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  1. Hello, Having some problems using my new Octan Remote from Nodon. I've recently bought HC2 and I'm probably doing something stupid. I've added the remote, that works fine. I've tried adding couple of parameters to the remote, made a couple of scenes but still nothing happens. Parameters added: Number Data type Desired Valuie 1 1d 0 2 1d 0 3 1d 1 Scene: --[[ %% properties %% events 100 CentralSceneEvent 1 Pressed %% globals --]] local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( true ) or startSource["type"] == "other" ) then local deviceValue1 = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(36, "value")); if (deviceValue1 > 0) then fibaro:call(36, "turnOff"); else fibaro:call(36, "turnOn"); end end After the new update I thought maybe a simple graphic scene would do the trick but with no luck. Sincerely HC2 Newbie
  2. Hi All, I have received the following message (attached) regarding a scene to run my swimming pool pump at certain dyatime tempratures to push the water through my solar heating panels. I do not understand what is meant by too many instances with regards to scenes, therefore I do not know how to fix. The idead is that the scene run at a certain time of the day for ½ hour if it is 28C or warmer. I have an identical scene for 11:30 and one for 13:30 Please help Thanks Danie
  3. I have one scene that turn of most of the light but want to add so my tv turn off. I have virtual device with id Button11 and when i klick it my tv turn off but how can i add it to the script? --[[ %% autostart %% properties 105 value %% globals --]] setTimeout(function() local delayedCheck0 = false; local tempDeviceState0, deviceLastModification0 = fibaro:get(105, "value"); if (( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(105, "value")) > 0 ) and (os.time() - deviceLastModification0) >= 5) then delayedCheck0 = true; end local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( delayedCheck0 == true ) or startSource["type"] == "other" ) then setTimeout(function() fibaro:call(18, "turnOff"); fibaro:call(52, "turnOff"); fibaro:call(81, "turnOff"); fibaro:call(65, "turnOff"); fibaro:call(103, "turnOff"); fibaro:call(46, "turnOff"); end, 1000) end end, 5000)
  4. Hi all, I installed a dimmer 2. Working properly. Situation I have for dimmer devices (1 master, 3 slaves). 1 master is not visible at devices, 2 of 3 are working. one is not. all four are in the room 'living room' 3 slaves are marked as 'controlled device' 'lighting'. Homecenter Lite Version 4.058 When trying to manage this dimmer the following happens: CORRECT: on my ipad / fibaro app dimmer is visible under the room 'living room' as lights. when I switch of the light in this room all lights (including the dimmer switches of) NOT CORRECT: for scenes I programmed for the lights in the 'living room' the dimmer is not associated. When switching the lights on in the room. The dimmer is not switch on. NOT CORRECT: on my android phone the dimmer is not visible (like on the ipad). When I switch on the lights in the living room, the dimmer won't turn on. The dimmer is not even visible in my app. I did the following: I restarted my homecenter lite I refreshed my connection / data on my devices (ipad / android phone) I waited a day (maybe cached data?) I deleted the dimmer and added it again. What did I miss / what can I do to solve this issue? Best regards, Roel Nicolai
  5. I would like my Foscam Ip Cam to move(PTZ) to a specific position when a Scene is triggered. Eg Smoke Scene. Foscam move from TV Room to Kitchen to take snapshot/record. I have a HCL V3.601 and Foscam is already setup to work with HCL. Any advice appreciated
  6. wouldn't it be nice to be able to (re-)group devices on the go? In other words, wouldn't it be amazing if we could simultaneously control a set of devices but also flexibly create/ change these sets? neither sections nor scenes offer enough flexibility if you want to e.g. open/close all blinds on one side of the house once but next time close all but one blind (for whatever reason - i guess you've experienced sth similar already) also, it would be great if we could "disable" scenes (or also dynamically interact) from the mobile platform without opening up the interface in a browser (e.g. morning scene: at 7 a.m. blinds open in the entire house - what if you have guests and they would like to sleep in after a party night? )
  7. Hi I've got a strange problem with some scenes. When I click on a button to a scene, then running that 2-3 other scenes all by itself ???? Thanks in advance for help
