBW module has predefined programs that can be launched (Fireplace, Storm, Rainbow, Aurora, LPD). But the module is also able to run custom programs defined by the user. Cf. the screenshot attached of the Home Center 2 screen that makes it possible to make its own programs. Using a lot of Fibaro modules, but with a custom home-made controller "box" (a raspberry + zwave dongle + home made software), I wonder to be able to create custom 'programs' with my own colour sequences. As I'm also a software engineer, I'm not afraid to develop myself the support for such feature. But for that, I would need first the 'protocol' for defining such color sequence (ie. the list of commands, payload, responses). And I cannot find anywhere such information. More precisely: for the moment I know that to run a predefined program, I can set parameter 72 with a value between 6 and 10 (6=Fireplace, 7=Storm, ...) ; it seems that values 1 to 5 are reserved to custom programs, but I don't know how to define first the content of such custom program, before requesting their execution. Would it be possible to get some support from Fibaro about that ? Thanks in advance.
  2. I already read this previous topic dealing with classical in-wall rotary dimmers and the Fibaro dimmer2 module, but I think the following combination would work better. Your advice would be very much appreciated. The RGBW dimmer (FGRGB-101 / FGRGBWM-441) accepts 0-10V analog voltage input to control 12/24V DC low voltage lamps (LEDs or halogens): 1/ Can a cost-effective classical 0-10V rotary dimmer pilot the RGBW module which would then dim the lights accordingly to the input rotation? Like this one for example: 2/ If it works that way, how would the knob rotation of the 0-10V potentiometer behave with the direct control of the RGBW module from the Fibaro interface on a computer or mobile device? Suppose you have turned the potentiometer half the way to dim the lights up to 50%. Then you open the Fibaro app and switch off the lights. Do the lights switch off? If they are switched off, the potentiometer is still at 50%… What would happen then when you turn the potentiometer again? 3/ To prevent this apparent weird behavior, I looked for 360-degree (i.e. continuous rotation with no stop) optical or Hall effect absolute rotary encoders with 0-10V analog output, as a replacement for classical potentiometers: But in this case while the voltage varies linearly according to shaft rotation from 0V/0° to 10V/359° (1 turn) it also suddenly drops to zero at the beginning of the second turn (the voltage drops from max. 10V at 359° to 0V at 360°, just one degree further) like this: This graph is for 0-5V but 0-10V acts the same way. Not very handy for lights. It would have been more useful if the voltage stayed at maximum value of 10V after 360°. 4/ I then searched for incremental rotary encoders instead of absolute rotary encoders, but it seems an incremental version with 0-10V analog voltage output doesn't exist. Your thoughts?
  3. Hello all, Brand new RGBW module plugged into a new 24V LED strip and power supply. Module seems to be stuck on the white channel. If I turn the device off in Fibaro, the white channel stays on. I can select other colours, but its leaving the W channel on all the time. I've tried a factory reset. The device isn't using any switches at the moment. Thank you,
  4. Hi, Is there a way to associate a RGBW controller (FGRGB-101) as a master, with a Dimmer 2 module (FGD-212) as a slave, either as a Z-Wave direct association or with a LUA script on the main controller? My goal is to dim LEDs connected to 110-240V AC, with a distant low voltage RGBW module. LEDs are connected to a Dimmer 2 module. 30 feet away, a 12V DC RGBW controller interprets the variable output of an analog sensor. I'd like to dim the distant LEDs accordingly to the level the RGBW module would set if it was directly connected to equivalent 12V DC LEDs. In other words, can the dimming level information of an RGBW controller be passed to a Dimmer 2? I know that two RGBW modules can be synchronised, but I don't know if an RGBW module and a Dimmer 2 module can be synchronised.
