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  1. Like several other users, I struggle to customize the Fibaro (iPad) mobile app to suit my needs. The graphical looks is superb, but we are in great need of better configuration and shortcut functionalities. Too many clicks are needed to access the most frequently used devices, scenes or rooms. Too much fancy graphics that will impress my friends, but confuse and annoy my wife. The widgets are however a start and bring scenes to the immediately accessible surface, but it's only a start. Here are a few improvement proposals (or questions, if I have missed some already available obvious solutions
  2. Hi I have problem making scenes for my light outside and hope someone can help me I have one dimmer, one motion detection and light sensor. When it gets dark the light should turn on 30% with the dimmer. If there are some motion the light should go to 90% on the dimmer. After 3 min after last motion it should go again to 30% on the dimmer. When it gets bright again the light should turn off. Gunnar H.
  3. Hey.... Im having problems setting up scenes?? Any support available for this? Thanks
  4. I suddenly have a small problem with my HC2. I have approx 50-60 devices. All kinds of devices like, dimmers, wallplugs. relays, thermostats, rollershutters, sirens, garagedoor controllers etc. Suddenly out of nowhere allmost all my devices change state when some scenes are running. I have made no changes. The scenes are simple block scenes that turns on or off some light in the morning/evening triggered by a timer and a variable. They have been running like this for months. Suddenly when this scenes are triggered all my devices change state. Blinds closes, garagedoors opens, light are turned
  5. Hi , I am using both HC2 and HCL in master slave mode. and i tried to activate alarm panel to take actions in arm mode. first, i selected emergency lights , close blinds and send notification and tested it and it worked good. this situation was before adding any other scenes to the system. i activated the alarm panel in the HC2 (master controller) only . After adding several scenes ( Ex: scenes to open and close lights according to motion detection and LUX in several areas ) , i tried to re test the alarm panel by arming the motion sensors in my system and try to
  6. This is feature request with low priority. So i will post it only on forum Better function of clipboarding from debug windows from VD debug window and LUA scene debug window. How it is now works: Succesfull clipboard: Hold left mouse button to select some debug lines and then ctrl+C for copy, while left mouse button is held down. Unsuccesfull clipboard: Hold left mouse button to select some debug lines, release mouse button and then ctrl+C for copy, while left mouse button is holded. What is requested: Hold left mouse button to select some deb
  7. Hi All, Probably a really stupid question and i think i know how to resolve this, But with my scenes i get notifications telling me "Too many Instances" - I know on the scene you can type in the max number of instances - however what does this actually mean ?, I can run it more than "2" times or whatever the prescibed max number is. I'm assuming this is one of those things you want to set a parameter up that zeros it on a daily basis ? however have no idea how to do this, anyone able to walk me through an example please. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello guys, Am I wrong or JSON body (in REST API) changed its structure in 4.122? I just came to it by testing Zipato RFID keypad in block scenes and wondered why it's not working . I believe, that Triggers and Action werent there on 4.120? Can anybody chcek it? I have 4.122 everywhere and i don't want to downgrade. Also i do not thing, that using capitals in in property values in an API is good idea. See property "runConfig". { "id": 114, "name": "test", "type": "com.fibaro.blockScene", "roomID": 0, "iconID": 5, "runConfig": "DISABLED", "alexaProhibit
  9. Hi All, I'm new to all of this, Have a HC2 , also have a Harmony Remote along with a few sono's speakers. I was looking to create my first scene using the Motion sensor to essentially play music on my sonos if it gets triggered during certain times of the day, however everytime i try creating a scene the Sonos device doesnt show up, nor does any of my Harmony remote options ? I'm assuming i'm doing something wrong or does this kind of stuff need to be done via LUA (i can't code btw- but might have to start learning)
  10. Hi! Have you tried to run a scene with danalock V2 in HC2? I can lock and unlock the door with signle command button on HC2. But whene I try t do the same command in scene (Open/Close) I can't do it. When the scenes run nothing happen. thanks.
  11. I'd like to see an optional parameter added that will disable triggering scenes when setting a global variable in LUA. The HTTP API has this functionality albeit in reverse (default to false) Something along the lines of: fibaro:setGlobal( varName, value [, invokeScenes] ) Where: varName: The name of the global variable value: The new value of the global variable invokeScenes: Boolean, default true
  12. Hi, I have external lights. I use geolocation with ifttt. When I arrive near my house my lights turn on automatically. But it must light up when it is dark. At sunset. I created one variable : I created 3 scenes. First scene : --[[ %% autostart %% properties %% weather %% events %% globals --]] local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); function tempFunc() local currentDate = os.date("*t"); local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( ((currentDate.wday == 1 or currentDate.wday == 2 or currentDate.wday == 3 or currentDate.wd
  13. Hi, I am considering HCL to replace my VeraLite, which suddenly went dead... Majority of tasks I expect are simple, so HCL would satisfy this. But I have a bit complex one with heating: I currently have 8 thermostats in different rooms. Those are working indepently based on their program using scenes. For instance: Living rooms temperature is during Weekend from 7:00 to 20:00 is 22 degrees and from 20:00 to 7:00 19 degrees and 22 degrees from 16:00 to 20:00 + 19 degrees from 20:00 to 16:00 during Working day. Similarly for bedroom, bathroom, etc. So far I understand HCL would suppo
  14. I am in the middle of my new house constructions. Ordered HC2 more than a month ago to play with it and see what it is capable of, what kind of wiring and setup I need to do in my house to use it wisely. Looks very impressing so far. And now the time has come to move this unit in to my brand new house as it already has doors and windows. I want to start using my Fibaro HC2 for security manners at first. I purchased simple security siren, hooked it to z-wave relay switch. I am able to make it scream whenever an alarm is triggered in Fibaro Home Center, no problems there. But how do I shut t
