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  1. Hi. I have a "linked device" Thermostat which is set up as follows: The Thermostat setting are this: Every time the temperature sensor "Ceiling@Office" updates the temperature, the Air-con switches OFF - WHY????? I find this in the history: The Ceiling@Office sensor is clearly above the cooling temperature! There is NO association between the ceiling sensor and the air-con! I can not figure out why this is happening What am I missing here? Any ideas?? Thx for helping
  2. Hi, This is an update of the first post which now contains the workaround I created (with code found all over the net). Makes it easier to find what you are looking for when you open this thread . This is more a replacement / edit for the original plugin. I still use the original Plugin, so I have a device that is registered in the system as a Thermometer and an Humidity Sensor (devices 112 and 113, whose values are updatet by the VD). For the moment, I don’t think this can be done with a VD alone. Worth mentioning: don’t make too many calls in a short timeframe to the Nest API, it will just slow down everything. I did it this way, but you can change whatever you like, this makes programming fun . Getting started: (For easy first steps to get to your access token, use something like “Postman”) Get a Nest developer account. (documented here: https://developers.nest.com/documentation/cloud/rest-quick-guide) Create a new product with these permissions: Thermostat read/write v6 (if your Nest thermostat is running the most recent version) Away read/write v2 You will eventually get A Product ID A Product Secret An Authorization URL You will get a PIN code when you follow all steps You will eventually get an access token, which is what we’ll be using for everything else Use your access token to get your ID’s Do a GET to https://developer-api.nest.com using something like Postman (I did it using Fibaro scenes, but Postman is easier). You have to set the Headers “Authorization” with “Bearer <<your access token>>” “Content-Type” “application/json” This will give you all the data you want, including your thermostat(s) ID(s) and your structures ID(s) I made these Global variables: NESTawaytemp NESThome NESThumidity NESTnewTemp NESTstate NESTtarget NESTtargeteta NESTtemp I made a VD with some labels and buttons. I also did a VD with a slider to set the temperature, but that didn’t work the way I wanted it to. The slider is always 0 - 100. I edited it to be able to choose a temperature between 10°C and 30°C, but when you move the slider, the value isn’t visible “on the fly”. Changes to the slider are only possible with reload of page, for as far as I know. The new temperature did come in a label, but I found it to sluggish to use. Look at the attached images for more info. The main loop for the VD (I like "," as decimal seperator, not ".", you can delete all that off course): HC2 = Net.FHttp("", 11111) selfId = fibaro:getSelfId() temp = string.format('%.1f',tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTtemp"))) tempc = string.gsub(temp,"%.",",") eta = fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTtargetEta") target = string.format('%.1f',tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTtarget"))) targetc = string.gsub(target,"%.",",") if fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTnewTemp") == "nil" then fibaro:setGlobal("NESTnewTemp",15) newTemp = string.format('%.1f',tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTnewTemp"))) newTempc = string.gsub(newTemp,"%.",",") else newTemp = string.format('%.1f',tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTnewTemp"))) newTempc = string.gsub(newTemp,"%.",",") end fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblNewTemp.value",newTempc ..'°C' ) targetaway = string.format('%.1f',tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTawaytemp"))) targetawayc = string.gsub(targetaway,"%.",",") humidity = string.format('%.1f',tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESThumidity"))) humidityc = string.gsub(humidity,"%.",",") home = fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESThome") thuis = "" state = fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTstate") stats = "" fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblTargetHome.value",targetc ..'°C') fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblTargetAway.value",targetawayc ..'°C') if (home == "home") then fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblMain.value",tempc ..'°C > ' .. targetc ..'°C' ) thuis = "Thuis" if (state == "heating") then stats = "Aan" fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","currentIcon","1020") else stats = "Uit" fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","currentIcon","1018") end else fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblMain.value",tempc ..'°C > ' .. targetawayc ..'