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Found 8 results

  1. Version 2.2


    Several times I've got lost in my system to identify specific device. I believe many of us have old devices/scenes that have been hidden or disabled. After a while, finding them again is quite a headache and not an easy task. I have written a scene that shows all existing devices, scenes, users and mobile devices with some extra data of properties. The scene output has two formats: a list of devices by rooms a plain list of all components in acceding order of IDs In order to choose between two formats please change as following: local plainList =false (for list by rooms) local plainList=true (for plain list in acceding order) Since the latest upgrade 4.503 there is a new type of warning "API: not found". So during the execution you might see a lot of messages: [DEBUG] 00:19:26: Gathering system information..... [DEBUG] 00:19:26: [1;31m2018-07-03 00:19:26.358874 [ error] API: Not found [DEBUG] 00:19:26: [1;31m2018-07-03 00:19:26.528578 [ error] API: Not found [DEBUG] 00:19:26: [1;31m2018-07-03 00:19:26.669187 [ error] API: Not found [DEBUG] 00:19:26: [1;31m2018-07-03 00:19:26.826398 [ error] API: Not found .................................................... Please ignore the messages and wait... I hope Fibaro team will fix it on stable release.
  2. Hello Im looking for at faster way to arm/disarm my system from a widget. I know it´s possible with a scene-widget but then there is no requirement of a PIN (or fingerprint) which seems bad if a phone is dropped outside the house for some reason. Because of that I also don´t want to use GPS, which by the way doesn´t seem to work that great and what happens if the phone goes to batterysave-mode and turns off GPS? Also a battery drainer... I have lockcode on my phone but my wife is not keen on that (you need to have instant access to Instagram and Pinterest! ?) Lockcode one app itself makes it a hassle to control the home. Anyone has a smart solution to that? Right now there is at least 4 clicks (open app, open alarmpanel, click on icon, slide arm/disarm) and that is if you are at the home screen of the app, otherwise there is 5 clicks, not WF (wife friendly). A possibility to make a scene ask for a PIN would be great. Also a widget that shows the icon of a device (or a VD widget) that could show the status of the device (on=locked padlock icon / unlocked = unlocked padlock-icon), push notes is one way but will require one to actually controll the alarm to check status. There is a few things to implement in the Fibaro Apps to make it user friendly, now it´s something between geek-friendly and user-friendly, not anywhere near wife-friendly Burglary alarm (Caddx AC948) integrated with one Universal sensor and one Smart Implant, if I can get this wife friendly I might switch the AC948 to a Moxa PLC integration to connect all my sensors to the HC2.
  3. Witam Mam prośbę, czy mógłby mi ktoś rzucić okiem na kod pętli głównej urządzenia wirtualnego? Mianowicie chodzi o to, że urządzenie działa poprawnie, służy do sterowania klimakonwektorem, jednak nie wyświetla mi stanu poszczególnych elementów na etykietach. Co zrobiłem źle w kodzie pętli głównej? klima_salon_2(1).vfib
  4. I am looking to create a simple Lua scene that looks to see if the door is locked then do "something". everything I enter to look for the door status it is not working. Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. 92 = my door lock --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] local User = "User_Present"; if tonumber(fibaro:getValue(92, "secured")) == 0 then fibaro:setGlobal(User,"0") fibaro:debug("Door locked"); end
  5. Hi, I have multiple devices hooked up to Alexa via the smart home skill. It seems Alexa now supports getting the status of a device: "Alexa, are Kitchen Lights on?" Is there a way to enable this for Fibaro devices as well? It would be extremely helpful to be able to ask Alexa for the device status. Right now we get a reply "Kitchen Lights does not support that" while other (non-Fibaro) Alexa integrated binary switches reply with the correct status.
  6. Hello, Tell me, knowing guys) I wrote a scene that tracks the state of light in the room and passes it to a global variable. But this scene constantly reports that too many instances are running ( The room has a physical switch that, depending on this global variable, turns off or turns on the light in the opposite direction. Maybe there is a more elegant way to write this scene? Thanks ) --[[ %% autostart %% properties 15 value -- main light 23 value -- window light 21 value -- inner light 97 value -- outer light %% events %% globals --]] fibaro:debug("Scene START at " .. os.date("%c")) num = fibaro:countScenes() fibaro:debug(num.." scenes running") local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if (fibaro:countScenes() > 1) then fibaro:debug("Too many Scenes running up") fibaro:abort() end while true do if ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(15, "value")) > 0 -- main light or tonumber(fibaro:getValue(23, "value")) > 0 -- window light or tonumber(fibaro:getValue(21, "value")) > 0 -- inner light or tonumber(fibaro:getValue(97, "value")) > 0 -- outer light or startSource["type"] == "other") then fibaro:setGlobal("LivingLight", "On"); --fibaro:debug("On..."); else fibaro:setGlobal("LivingLight", "Off"); --fibaro:debug("Off..."); end fibaro:sleep(3000) end
  7. It'd be great to get status of sending email and push (true/false). For example: when there is Internet connection problem. It should be easy to implement for Fibaro team and it'd give us more reliability. local mailSuccess = fibaro:call(2, "sendEmail", "title", "message") local pushSuccess = fibaro:call(2, "sendPush", "message") It'd be used in @AutoFrank SMsgH to queue messages.
  8. Hi everyone, Is it possible to create a virtual device to view my current variable values? I've seen guys do this with LUA, but not on an HCL which doesn't have the option. Using LUA and HC2 http://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?/topic/21002-variable-status/ Thank you.
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