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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I have a serious and urgent problem. I set up a Home Center 3 in one of my friends house. After finishing everything and installing all the modules, I wanted to give him mobile access through Yubii App. To my surprise I find the app giving me an error with title: " homecenter is not fully configured yet" Below are screenshots to support my findings
  2. Hi, This is a question for Fibaro tech support I guess... I have an app that currently uses linux bluez to connect with and manipulate several bluetooth sensors. If I wanted to integrate the Fibaro flood sensor would it be possible? Are "Homekit" sensors any different than normal BLE sensors? Lastly, if they are just normal BLE sensors, is it possible the get the services/charactersitics for the flood sensor device? I understand that there may be some additional NDA or agreement to do so but I'm just wondering first if it would even be possible. Thanks!
  3. Hi, After 2 months my HC2 suddenly stopped responding. I can't ping it, I can't access it via web interface. I decided to connect monitor to external port and first message I got after boot was: e1000e: 0000:01:00.0: The NVM Checksum Is Not Valid Looks like critical error. Probably eth0 device cannot be created and HC2 doesn't receive IP address from dhcp server as there is no connection. I tried to reboot device several times. Sometimes lights on the ethernet card are completely off and sometimes they are on (both green and yellow). Any ideas? By the way - HC2 was very hot when the error appeared. Kind regards, Michal
  4. First of all I have to say, that I’m using Fibaro for more than 3 years intensively for myself and some of my customers. So far didn’t find better solution for all use cases I have, but I think its time to start to look more intensively for alternatives. Why? Here are the most critical reasons: Remote system access – each time I do connect to HC from outside, I’m getting little bit nervous whether I do succeed. Its cause mostly by Fibaros issues in past with remote access. Unfortunately its back these days. This unreliability will most probably persist because of past experience. No imagine, what are the all sexy use cases for, when you can’t access this system remotely. I can’t arm/disarm the alarm when housekeeper comes to my house, neither to change the heating system setting, or extra irrigate a garden. Suddenly you lose control and comfort, just because Fibaro can’t provide reliable service. It’s a pity that 20€ IP camera from China is more reliable with remote access than 600€ Fibaro system! I didn’t have any issue connecting to those Chinese IP cams ever (I’m not touching security issue here). Push and email notifications – problem of past days that persist from Sunday till now (Wednesday). Imagine that you won’t receive notifications from your bank about transaction for such a long time? In my case, notification take very critical part in the system. Im being notified when Solar system start/stop to produce electricity (to fine-tune the system), alarm notifications including snapshots from cameras, smoke or flood notifications to ensure that everything is OK. Can I relay on such a system now? Maybe my house is on fire at this moment I’m writing this article… Bugs and bugs and bugs – every new update I’m getting excited about new features and bugs fixed. However on the other side, every new update I’m scared of new bugs that appear in system. Its kind of Fibaros best practice, fix one think and “develop” some new bugs on already working features (e.g. weather trigger issue, VD icons issue, VD stops working issue etc…) Support – and last but not least, Fibaro support, for such a critical system as a home automation is, should be much better and 24/7. Come on guys, the fact that there is a holiday in Poland, doesn’t mean that all home automation owners across the world can wait for several days for your help! Not mentioning the fact, that “Missing template” for Aeon micro switch is persisiting in my system since the very beginning (3 years!) without any option to remove it. Downloaded template provided to fibaro support for a few times in the past… Development of user requested features – there are tons of requests on Fibaro forum, asking Fibaro to fix or develop small features that would significantly improve user experience. One of the examples is “low battery notification” being send by email every half an hour!!! That represent 96 emails if I’m away from a home for a weekend!!! So to conclude, I’m staying with Fibaro, but only until a time I do find a suitable alternative for my use cases. Then, good bye Fibaro.
  5. Is there planned to create a plugin and / or native device support or the Danalock v3 smart lock? https://danalock.com/danalock-v3.html
  6. Hi, In June my precious HC2 broke down during night when I was asleep. The summer have been full with other things to do, so I waited until two weeks ago to contact support for repairs. The support team was great and helped me quickly with RMA documents. I sent it in, and got it back yesterday. It was packed in the parcel ok, and Fibaro also had place a small box of candy in it. They had changed the whole motherboard and also got back my latest backup. I have just finished upgrading the HC2 to the latest official release released this week, and all seems to work great! Shipping took a workweek, and shipping back 4 days. So when Fibaro got the HC2, they took care of everything in a workday and sent it back the same day. I want to thank Fibaro for the quick repairs and great support! Thank you! Wish you all a great day, Rob
  7. Hi Admin and Support Team, Poitr from the support team worked on my HC2 today helping me get rid of some unwanted devices. It was arranged earlier in the week and clear instructions given for me to prepare the system for access I just wanted to extend my thanks for an excellent tech support service Keep up the great work -f
  8. Hi Fibaro, Please add support for this device as a matter of urgency please. it's a 8 button scene controller/master that I suspect is likely to get very popular considering its form factor and price. http://www.zwaveproducts.com/learn/blog/scene-master-a-look-at-the-remotec-zrc-90 I included it with my HC2 but have no control over the scenes it activates I download the template from the HC2 after I added it and have attached it here id-5254-0001-8510-01-01-Remotec-.xml on the box is it also referred to as BW8510EU Thanks in advance -Frank
  9. i configured Danalock on HC2 but the notification panel inform that the device without template and it is not response could you please support
  10. i configured Danalock on HC2 but the notification panel inform that the device without template and it is not response could you please support
  11. Hi everyone I want to start a complaint about the Qubino flush relay's still not supported by Fibaro. Still templates are not available for these modules. I do not know why Fibaro still are not supporting these modules but to my opninion they should starting supporting these by now. Especially keeping in mind all other brands are supported much better. I did sent templates to Fibaro several times. A lot of customer have these units, probably because they support energy metering. So Fibaro, what's goinig on here? Please reply so we have as many as qustumers possible to put some pressure in Fibaro!
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