°C' ) thuis = "Eco" if (state == "heating") then stats = "Aan" fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","currentIcon","1019") else stats = "Uit" fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","currentIcon","1017") end end jtable = "{\"properties\":{\"value\":" .. temp .. "}}" response, status, errorCode = HC2:PUT("/api/devices/112",jtable) jtable = "{\"properties\":{\"value\":" .. humidity .. "}}" response, status, errorCode = HC2:PUT("/api/devices/113",jtable) fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblTemp.value",tempc ..'°C') fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblEta.value",eta ..' min.') fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblHumidity.value",humidityc ..'%') fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblHome.value",thuis) fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblState.value",stats) The code for my button Temp + selfId = fibaro:getSelfId() currtemp = fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTnewTemp") if currtemp == "nil" then currtemp = 15 fibaro:setGlobal("NESTnewTemp",currtemp) else currtempnr = tonumber(currtemp) newtempnr = currtempnr + 0.5 newTemp = string.format('%.1f',newtempnr) newTempc = string.gsub(newTemp,"%.",",") fibaro:setGlobal("NESTnewTemp",newtempnr) fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblNewTemp.value",newTempc ..'°C') end The code for button Temp - selfId = fibaro:getSelfId() currtemp = fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTnewTemp") if currtemp == "nil" then currtemp = 15 fibaro:setGlobal("NESTnewTemp",currtemp) else currtempnr = tonumber(currtemp) newtempnr = currtempnr - 0.5 newTemp = string.format('%.1f',newtempnr) newTempc = string.gsub(newTemp,"%.",",") fibaro:setGlobal("NESTnewTemp",newtempnr) fibaro:call(selfId,"setProperty","ui.lblNewTemp.value",newTempc ..'°C') end The code for button "Instellen" (you eventually have to push that button, to set Nest to your new wanted temp, I did this to limit the API calls) Scene 66 will follow fibaro:startScene(66) fibaro:log("temperatuur ingesteld op :" .. fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTnewTemp") .."°C") The other buttons are readable in the images. The Nest Refresh scene, which updates the global variables. Runs once a minute, don’t run it too fast. Just change the << >> values to your own. --[[ %% autostart %% properties %% globals --]] if (fibaro:countScenes() > 1) then fibaro:abort() end access_token = <<your access token>> thermostat_id = <<your thermostat id>> structure_id = <<your structure id>> selfhttp = net.HTTPClient({timeout=2000}) function refreshNestData() selfhttp:request(url, { options={ headers = {['Content-Type'] = 'application/json',['Authorization'] = 'Bearer ' .. access_token}, method = 'GET', timeout = 40000 }, success = function(status) if status.status == 307 then print(status.status) print(url) url = status.headers.Location refreshNestData() else print(status.status) print(url) result = json.decode(status.data) local temp = result["devices"]["thermostats"][thermostat_id]["ambient_temperature_c"] local humidity = result["devices"]["thermostats"][thermostat_id]["humidity"] local state = result["devices"]["thermostats"][thermostat_id]["hvac_state"] local target = result["devices"]["thermostats"][thermostat_id]["target_temperature_c"] local targeteta = result["devices"]["thermostats"][thermostat_id]["time_to_target"] local targetaway = result["devices"]["thermostats"][thermostat_id]["eco_temperature_low_c"] local home = result["structures"][structure_id]["away"] fibaro:setGlobal("NESTtemp",temp) fibaro:setGlobal("NESThumidity",humidity) fibaro:setGlobal("NESTstate",state) fibaro:setGlobal("NESTtarget",target) fibaro:setGlobal("NESTtargetEta",targeteta) fibaro:setGlobal("NESTawaytemp",targetaway) fibaro:setGlobal("NESThome",home) print(targetaway) fibaro:sleep(60*1000) refreshNestData() end end, }) end url = 'https://developer-api.nest.com' refreshNestData() The Scene to set Nest to "Home" (scene 65) --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] if (fibaro:countScenes() > 1) then fibaro:abort() end access_token = <<your access token>> structure_id = <<your structure id>> function NestHome() selfhttp = net.HTTPClient({timeout=2000}) selfhttp:request(url, { options={ headers = {['Content-Type'] = 'application/json',['Authorization'] = 'Bearer ' .. access_token}, data = '{"away": "home"}', method = 'PUT', timeout = 20000 }, success = function(status) print(status.status) if status.status == 307 then print(status.headers.Location) url = status.headers.Location NestHome() else fibaro:debug("Nest set home") end end, }) end url = 'https://developer-api.nest.com/structures/' .. structure_id NestHome() The scene to set Nest "Away" or "Eco" (scene 64) --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] if (fibaro:countScenes() > 1) then fibaro:abort() end access_token = <<Your_Access_Token>> structure_id = <<Your_Structure_ID>> function NestAway() selfhttp = net.HTTPClient({timeout=2000}) selfhttp:request(url, { options={ headers = {['Content-Type'] = 'application/json',['Authorization'] = 'Bearer ' .. access_token}, data = '{"away": "away"}', method = 