  8. I currently have a virtual device in HCL that switch the RGBW Controller on to a preset colour. GET /api/callAction?deviceID=46&name=setColor&arg1=20&arg2=11&arg3=0&arg4=20 HTTP/1.1 Host: X.X.X.X Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I would like to know if it is possible to set this to a preset options from the RGBW (eg LPD or AURORA?) Would be great if my LED Strip light could be switched on to LPD in case of fire or flood sensor tripped. Please note this is needed for a HCL... Thanks
  9. All, I have configured a fibaro motion sensor and a z-wave alarm on my home center lite. I would like to be able to start a scene (e.g. when leaving the house) to turn the alarm on (manually). I've configured the following scene (see below), but when I run it, it immediately triggers the alarm, without any movements detected by the motion sensor. I've already tried to change parameter 1 of my motion sensor (sensitivity) but when I save it always returns to default state. Scene (also attached) Motion sensor == Breached and armed (no green time) (0 s in red delay box) Then Alarm = Turn on (no green time) (0 s in red delay box) I've tried with delays on both the motion sensor and the alarm but no luck. What I do to activate the scene: arm the motion sensor and then hit RUN on the scene -> this immediately triggers the alarm, without motion of the motion sensor. When I activate the scene even without the motion sensor being armed, it triggers right away (without any motion). Furthermore the motion sensor works pretty fine... . Anyone experience with this or any other way of configuring an alarm with manual triggering? Tx.
  10. Hi there. I am running 4.047 on my HC2. I am trying to use this command in LUA to see if there is rain forecast and if I have already set the rain delay to 24 hours then ignore the step. However it does not like the FHttp line.. What am I doing wrong?? The statement seems to work in a virtual device but not in a LUA scene. The error I get is [ERROR] 22:22:46: line 11: attempt to index global 'Net' (a nil value) --]] local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); -- Set authentication HC2 = Net.FHttp("192.168.1.xxx",80) HC2:setBasicAuthentication("admin", "password") -- get data table from the Sprinklers Panel response ,status, errorCode = HC2:GET("/api/panels/drenchers"); jsonTable = json.decode(response); fibaro:debug('Rain Delay Value: ' ..jsonTable.rainDelay); I even tried the following. local HC2 = Net.FHttp("", 11111); -- get data table from the Sprinklers Panel local response ,status, errorCode = HC2:GET("/api/panels/drenchers"); local jsonTable = json.decode(response); fibaro:debug('Rain Delay Value: ' ..jsonTable.rainDelay); still no joy. This is my entire code. ---------------------------------------------------------------- --[[ %% autostart %% properties 3 WeatherConditionConverted %% globals --]] local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); -- Set authentication local HC2 = Net.FHttp("", 11111); -- get data table from the Sprinklers Panel local response ,status, errorCode = HC2:GET("/api/panels/drenchers"); local jsonTable = json.decode(response); fibaro:debug('Rain Delay Value: ' ..jsonTable.rainDelay); function tempFunc() local currentDate = os.date("*t"); local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( fibaro:getValue(3, "WeatherConditionConverted") == "rain" ) or ( fibaro:getValue(3, "WeatherConditionConverted") == "storm" ) and (string.format("%02d", currentDate.hour) .. ":" .. string.format("%02d", currentDate.min) == "12:01") and ( tonumber(jsonTable.rainDelay == 0 ) ) ) then fibaro:call(319, "pressButton", "2"); fibaro:call(tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("RajIphone")), 'sendPush', 'Sprinkler Delayed by 24 hours'); fibaro:call(2, "sendEmail", "Sprinkler Delay", "Sprinkler Delay by 24 hours"); end setTimeout(tempFunc, 60*1000) end if (sourceTrigger["type"] == "autostart") then tempFunc() else local currentDate = os.date("*t"); local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( startSource["type"] == "other" and ( tonumber(jsonTable.rainDelay == 0 ) ) ) then fibaro:call(319, "pressButton", "2"); fibaro:call(tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("RajIphone")), 'sendPush', 'Sprinkler Delayed by 24 hours'); fibaro:call(2, "sendEmail", "Sprinkler Delay", "Sprinkler Delay by 24 hours"); end end ----------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Hi, I would like to use a virtual device to work as the counter for counting the number of triggers of motion detector. In HC2 it shuld be feasible to do that (LUA scripts), but how about HCL? What should I type into the green field in scene designer to change the label in virtual device? Any help appreciated.
