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  1. Cześć! Mam taką prostą scenę (jak w załączniku, HCLite) - jeśli jest noc i nie jest wystarczająco jasno, a ktoś naruszył MotionSensor to włącz oświetlenie przypodłogowe. Problem w tym, że zaraz po tym jak widzę, że MotionSensor mnie widzi (zaświeci się) to od tego momentu mijają ok. 3 sekundy zanim światło się zapali... Czy to normalne? Nie ma opcji, żeby zapalały się od razu? Uprzedzając pytania - światła bezpośrednio z urządzenia w Fibaro (ikona przłącznika) zapalają się od razu. Próbowałem też sceny "jeśli naruszony -> włącz światła" i jest to samo (ok. 3 sekundy). Z góry dzięki!
  2. Hello there. Apologies if a newbie question - I have just added my first device into the HC2 and the other half was wondering why this device appeared to be going crazy Is there a way I can turn off the blinking light when the motion sensor reacts to motion? Is there a specific parameter I should be looking to control/edit Many thanks litfoo
  3. Hi ALL! I'm trying to change parameters of the Fibaro motion sensor in order to use it with @Sankotronic VSL scene. I'm trying to change folllowing parameters: Parameter 2 from 2 to 15 Parameter 6 from 5 to 30 and Parameter 40 from 200 to 40. Whatever I try, after saving the changed parameter it remains with the old value. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. I have in my system some door/windows sensor and according to type of door i'm trying to change the icons, which are to be changed in pairs. It seems that I can only change the slave i.e. door contact, but the master icon is the ugly fibaro box see below. Only this device is displayed in the devices page. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Hello everyone, please I´d need your help. I have purchased the RGBW modul and connected the RGBW Led strip to it. It works great. I wanted to also connect 1 temperature sensor (LM35). I believe I did connect it as it should be, yet I can not see the extra widget for the temperature (once inlcuded). The set up allows me to sellect (rgb, rgbw and in/out). Did anyone set up the RGBW modul with led strip as well as with temp sensor? Thank you, Tampiss
  6. Hi, Now, I've been down this path before, every year indeed I go through it .. the manual ( in this instance I am referring directly to the Fibaro Door Window Sensors and it's manual http://manuals.fibaro.com/door-window-sensor/ ) suggests you have to change the battery when it turn red ( in my case when I get sick of all the reminder emails which we can't control frequency etc ! ) but the reality is for a number that I change it will not go smoothly, and this year it has annoyed me more than usual <rant> The reality is, you need to ensure the door is open so as to avoid an accidental reset. The reality is, you need to wake the device up once you have finished. The reality is, you often have to reset the device. The reality is I've had to remove and re add a device once I've changed a battery. Why does the manual just say change the battery !? Am I doing something wrong all these years ? ( not according to the manual .. just change the battery ! ) Is there a way to change the frequency of reminder emails ? I'd like one a week then perhaps one a day, not one every 2 hours for the duration </rant> Cheers, al.
  7. Not sure if this is 4.100 related but it looks like I have some problems with some 3rd party motions sensors (PIR's). Looks like HC2 registers when the PIR fires a ON command, but it never returns to OFF. Am I the only one seeing this? - Everspring SP103 - Z-Wave Philio 4-in-1 Sensor
  8. Hi, My FGK door/sensor reported low battery, so I changed the battery with a new one (when door was open). I also waked up the device with tripple press on the inside TMP-button. I does look like the battery level is not updated. How can I solve this without the exclude/include procedures?
  9. Is it possible to control an RGB led strip AND use the IN4 for sensor reading such as a temperature measurement? The manual is a little sketchy (to me) on what exactly can't be done with the controller when you don't use the INputs for switches to control the RGB.