'PUT', timeout = 20000 }, success = function(status) print(status.status) if status.status == 307 then print(status.headers.Location) url = status.headers.Location NestAway() else fibaro:debug("Nest set away") end end, }) end url = 'https://developer-api.nest.com/structures/' .. structure_id NestAway() The scene that sets the new temperature to Nest (scene 66) --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] if (fibaro:countScenes() > 1) then fibaro:abort() end access_token = <<Your_Access_Token>> thermostat_id = <<Your_Structure_ID>> newTarget = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("NESTnewTemp")) fibaro:setGlobal("NESTtarget",newTarget) function NestTempUp() selfhttp = net.HTTPClient({timeout=2000}) selfhttp:request(url, { options={ headers = {['Content-Type'] = 'application/json',['Authorization'] = 'Bearer ' .. access_token}, data = '{"target_temperature_c":' .. newTarget .. '}', method = 'PUT', timeout = 20000 }, success = function(status) print(status.status) if status.status == 307 then print(status.headers.Location) url = status.headers.Location NestTempUp() else fibaro:debug("Nest target = " .. newTarget) end end, }) end url = 'https://developer-api.nest.com/devices/thermostats/' .. thermostat_id NestTempUp() Hope some more people can be helped by this
  3. IPad and iPhone with IOS16, radiator thermostat for apple homekit, serial 00000423, s/c 593-12-480 I am unable to register the thermostat with either Fibarohome app or IOS home app. Fibarohome app shows all existing devices in apple home, but when trying to add the thermostat it shows pairing in progress until it ends with error message: device could not be added to your Home. It does not even get as far as scanning the setup code. Apple’s Home app does scan the setup code, but cannot find the thermostat. Error message: pairing with accessory failed. and yes, I did press the button with the key provided. Bluetooth is on. VPN is off. who can help? Many thanks, Edwin
  4. Hello, I added Horstmann HRT4-ZW and ASR-ZW to the Fibaro HC3 and made the connection between thermostat and receiver. All icons are present on the fibaro, but I cannot set the temperature via the fibaro. I'm probably overlooking something. The thermostat and receiver work well. I followed this procedure, but... https://k2aab.com/home-automation/fibaro-hc2-and-horstmann-hrt4-zw/ Thanks for helping me. Michel
  5. Ive installed it to with external sensor, and its really great! (replacing z-wave danfoss) Looking at room temperature (bedroom) up and down over several days its really accurate and its improved sleeping with constant temperature. Comparing it with outdoor temperature its really fun seeing how it affects room temp and how the Heat controller responds. Have now ordered more to equip every room [Feature request] I miss a feature though, is it possible (after calibration) too see how much the valve is open? I did look trough /docs/ but could find a value of this. 0 to 100% or a simple value from 0-100 would be fantastic to se how much the valve/actuator (or radiator) is open. For short: Actuator currently open xx% Other than that, great piece of hardware so far!
  6. Hello everyone, As many before on this forum I'm working on my heating system and want to convert my current single room heating plan into to a multi zone heating plan. I want to integrate my boiler into my heating plan but want to create some safety interlock that I won't fire up the boiler if all the thermostats are closed. I think this is a very important feature and often overlooked as the behavior of a thermostat is to close more and more when the thermostat is reaching it's set-point to prevent overshoot. So therefore I need to know what to position is of the valve, based on that condition i went for the TRV's of eurotronic as it stated in the manual that it is able to report it's current valve position. And it looked like everything would work correct with the fibaro template as I was able to set parameter 6 and enable the valve postion reporting. I think everything is configured correctly but i have a bit of strange behavior now in fibaro when I enable parameter 6. The setpoint value is getting overwritten with the valve position percentage: Setpoint displays: new setpoint in degree Celsius After few minutes same device is overwritten and setpoint value displays Open valve percentage (unit doesn't update and stays on degree Celsius): Enabled parameter 6. When i change setpoint and debug the info. I noticed the following behavior: Setpoint change -> Setpoint value displays setpoint -> after few minutes Setpoint value displays: valve position -> Setpoint value displays setpoint value again. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong values but here is the list of the available values: I wasn't able to locate the opening valve percentage value in this list to make a virtual device as work around.. Does someone have a solution for my problem? I would like to receive the actual setpoint and the open valve percentage on a different value/device.