  5. Hi Light does not work when values are under 26, applies to all colors. Whether I use sliders or setting the scenes, it's the same. If I just turn one color, it is the same. Has anyone seen it? No light Light OK No light Light OK
  6. For a number of my ceilings I have the 24V transformers and Fibaro RGBW controllers in the loft and a piece of CAT6 cable wired into the RGBW terminals and fed down into each bedroom. Once in the bedroom the electrician crimped the CAT6 cables on to the RGBW strip lead cables. Worked great. However, all my LED strips had a fault after about 6 months and I'm having to go round replacing them all (all under warranty thankfully!). Whilst replacing I'm removing the crimp butts. What I'd like to do is replace the crimp butts with a plug & socket combo so if I ever need to remove them again in the future it's easy. The traditional plastic terminal blocks are too bulky in my ceiling space. The Wago connectors aren't practical for 5 wires. There's a fair bit of amperage going through the cable when I bang them up to full RGBW bright white managed to melt one of my plastic terminal blocks as it was (stupidly) only 3A safe (!) So I'm looking at other connector options such as ones found in PC hardware: 5 pin SATA connectors - https://www.moddiy.com/products/5%2dPin-SATA-Connector-w{47}-Pins-%2d-Black.html PWM Fan Connector x 2 - https://www.moddiy.com/products/modDIY-Female-4%2dPin-(3%2b1)-PWM-Fan-Connector-(Molex-%232510)-with-Pins.html 6 pin PCi Express connector - https://www.moddiy.com/products/6%2dPin-PCI%2dExpress-Power-Female-Connector-w{47}-Pins-%2d-Black.html But none of these really tell me how much power they can stand before melt down :-S Would appreciate any suggestions from experts
  7. Hi everyone! I am new to Fibaro (and home automation in general) but so far I really like what I see! If I may use your collective expertise - I have couple RGBW controllers that I use to control LED strips (white only) around the house. Since I don't have any color LEDs, I use the controller in the input/output mode to control several strips from one unit. This works perfectly except that now the light does not show under lights in the mobile app. I have to go to "rooms" - "bedroom" in the mobile app to see the light and control it. Is there a way to clasify the outputs as lights so that they show up properly? Thanks! Jan
  8. Is it possible to control an RGB led strip AND use the IN4 for sensor reading such as a temperature measurement? The manual is a little sketchy (to me) on what exactly can't be done with the controller when you don't use the INputs for switches to control the RGB.
  9. Hello, Maybe there already is a solution for this matter. Is there a way to control RGBW Fibre optics for star ceilings? Must be a perfect match for the great RGBW - module from Fibaro. (example item: http://www.ebay.com/itm/RGBW-Twinkle-LED-Fiber-Optic-Star-Ceiling-Lights-28RF-150pcs-0-75mm-5m-Fiber-/152017345840?hash=item2364f09d30:g:lVcAAOSwYlJW6Pmi ) Either by making a Fibaro RF module (which would have been great) or some other solution. Ideas? Regards, Thomas H.
  10. Jeśli szukacie produktów które na pewno działają z Dimmerem lub RGBW zapraszam do kontaktu. Zajmujemy się oświetleniem od 1996r. , prowadzimy salon Fibaro od 2011r. Produkujemy oświetlenie led. [email protected] www.ledbest.eu PRODUKTY TOP taśma led 18W 24V 2800lm=1m https://www.ledbest.eu/pl/p/Tasma-led-ciepla-De-Luxe-rolka-10m-18W-2730lmm/9606 taśma RGBW 16W 24V https://www.ledbest.eu/pl/p/Tasma-led-Regular-300-led-rolka-5m-24V-RGB-cieply/9825
  11. Hi guys! I'm facing some problems with my HC Lite + RGBW controller setup. I'm using RGB strip (not RGBW), and the controller is configured in RGB mode. The strip has 10.8W/m and it's length is approximately 14m. Since each strip has 5m, I had to connect approximately 3 strips. The power suply has the following specs: 150W 12V 12.5A I'm not using physical switches - everything is controlled using the iOS app or the desktop platform. #1 Issue - Green and Blue colors are swapped After wiring everything as it should be, when I choose pure green, the strip gives pure blue. On the other hand, when I chose pure blue, the strip gives pure green. If I choose pure red, it behaves as expected and gives pure red. I've double checked the wiring and everything was ok. The R, G and B wires of the strip were correctly connected to the R, G and B ports of the controller, respectively. To fix that I connected the G wire of the strip to the B port of the controller, and connected the B wire of the strip to the G port of the controller. After this change it start to work as expected,(Blue when I choose blue, and Green when I choose green) but I would like to know why this is happening, because something has to be wrong... #2 Issue - Can´t get pure White When I choose pure white (255,255,255), I get a pale blue (not white!) To get something similar to white I have to use 255,52,23 wish is a red tone, and doesn't make any sense... #3 Issue - The color is not the same on the entire strip Unfortunately for some colors - specially greens and blues - the color is not stable for the entire length. Near the controller the color is very intense. However, at the end of the strip the color tone is very different. Your help will be very welcome Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  12. I'm trying to asssociate 2 RGB strips but the master box on the associations tab is blanked out on every device except for group1 for the Home centre. I assume I'm meant to do this in another group tab Does anyone know how to do this. I've got about 12 RGB's to associate in different rooms. thanks. If anyone is able to check I would be most grateful.