  10. I have just bought an Aeotec Door/Windows Sensor 6 and found that it has included ok but does not report if the sensor has been breached or in a safe state. Can anyone help me on this? Link to sensor on amazon so you know which one i am talking about: - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B016ZV42GU I have tried the following to rectify this: - * Carried out a reset of the device * Removed and included the device to the HC2 * Soft Reconfigure There is no firmware update due for the device. I have attached the templates just in case it will help. At a bit of a loss. If anyone can that, that would be cool. Thanks, Andy
  11. Is there an easy way to get the value of the main sensors for a room? Other than looping through all devices, checking their type, and checking their room or using the REST API? Hoping for a simple "Fibaro provided" method like fibaro:getValue(roomID, "lux") ID's aren't globally unique so I'm guessing functionality like this isn't going to work without a new specific method... Is querying http://localhost/api/rooms/roomID the easiest for the time being?
  12. Hello everyone! I'm trying to figure out a good block scene to help elder people in their bedroom, during night (e.g.: Wake up to go to the bathroom at night). I'm using motion sensor + dimmer modules + door sensor. My concern: not trigger the scene with motion sensor while he/she is moving in bed during sleep time, but only when he/she stands up to go to the bathroom. Any tips?
  13. I just got some smart bulbs and created some scenes to trigger the lights to come on as soon as i enter the room (the motion sensor detects motion). But i notice by the time i walk in the room there is some lag (about 3-5 seconds) before the lights turn on. How can i get them to turn on faster? is it possible? I have a relatively small home and these devices are about 50 feet from the controller with multiple walls in between but i have an extender between the controller and these bulbs and motion sensors. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  14. To everyone who currently has Fibaro HC 2 i just have a few questions: Are you happy with the product? What issues do you have with it? Do you get any lags or whereby scenes or devices do not respond to commands? We are currently building a new house and got a quote of 120K (in South African Rand, which in USD works out to around $12000) for the following products: Description Quantity FIBARO Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW 90 FIBARO Relay Insert 1 * 2.5 KW 31 FIBARO Motion Sensor 10 FIBARO Flood Sensor 2 FIBARO Smoke detector 3 iTach Flex WiFi 6 iTach Flex Link 6 Blaster Cable 6 FIBARO Door- and Window Sensor 10 FIBARO Z-Wave Home Center 2 1 Before spending that much I want some real reviews of the product and real life experiences. In my country (SA) there is very little support and nowhere I can go to view the products. Appreciate all feedback Thanks
  15. Hi Guys, I have a need to create a scene that will be controlling some LED rigid RGB bars under the bed, via and RGBW module and using a Fibaro Sensor. The LED bars x 3 will be fixed under the bed. The sensor will also be fixed under the bed. My idea is that during the hours of 20:00 and 6:00, the scene will work otherwise it will be ignored. When the sensor detects movement (ie I or my wife puts their feet on the floor) the LED will come on, thereby illuminating the floor around the bed sufficiently for I or my wide to see their way but not so bright that it wakes the other person. The LED's will stay on for 60 seconds then automatically go off. It sounds fairly simple but I am not a LUA programmer. However the graphic building block option was the way I was going to approach it. Has anyone some tips before I rush head on in please?
  16. How hard can it be to set a value to 30 from 60 ? delay = fibaro:getValue(28, "alarmDelay"); -- Get time fibaro:debug ("exit delay =" ..delay); fibaro:call(28, "alarmDelay", "30"); --set new time delay = fibaro:getValue(28, "alarmDelay"); -- Get new time fibaro:debug ("new exit delay =" ..delay); But i cant change it, It is still 60
  17. Hi guys! I'm experiencing a strange thing with my fibaro motion sensor (with zipabox, not HC2): I configured the luminance threshold at 20lux.. so I expect that sensor report me the lux value only with a >20lux increment or decrement. But in my logs I see that the sensor report me many many many times the lux value, also with only 1 lux change! Obviously the battery is draining so fast.. Any of you with the same issue? (sensor fw v.2.6) I'm trying to understand that there's something bad with the sensor or is a zipabox fail in send configuration to the device. thanks!!
  18. Hi, I'm using a Home Center 2 running firmware version 4.032. I recently purchased Aeon Labs Recessed door sensor (gen 5). After adding the sensor to the system it has no parameter template, but it does work during its initial wakeup time. When the sensors exits the wakeup time nothing is communicated back to the system on open/close until it is woken up again. I found the parameters needed online and tried adding them without any success. I've also tried deleting and adding the sensor many times. Is the sensor working for anyone here? Regards flatsurface
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