  12. I'm at version 4.042 of the software and everything works okay for some time now. Today I added a device and wanted to add this device also to some scenes. Fact is that when changing the scene, not all devices (all of them are lighting devices) are shown in the block based scene changing interface. What to I do wrong, or is it a bug in the software of version 4.042? It is even more odd that trying to change different scenes show different devices. It seems that the only devices shown are the ones that are already in the current scene and the devices that are not in any scene yet (except the new device). Please help
  13. Dear Community, I have to mention that I am a newbie in regard to the HC2 and just starting to configure the system. But I analyzed a behavior of the HC2 which seems a bit strange and I hope to get a solution via the forum as the support did not answer "quite fast". I use a MERTEN Radio Argus CONNECT 5095, Motion Detector. Regarding to several posts in the forum this motion detector should work fine with the HC2 even without a template. The device is recognized by the system and successful added. I created associations with 2 lights = working fine as it should. Afterwards I added a simple scene with content like “IF motion detected THEN send email or push or turn on light etc… Result: The Argus motion detector doesn’t work anymore. Even the associations do not work any more. Then: 1. I reconfigured the device, re-created associations = not working 2. I removed and re-added the device, created associations = not working 3. I deleted all motion-detection scenes connected to the device and removed and re-added the device, re-created associations = it is working! So the scene was one issue. But after I re-created a new motion-detection scene with this device = even the association which worked before does not work anymore and also the scene does not work/never worked. In another test, I recognized, that even if I change parameters in the device/advanced menu (like “Notify me”) the HC2 sends a table update for group 1 and 2 to the device and afterwards nothing works anymore. Even after a simple renaming of the device I get the same negative result. It seems, that if I add a scene with this device, it kills the functionality of this device. Any table update will also kill the functionality of the device. The strange thing is, that the associations are still shown correctly in the HC2 after the table update but do not work any more. Are there any workarounds to avoid this issue and to create a scene with this device? I have similar problems with other Merten devices like Merten 2-gang and 4-gang radio button. I can use them for on/off-functionality (associations only), but not add a scene for these devices. Thank you very much!
  14. Hi everybody, is it possible to use plugins in scenes? basically what i want is to turn of my samsung tv when i leave home. I have a scene for leaving home turning of the lights and arming the door and window sensors and i wanted to tell the plugin to turn of the tv as well but it does not appear in the blocks. (I have no clue about LUA). Any ideas? Thanks!
  15. Hi All, how to pop up a virtual device using scene LUA? since the push notification is not working when fibaro apps is on display to your phone screen.. i though it is best to use a VD as a notification and as well as getting back the responses from the user to activate another scene.. i think fibaro had mention it at the wall plug catalog.. scene to turn off the game console and tv when the kid had play it for 3 hours?? thank you
  16. Hello, I have an HCL running version 3.593. I have a simple scene that should run @ sunset (turn ON outside lights), but it is happening, every day, exactly one our after the real sunset. I filled all the location settings (check image attched) and all seems to be right except for the sunset hour. Can some one help me? Is there any setting that i'm missing?
  17. I'm trying to make a scene to control the Danfoss thermostats, however this does not work when I try to set the temperature of each device, when running the scene nothing happens, however if I try to control an entire room this works but then it will also set the dimmers, does anyone know how to make a scene that works with each device?
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