  7. When I temporarily want to change the temperature of the Thermostat for a specific amount of time in the Fibaro app, it doesn't set the temperature in the HC3 UI nor on the thermostat (Danfoss / Popp). When I look in the app, nothing changed. When I change the temperature for an amount of time in the HC3 UI, it changes almost immediately on the thermostat. Is the app not working, or am I doing something wrong? I did set up zones for controlling temperature. (If I change the temperature of a zone, it works!) It seems that the HC3 UI is not getting any information from the heater control in the Fibaro app.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to get my central heating pump to switch on when my Aeotec TRV valve is open. This ought to be easy. The TRV has a parameter which allows it to report the value position when it changes: Parameter 6: Valve percentage report Reports the valve percentage on change. Size: 1 Byte, Default Value: 0 Setting Description 0 Reporting disabled 1 - 100 Reporting Delta in percent It should be possible to create a scene that switches on the Fibaro Switch 2 which is connected to the heating pump/boiler relay. Now I've installed the devices I can't see how to do this from the Home Centre 2 UI. I don't see any way of specifying the value change message value in a scene. I also can't see how to see the messages that are received from the TRV to verify that they are being received. I guess that initially I need to work out how to switch this parameter 6 on - Fibaro don't appear to have added template support for the Aeotec TRV (nor my TKBHome thermostats ). Is this going to be a problem, or can I set them manually somehow? Can someone please give me a steer? Many thanks, Joe
  9. Has anyone written a link for the 'Atag One' thermostat? There is an ATAG One API that works with Java.
  10. Hi everbody, I have a Tado Thermostat and was wondering if it is possible to create a VD for this thermostat? I found this unofficially API on the internet: http://blog.scphillips.com/posts/2017/01/the-tado-api-v2/ If anybody knows someone who already got a VD for Tado please let me know!
  11. Hi. New to z wave and atill findinb my feet. Have an issue with danfoss living connect Radiator Valves. There is no template comming up on the HC2 so how do i control the set point and how to I manually enter variables? I also appear to be getting two way comms with these as i am receiving temperatures from the valve despite danfoss saying this is not possible? Any help would be great? Malcolm pics.pdf
  12. Hi, I have 6 x MCO MH8-FC thermostat fan controller on a multizone setup with and one FGS-222 relay for starting central gas boiler. I am new to Fibaro world and I want to learn but the winter already started and I need my heating system to work . I have tried to associate the thermostat with the relay but not working. I someone can help me how to set up the system or at least some guide, please! Thank you in advance.
  13. I have 4 Hormann SRT231 thermostats. In the HCL interface each displays the battery level. However, in the temperature sensor section 2 of them also show the battery level, but 2 do not (see attached battery 1 and battery 2 pics) and the 'advanced' tab for the sensors show different information (battery 1a and battery 2a). What am I missing. Both devices are using the same template.
  14. Hello I have following issue: my heat controller is installed in a seperate room (on the collector) and the bluetooth controller has not enough reach. The temperature sensor of the smoke detector is set as main buth the heat controller does not regulate according this temperature but uses its own internal sensor as reference (the storage room temperature). Is there an easy way if regulating this? I tried thermostat plugin but did not succeed. Would a seperate thermostat do the job? It's for childrens bedroom so the simpelest will do. Anyone can recommand a type? Thanks!
  15. Hi everybody, I'm trying to create a program with a SRT321. Quite simple program, when the desired temperature is higher then the actual temperature, then a relay module should switch to "on" however, when loading the SRT 321 into the HC2 it shows all three values, actual, setpoint and base. When programming, there is only the actual value available! I need to make a comparisment between the set value and the actual value and with only one value this is very hard to do. Does anybody have any experience or suggestions how to handle this problem? Thanx in advance.