  15. Hope someone can help on it I have the problem that some lights doesn't switch off and some randomly switch on. In detail: I have an ON Scene and an OFF Scene for the lights. They are triggered by Motion Sensor. I can see after the Motion Sensor is save again, the OFF scene is running, after a while it's not running anymore and the light is still on. The thing is it happens only sometimes, but too often. Here is an OFF Scene: --[[ %% properties 262 value 97 value %% events %% globals CRLED --]] --CR_LED_OFF ID 156
  16. I am trying to create a day/night setup via lua. Where at 8 am-10pm the variable is set to day and at 10pm-8am the variable is set to night. I cannot successfully do this via a block scene so i have used LUA to do this. Could someone help me look over my code to see if this is correct as i am fairly new in LUA. Thanks! --[[ %% autostart %% properties %% globals --]] -- Only need to call getSourceTrigger once -- For better debugging, I moved it to the top, -- before countScenes local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger() fibaro:debug("S
  17. Hi Forum, Owning a Fibaro HC2 with some dimmers, switches and door sensors for a few years, and since a few days also a Fibaro Swipe. Can someone help me on the way how I can program (via blocks?) with 1 swipe to control 3 dimmers? Not only switching on or off, or opposite state, but also controlling the dimming level. I guess a variable needs to be adressed first where you select 1 of the 3 dimmers (liek left is dimmer 1, up is dimmer 2 and right is dimmer 3). But then how can I, as a next step, control the dimmer level with the circuler gesture. (directly to 1 dimmer I can do i
  18. hi guys, yesterday I wanted to upgrad from 4.080 to 4.082. After the upgrade finished, I had only 5 devices left of my previous 43 devices. I tried to load the backup, that was automatically created. Same result 5 devices only. I then went back to 4.080 with recovery mode. Loaded the backup and again 5 devices only. If I go back further, where I had 31 devices only, everything is restored as expected. But ofcourse not all devices are there then. When the restore of the 43 devices Backup finishes, i can see breefly a message telling somithing like: finished removing dead dev
  19. I just got some smart bulbs and created some scenes to trigger the lights to come on as soon as i enter the room (the motion sensor detects motion). But i notice by the time i walk in the room there is some lag (about 3-5 seconds) before the lights turn on. How can i get them to turn on faster? is it possible? I have a relatively small home and these devices are about 50 feet from the controller with multiple walls in between but i have an extender between the controller and these bulbs and motion sensors. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  20. Hi all, New to Fibaro. I'm trying to setup some simple scenes and variables - having a few issues. I'm getting the following errors : "To many instances | Scene: xxxxxxx Number of instances of scene has been reduced due to exceeding limit" Scenes: MorningDisarm, AlarmActive, AlarmDeactive Variables: AlarmState I'm trying to have the variable update itself based on whether or not the alarm is active or not and every morning at 4am, disarm the alarm. Where am I going wrong? Is it as simple as setting the number of instances to 1?
  21. Please help! I am trying to use some inspiration from http://www.fibarouk.co.uk/five-things-to-do-with-your-new-home-center/to regulate my air heather pump, What I want it to do is that when any of my doors has been open for more than 45 sec, turn off the heater and then wait untill all the doors has been closed for 45 sec before turning on again. But unfortionatly i dont get it to work and cant se what the problem is. Sadly i am yet not experienced enought with lua butneed to learn, i now have 80 scenes reulating some 73 switches and sensors. --[[ %% properties 93 value %% globals --]]
  22. I've set up the HCL (only graphic blocks) with 5 dimmer 2's each connected to 3 ceiling lights. Most is working, except for dimming in scenes. Can someone please comment on what I'm doing wrong (see attached picture): This used to work until 2 days ago, now the set value has no effect (e.g. turn 3 lights on at 25%) I'm using the Beta 4.061, in the previous 4.057 version the "set value" wouldn't show the value box at all (?!?) Turn on/off works fine in scenes Dimming works fine for individual devices using the slider The variable has no function, I just want to manually trigger different s
  23. How to connect a Fibaro RGBW controller to a 220v LED strip 220v LED strips can run for 50m vs 12vDC/24vDC that have a limitation of 5m/10m (then you need to start adding amps, additional controllers and return wires) You will need: 1. Fibaro RGBW controller x 1 2. Home Center 2 3. Fibaro Dimmer x 3 4. 220v RGB LED 50m roll Connect before each of the R,G,B lines a dimmer on each line. Let's call them RDimmer, GDimmer and BDimmer The RGBW controller will not be connected to any LED strip. It is just used as an interface for the users. RGB device ID is 100 RDimmer is 101
  24. Hi I have a problem to understand why my lua-code not working as i expected. See first this (properly working) test-lua-scene and the debug-result: --[[ %% properties %% globals --]] globalmessage = " " -- function funcSections() local typename = "Sections" fibaro:debug(globalmessage .. typename) end; function funcRooms() local typename = "Rooms" fibaro:debug(globalmessage .. typename) end; function funcDevices() local typename = "Devices" fibaro:debug(globalmessage .. typename) end; -- fibaro:debug("before call function funcDevices--------------------") globalmessage = "Now ca
  25. Hi I have a number of virtual devices (and scenes) witch is built on top of a physical device. The reason for this can be that the physical device does not offer desired functions I want etc. My virtual devices(or scenes) can be lights or an electrical power meter. My problem is that this virtual device (as far as I can figure) always will be defined as a virtual device and presented accordingly in UI and app. For instance, I have some lights controlled by a virtual device(or scene), but when I look in the "Lights" folder in the app it´s not there. I have to look in "Virtual devices" or rooms
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