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Found 6 results

  1. I'm trying to get the status of my alarm system through the two inputs of a Universal sensor. I want three things to happen: - alarm activated (no one home) - switch all lights off - alarm deactivated - switch selective lights on - alarm trigger - all lights on I've programmed the two outputs on the alarm panel to drop to ground when the status changes, this works the relays switch depending on the status of the alarm panel But I'm still doing something wrong because Fibaro doesn't switch any lights when the status of the alarm changes - am i using the correct parameters in the scene - do i need to change something in the setting of the universal sensor (i've already changed parameter 3 and 4 to "0" (normal open input) Maybe there's someone here that can tell me what I'm doing wrong (added a few images) Gary
  2. Witam, Chciałbym przerobić sterownie ogrzewaniem w moim domu aby móc sterować zdalnie. Obecnie do kotła De Dietrich MCR2 używam termostat pokojowy Celcia 20. Jakiego sprzętu użyć firmy Fibaro i jak go podłączyć aby zachować wszystkie możliwości sterowania temperaturą w pomieszczeniu jak również grzaniem centralnej wody użytkowej? Wszelkiego rodzaju sugestie i schematy mile widziane. Dziękuję za pomoc, bs13
  3. I am using the universal binary sensor from fibaro for my doorbell. One of the outputs are connected to a relay for the doorbell to sound. Input is connected by the doorbell. How can i make a scene where i can block the output from the sensor in the evening, so that the doorbell will not sound... but for example a light will flash in the livingroom?
  4. Hi all, Has anyone tried to make a Ritto intercom smart? I've started a project like this and would like to ask if anyone has had experience with this so far. For the setup I'm thinking to use a Fibaro universal sensor and a qubino fluash 1D relay running from the 26VDC powering the intercom. My idea is that there is a led which turns on whenever someone rings the bell so I'd use the universal sensor to pick up that and send me a notification. Is that possible with the universal sensor? To be able to open the door I'm planning to use the relay that would switch the button. Already soldered two wires to the legs of the button and tried if it works if I short them manually. It does work, so I assume it would work with the relay as well. I'd appreciate any experience, ideas. I'll keep this topic updated as I proceed with my project. Cheers, Marton
  5. Hi, I'm hoping that somebody can help me. HC2 - v 4.056. 40-50 devices, reasonably familiar with the system I have been working with the universal binary sensor for a while now and have a few of them working with temp sensors and contact sensors. I upgraded to 4.056 when it was released and haven't touched that side since. I bought some more UBS in the last few weeks to gather more temperature readings and to enable a more contact sensor and I've ran into an issue. When I add a new device it appears as a generic z wave device with no parameters and I can see from the inclusion process that its not going well. On inclusion I get one device that is not configured When I include the device I get [21:54:31] Device added [21:54:43] Add node status protocol done [21:54:43] Adding devices complete The add device page stays open and I have to close ( I have left it for 10 mins at this stage) The learn mode led on the HC2 blinks as it is being added. The zwave led (fourth led) on the HC seems to be permanently blinking, maybe this has always been the same but I never noticed it before. On inclusion the advanced tab shows..... Device kind: Z-Wave device Version: Configuration: Not configured ID: 93 Configuration The device does not have a template by what might have limited functionality, please contact technical support in order to add the template for this device. On excluding/deleting the device I get [22:36:12] Home Center in learning mode [22:36:18] Device was deleted succesfully [22:36:18] ID 933: Deleting devices succesful [22:36:19] Slave Device Detected [22:36:19] ID 933: Controller was deleted succesfully [22:36:19] Removing devices finished I have read through the forum and tried all that I could find and a few more. Most of what's below I have tried several times at least but no luck reset device hard reset and ffw reset (holding the button down for 10 seconds while powering off and on the device) Tried different power supplies soft reconfigure tried a new UBS that was never added before as well as two that I had added successfully in the past. rebooted the HC2 check the diagnostics panel for CPU, RAM, etc resources excluded and included a good many times tried the device with nothing connected to it, a contact sensor connected and a device with 4 temp sensors connected moved the device to be within a foot of the HC2 during inclusion tried network wide inclusion I had added a SPC Gateway (great bit of kit from Goran) device to interface with my alarm and I removed this and disabled the scenes that were associated - a reboot of the HC2 did nothing The only other big thing I did lately was to add VD for my 14 sonos zones (including all the variables) but I cant see how that would be impacting the device inclusion process These devices used to add in a minute or less and I have left some of these for 10 mins and more, The only thing I haven't tried is excluding one of my working ones and seeing if it will include again. I might try that tomorrow night if I can get to when I installed it. I don't want to upgrade to the latest beta as there seems to be some challenges and I have dimmers and switches buried in walls and I can have them go down on me at the moment. Any and all suggestions and perspectives welcome... hopefully somebody can help me solve this one Thanks -F
  6. I'm looking to upgrade my garden irrigation system and integrate it into my HC2. My current system uses 24v DC powered solenoid valves which are triggered via opto-coupled relays with a coil voltage between 5-15v DC. I want to control up to eight zoned valves from the HC2 web interface through schedules and interface switches (simular to how a light would be switched on/off but showing irrigation icons) Can I / should I use a Fibaro RGBW Controller?, or can I use the Fibaro Universal Sensor? (I'm not sure I can switch the two outputs of the UBS from within the HC2 interface though?) Thank you for any advice / recommendations in advance....
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