  16. Hello, I have more than 6 thermostats in my house connected to fibaro (McoHome MH8) and i have changed all the icons of my devices but the only thing I cannot change are the thermostats icons. I do not see any reasons to not have that option as the icons do not change when there is a change in the thermostat. I think it would not be too hard to add the custom icons to thermostats too. Thank you!
  17. Hello, I have been using McoHome thermostats for a long time (mh8) and when you set the fan speed there are only three options: high medium and low. But when you set the fan speed from the thermostat itself, there is the auto option which you can leave it on and does its job, not requiring you to change the fan speed every time. Also the parameters are not available for the thermostats even though the thermostats are quite popular and it has been more than a year that I sent the template to fibaro. At least, add the automatic fan speed option so that everything becomes much easier. Thank you!
  18. Hello, Is it possible to read the relay state from the Heatit thermostat with LUA? i can read the setpoint, roomtemp, but not if the heating/cooling is on or off fibaro:getValue(50, "value")) >> setpoint fibaro:getValue(51, "value")) >> roomtemp I also tried a lot of the other getValue commands, like 'mode' and 'thermostatState' but nothing happens And of course i can create a scene that calculates the difference between roomtemp and setpoint, so that the relay is on if roomtemp - setpoint > diff but i like to check the real state
  19. So, I went and bought a Carrier Cor wifi thermostat for $350 because the HC2 has a plug-in for Carrier Furnace thermostats. I have the new thermostat up and running and I am now trying to get my HC2 to connect to it. In my HC2, 1. I have the Carrier Furnace plug-in installed 2. In the Carrier plug-in, under "advanced", then "network configuration", then "IP address", I hit search. 3. The plug-in can't find the ip address for the thermostat and says nothing is found 3. I have tried to input the IP address myself into the "IP Address" box and it still says it can't find the thermostat The thermostat is working normally, has an IP address and a MAC address, no problems with it. Any one have any idea how to get this to work or did I just waste $350 dollars??? Thanks!
  20. Hello, i would like to ask, if it is possible to control floor temperature of electric underfloor heating system. Does it matter how much watts does it have? Does it have to be calibrated first?
  21. The new version of the Multireg/HeatIt z-wave thermostat for electrical heating has now been released, it seems, see http://www.heatit.com/heating-control/floor-heating-thermostats/heatit-z-trm2/ Here it says "available Q2/2018" but the Z-TRM2 product has recently been included in the supplier's catalog. The new catalog from the supplier Thermofloor (in Norwegian), indicates that integration with Fibaro Home Center 2 has been tested, including templates etc. Looks promising! If anyone installs this device and includes it in a Fibaro system, please share your experience here!
  22. Hello, friends, have anybody an experience with software update for Heatit thermostat? Recently faced with a problem that one thermostat shows wrong value from the floor sensor. Tried to use different settings from the local panel and from controller side but with no success. Found out on the forum that this problem was detected on the first versions of SW, but in futher revisions it looks like this problem was solved. I'm just thinking to try the latest SW release 1.92 (I have 1.4), maybe some other new features will be available also. The only one problem is that the SW update might be done only by using a special configuration cable (54 304 97 - Cable for thermostat software updates) and the price for this cable is unacceptable for me. If someone has such a cable will it be possible to provide cable pin-out, I don't see a problem to make this cable by myself.
  23. amatt


    Has anyone successfully integrated ecobee into HC2? I believe that there is a API for ecobee and could be used in Lua.
  24. Hi have one Heatit thermostat in version 1.5 and two of them in version 1.8. I need to update the 1.5 to 1.8 but a cable and a software is requested. I got the software and the update procedure. The cable is very expensive, about 70€, is there someone that know the wires schema in order to self-made the cable?
  25. Hi, I'm trying to program a Danfoss wall thermostat within the HC2. purpose is that the thermostat switches a single switch when the temperature requested is higher then the actual temperature and do the opposit when the the desired temperatur is below the actual temperature. within the HC2 I can see both thermostat values, the actual and the setpoint, also the single switch is visible. can anyone help me on how to make this work?
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