  13. Hi all! Very new to Fibaro but excited about what I can do!.. Am planning the installation of some RGBW LED strips and could do with some help regarding the wiring. I currently have a wall switch running across the room to a standard tungsten light. I want to remove this light, connect my 12v transformer, RGBW Fibaro module and LED strip. This sounds simple, but I'm not sure if I have the wiring right. I just want one switch and can't easily install any new cabling to the LED. Am happy that the switch just turns the LED on and off (ideally to its previous brighness/colour setting), with colour control via the app. See attached for what I'm proposing with the use of a relay module and 3-way momentary/retractive switch. Will this work (momentary switch to S2 = on, momentary switch to S1 = off)? Not sure of the impact on the RGBW module if power is removed? Is there a better way? Obviously I should just connect the switch to the RGBW module IN1 terminal, but this would require additional wiring from the switch to the transformer/module! Thanks, Fergie
  14. hello all i have a little project that i am trying to do. I have a philips hue which works well, and the plugin works well aswell. i also have a Kodi media centre and can get the Kodi to interact with the hue and create the ambilight effect. i also have fibaro rgbw module connected to some rgbw spotlights and would like to know of a way to 'read' the colour from the hue and send that to the rgbw spotlights? or even read the colour directly from kodi and send to spot lights? i would like to create the full room ambilight effect. i know i can just put phillips hue spots instead but that would need a re-wire, so looking for an alternative solution in the interim. thanks
  15. Hi I want to build a hideout for my kids. And in there i want it to be a RGBW-led strip as light source controlled from a fibaro RGB module. But is there anyway i can control the color with a physical button or ordinary rotary dimmer/pwm dimmer? I want this just so the kids easily could change the color by themselves and not be depending on the UI in HC2.
  16. How to connect a Fibaro RGBW controller to a 220v LED strip 220v LED strips can run for 50m vs 12vDC/24vDC that have a limitation of 5m/10m (then you need to start adding amps, additional controllers and return wires) You will need: 1. Fibaro RGBW controller x 1 2. Home Center 2 3. Fibaro Dimmer x 3 4. 220v RGB LED 50m roll Connect before each of the R,G,B lines a dimmer on each line. Let's call them RDimmer, GDimmer and BDimmer The RGBW controller will not be connected to any LED strip. It is just used as an interface for the users. RGB device ID is 100 RDimmer is 101 GDimmer is 102 BDimmer is 103 Create a scene and add the following code. Change the device IDs with your own. CODE --------------------------------------------------------------- --[[ %% properties %% globals --]] local colorSet = fibaro:getValue(100, "lastColorSet"); local RGBWTable= {}; local i = 1; for value in string.gmatch(colorSet,"(%d+)") do RGBWTable = value; i = i + 1; end local RRR = math.floor((RGBWTable[1] / 2.55)) ; local GGG = math.floor((RGBWTable[2] / 2.55)) ; local BBB = math.floor((RGBWTable[3] / 2.55)) ; fibaro:call(101, "setValue", RRR); fibaro:call(102, "setValue", GGG); fibaro:call(103, "setValue", BBB);
  17. Hi, When switching the rgbw controller on/off it will loose its color setting or the program it is running. I'm looking for a way to restore the last settings after the device is turned on again. Couldn't find anything in the forum, so any help or links on how to achieve this are most welcome... thanks in advance Thijs
  18. Hey, How can i associate rgbw devices with each other? like i want to change the colors of the led's from a single touch and set programs to work together.
