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  1. I am starting to make a scene which detects if a lamp is on > then variable turns on to AWAKE (house) I just added a coding for the hue lamp, with: tostring(fibaro:getValue(313, "state")) == true -- floor luminaire 2 hue but i doesn't turn the variable to AWAKE, of course there are many lamps in this list but for the overview i added only a couple below --[[ %% autostart %% properties 79 value 197 value 313 state %% weather %% events %% globals --]] if ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(79, "value")) > 0 or -- kitchen tsble tonumber(fibaro:getValue(197, "value")) > 0 or -- christmas light 2 tostring(fibaro:getValue(313, "state")) == true -- floor luminaire 2 hue ) then fibaro:setGlobal("Auto_Sleep_Mode", "AWAKE"); end What i am doing wrong? Many thanks
  2. This is a scene.. triggering a variable "saying if a light is ON change variable to AWAKE id 313 is a hue plugin and i want to use this one to trigger a variable, saying house awake, together with many other modules. It's not triggering to AWAKE. what i am doing wrong? --[[ %% autostart %% properties 79 value 313 state %% weather %% events %% globals --]] if ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(79, "value")) > 0 or -- kitchen tsble tostring(fibaro:getValue(313, "state")) == true -- floor luminaire 2 hue ) then fibaro:setGlobal("Auto_Sleep_Mode", "AWAKE"); end thanks a lot
  3. I have an "old" version of the zwave.me wallcs. the one with the 4 buttons. with sime LUA code I programmed the module to switch and dim some dimmers. Partial code --[[ %% properties 29 sceneActivation %% globals --]] local id = 29 local name = fibaro:getName(id) --print ("") --fibaro:debug(name) local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); --Constants local button1Single = 11 local button1Double = 12 local button1Hold = 13 local button1Release = 15 local button2Single = 21 local button2Double = 22 local button2Hold = 23 local button2Release = 25 local button3Single = 31 local button3Double = 32 local button3Hold = 33 local button3Release = 35 local button4Single = 41 local button4Double = 42 local button4Hold = 43 local button4Release = 45 ActiveSceneId = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(id, "sceneActivation")) fibaro:debug("ActivesceneID: "..ActiveSceneId) if(ActiveSceneId == button1Single) then fibaro:call(116, "turnOn") elseif(ActiveSceneId == button1Double) then fibaro:debug("button1Double") elseif(ActiveSceneId == button1Hold) then fibaro:call(116, "startLevelIncrease") elseif(ActiveSceneId == button1Release) then fibaro:call(116, "stopLevelChange") see a portion of the code above. this works fine. Now I bought new wallcs modules and the same code is not working. so why not? Well because the trigger property is gone in the new version. the old version has a property "sceneActivation" the new one has not. see two screenshots. who is responsible for this problem? Has Fibaro fogotten to implement this property in its code of is zwave.me forgotten to put it in the firmware of the module, or should I use another property? the only difference in properties between the 2 versions is the SceneActivation
  4. Hi folks, I'm trying to find a way to notice that my blinds (ID79) are moving. They go down or up, and after that I want have them positioned horizontally. I can do this by reversing the direction and go the other way for 750 millisec, for the blinds will turn in 1500 millisec, so after 750 millisec they are horizontal. I can add such an action to scenes that activate the blinds, but when the blinds are activated through buttons on my iphone - which is just an 'open' or a 'close' command - I want a scene started that will turn the blinds horizontally at the end of the action. However, I wrote a code to notice any action of the blinds that should be triggered automatically, but it doesn't seem to work: nothing happens. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? --[[ %% properties 79 power 79 value %% events %% globals --]] fibaro:debug ('power = '..fibaro:getValue(79, "power")) fibaro:debug ('height = '..fibaro:getValue(79, "value")) By the way, where can I read about the exact meaning of %% properties, %% autostart, %% events and %% globals?
  5. Is there a way to determine whether a virtual device slider was changed by physically moving the slider or whether it was updated with LUA? This is for a now playing progress bar. In the slider's LUA script I want to ignore when the slider was updated by the main loop LUA code. fibaro:getSourceTrigger() sadly doesn't work for virtual devices. UPDATE: Issue resolved. Use fibaro:call(id, "setProperty", "ui.Slider1.value", position) to change the value and position of a slider without running the code in the slider. The slider on the web interface may not move without refreshing the page when this is called but it does work.
  6. Hey guys, I have some simple LUA Scenes that simply don't work unless I manually click RUN. Any help would be appreciated. Secondly, this "Goodnight" scene, breifly turns ON the lights, before turning them off??? I also have to manually run it twice before it updates the variable? The all lights OFF scene works perfectly by itself. I have a feeling I'm missing some basic understanding, thank you for your help. Jamie
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