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Found 13 results

  1. I have two Aeon Labs Range Extender 6 and the RGB sliders in the interface is pretty broken (see image). Have been broken for a long time but wanted to report the problem. Device kind:com.fibaro.colorController Producer:AEON Labs Version:1.5 Configuration:Device configured
  2. Is it possible to change the range of a slider, I mean, instead of going from 0% to 100%, can I make it go from 15ºC to 30ºC somehow, if not, can I remove the percentage tag of the slider completely? Thx
  3. Quick question: How can I update the value of a slider? I've tried self:updateProperty, self:updateView, fibaro:call, etc, and none of them seem to work.
  4. Hi, On HC2 I used to have one virtual device to control all LED lights in room. Turning On and Off should be no problem. But how to handle slider? Assuming QA is working how to post action from HA Bridge to set appropriate value? HC2 device: and LUA: Slider: local slider = _sliderValue_ local jT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable")) -- REFERENCE TO DECODE TABLE fibaro:debug('Slider value: ' .. slider) -- Set both LED dim value if tonumber(slider) == 0 then -- turn Off fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_switch, 'turnOff'); fibaro:sleep(100); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_entrance, 'turnOff'); fibaro:sleep(100); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_dummy, 'turnOff') else fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_switch, 'setValue', slider); fibaro:sleep(100); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_entrance, 'setValue', slider); fibaro:sleep(100); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_dummy, 'turnOn') end OFF: -- Set LED Off local jT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable")) -- REFERENCE TO DECODE TABLE selfId = fibaro:getSelfId(); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_switch, 'turnOff'); fibaro:sleep(100); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_entrance, 'turnOff'); fibaro:sleep(100); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_dummy, 'turnOff') fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.Slider1.value", 0); MAX: -- Set LED Max local jT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable")) -- REFERENCE TO DECODE TABLE selfId = fibaro:getSelfId(); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_switch, 'setValue', 100); fibaro:sleep(100); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_entrance, 'setValue', 100); fibaro:sleep(100); fibaro:call(jT.hall.Light_LED_dummy, 'turnOn') fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.Slider1.value", 100); In HA Bridge to set slider value I used for example: http://[email protected]:[email protected]/api/callAction?deviceID=281&name=setSlider&arg1=6&arg2=${intensity.percent} to click button: http://[email protected]:[email protected]/api/callAction?deviceID=348&name=pressButton&arg1=1 Anyone can help on this or already have QA and can share so I can adopt it? Is HA bridge command still the same as on HC2 or needs to be changes?
  5. Hi In a Quick App UI i can define a slider. https://manuals.fibaro.com/home-center-3-quick-apps/ function QuickApp:updateViewSample() self:updateView("label1", "text", "Device on") -- updating the text for 'label1'. self:updateView("button1", "text", "on") -- updating the text for 'button1'. self:updateView("slider1", "value", "99") -- updating the text for 'slider1'. end Is there a way to set properties on the slider - if i want to pre-define that that value accepted should be 0-5 ?
  6. Hello to all, I recently added two Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 in a Fibaro HCL system. On the web application of HCL I can open/close the blinds with up/down buttons in the blind interface which is what I want because I have toggle buttons. However on the Fibaro app on Android I only see a slider to control the open/close blinds and no up/down buttons. 1.- How can I set on Fibaro app only up/down buttons instead of the slider to open/close the blinds? 2.- I added the Roller Shutter 2 for blinds with positioning, toggle buttons and were calibrated for the limits. With the slider I can only set the up movement (clicking on the right side of the slider) and the down movement (clicking on the left side of the slider) but I can not set any position of the blind. How can I set it up? Thanks in advance. hurricanet
  7. So, I don't know LUA, so I'm using commands to set up my sound system. I did buttons with preset volume settings: <12VO860x0D0x0A (This sets up to max that is 38) This is working perfectly. How can I set up a slider and make it work with the volume? Should something like this work? <12VO((_sliderValue_ / 100) * 38)0x0D0x0A
  8. In most of my VD's on the WebGUI, I got a slider on the right side from label. It only appears in labels from VD's Before 4.150 it was ok Now at V4.160, not solved yet. Can Fibaro confirm this as a BUG ? Update: I noticed that on Internet explorer it turns out ok, would it be a cache thing from the chome browser?
  9. Hello ALL, as a newbee and beginner in LUA, I'm trying to build a VD for my Logitech Squeezebox Touch, where i have a slider to set the volume and also 2 buttons to increase and decrease the volume. Now I don't know how to move the slider by software, when i in- and decrease the volume by the buttons. Anybody an useful idea? Thanks in advance.
  10. Is there a way to determine whether a virtual device slider was changed by physically moving the slider or whether it was updated with LUA? This is for a now playing progress bar. In the slider's LUA script I want to ignore when the slider was updated by the main loop LUA code. fibaro:getSourceTrigger() sadly doesn't work for virtual devices. UPDATE: Issue resolved. Use fibaro:call(id, "setProperty", "ui.Slider1.value", position) to change the value and position of a slider without running the code in the slider. The slider on the web interface may not move without refreshing the page when this is called but it does work.
  11. Hello, I thought it was time to start learning some simple lua coding. Anyhow, thought I could get some help here. I am trying to make a slider adjusting a variable that controls two different wall plugs. I want to make a slider for behaving like a thermostat. I've got two electric heating panels which is connected to two wall plugs. My thought was that if I set slider value to 21 then it would cut the power to the wall plug when netatmo reaches that temperatur. I don't really know where to begin, help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I have made a slider in a virtual device for my lightwave lights. They have a normal range of 0-32, so in my virtual device slider i have used: local LWRF_DimLevel = math.floor((_sliderValue_ / 100) * 32) However when I put the slider between the values of 0-4 (so very dim) the actual light level goes to 100% brightness. I assume my math.floor must need changing? Or is there any code I can use to not allow the slider to go below say 5? Or if slider <5 then 'press button' off for example?
  13. HI, Been wrestling with this for some time now so time to ask for help I'm trying to control my Yamaha Amp, no problem switching input sorces, scenes, on/off etc but when it comes to setting (and later reading) the volume I simply can't get it to work. I'm using a virtual device with a slider. In the LUA-code for the slider I've wrote the script below. When I change the slider the scripts works one in five times, the rest nothing happens. As far as I can tell it reads the slider value OK, the command sent is correct etc. To me it feels like I need to send some end command to the Yamaha but can't figure out how to do it. Any help or feedback is appreciated. Here is the script: local IPYamaha = "" local pYamaha local cmdYamaha local YamahaValue YamahaValue = 8 * tonumber(_sliderValue_) YamahaValue = YamahaValue - 800 fibaro:log(tostring(YamahaValue)) cmdYamaha = '<YAMAHA_AV cmd="PUT"><Main_Zone><Volume><Lvl><Val>' .. tostring(YamahaValue) .. '</Val><Exp>1</Exp><Unit>dB</Unit></Lvl></Volume></Main_Zone></YAMAHA_AV>' pYamaha = Net.FHttp(IPYamaha,80) response ,status, errorCode = pYamaha:POST('/YamahaRemoteControl/ctrl', cmdYamaha) fibaro:sleep(1000) if errorCode == 0 then fibaro:log('status'..status) else fibaro:log("error") end
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