  19. Hi. I have been using the Fibaro RGBW module together with Vera 3 but I never did get the inputs to work. The module has 4 inputs and 4 outputs, and then one would like to be able to use the controller to control the outputs as RGBW leds and the inputs as inputs. After giving up one Vera 3 I bought Home Center 2 (a bit more expensive). Now I can use the outputs and inputs in some sense. Please help me out with the questions below. One can configure the module in 3 ways, as I can understand it, RGBW, RGB, and Input/Output. When I conf. the module in RGBW or RGB, I get a nice controller in HC2 being able to set outputs and also being able to use the small special programs (Storm, Rainbow etc.). But I can't see any inputs. When I conf. the module as Input/Output, I can use the inputs, but now the RGB output control has disappeared. Why is that? Is it possible to use the fine looking HC2 RGB controller and also use the 4 inputs at the same time? Thank You all
  20. When I include the Zipato RGBW Bulb I can see the panel and can use it in the web interface. But it is not working with iOS nor Android App. In iOS I can see a panel. But nothing is functional. In Android I cannot see anything. This makes the usage of the Zipate RGBW Bulb rather impractical. Any ideas when this will be fixed - or if at all? Otherwise I would rather send the Zipato RGBW Bulb back to Z-Wave Europe and buy a Philips Hue instead.
  21. When I try to control my rgbw controller via my merten switch I can't make it to turn on. I added rgbw to 1st ass. group of merten switch and when I press ON button it just sets W channel to 2. If controlled from HC2, rgbw behaves correctly. It seems that either Merten sends wrong Turn-ON command or RGBW processes it in a wrong way. Any help would be really appreciated.
  22. Hi Does anyone know how to control the speed of a computer fan, with Fibaro RGBW module. There are three wires to the fan, but it is very noisy when running on eg half speed. In manual (see picture), it should be possible. Thanks in advance.
  23. I currently have a virtual device in HCL that switch the RGBW Controller on to a preset colour. GET /api/callAction?deviceID=46&name=setColor&arg1=20&arg2=11&arg3=0&arg4=20 HTTP/1.1 Host: X.X.X.X Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I would like to know if it is possible to set this to a preset options from the RGBW (eg LPD or AURORA?) Would be great if my LED Strip light could be switched on to LPD in case of fire or flood sensor tripped. Please note this is needed for a HCL... Thanks
  24. Hi, I thought I would share some new on the 25.25 firmware for the RGBW module... I've got three of these modules, two have firmware 22.22 which works perfectly in every-way I use it (Just with single colour LED strip), the Third module is running the newer Firmware 25.25 The Module running 25.25 has a bug in the firmware which doesn't allow it to be probably controlled over association. Basically it will always switch on at 1-5% brightness from association. You can still dim up, dim down, switch off, double click etc... but it will ALWAYS come back on at 1-5%. I've been speaking to Fibaro Tech support (Slowly) and thereby basically said there is no cure for this. I just thought I should share this as others may have the same problem. The e-mail chain from Fibaro is below:
  25. Hello! I start working with a RGBW Modul and LED. I made custom program (number 6, 7, 8, etc...) I found no way to start them in a LUA scene or with a Virtual Device.. I can only start preprogrammed scene (1 to 5). The other don't work. I try to move mine in first place but it's not working too. I try fibaro:call(29, "startProgram", "6"); and got no respond. I tryed with http : send me : {"id":0,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"result":1}} (working) send me : { } (not working) Someone have make this to work? (my goal is to launch a custom LED program when my alarm is on) Its really boring... plz Fibaro Guys fix that
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