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  1. Hi, I have an issue to control some devices by iPhone or iPad. Most of the time I can't switch a VD by iPhone or iPad. It either responds very late 20min to 1h or never, but sometimes it goes directly. The VD's are AC's and TV's controlled by IR converter iTach. The icon on the phone/pad changes directly but no response at the device. I checked the iTach and it works correct if I operate it directly by other software. Currently I'm running 4.153, but the problem was there before. Any suggestion are welcome
  2. My Virtual Device (VD) get stuck after a while trying to decode json data. The error is: expected value but found t_end at character 1 Is there any solution to fix that? I've tried to add more seconds with fibaro:sleep but no results. Thanks for your help, Tomax
  3. Hi All, So, I have the LG tv plugin installed but apparently it cannot turn the tv on from standby. My thoughts are to write a scene to send an IR command from a GC ITACH that I am already using for Roomba etc. Anyone help me on how to write the scene, and get the standby button on the plugin to trigger it? Many thanks
  4. I have an VD to gather real time values for monitoring battery bank. I can see these values in HC2 but not in Fibaro App (android). Is there an Fibaro App bug? Could be fixed somehow? Thank a lot for any feedback, Tomas
  5. Does anyone have a VD that can have several buttons that kan keep a light (or several) on for a certain time, e.g 3 hours, 4 hours etc. Or a suggestion to a scene (preferable block scene) that can do the same. I experience that with so long delay with timer to shut off a ligh in block scene I get problems with "to many instances"
  6. Hi, My name is Raul. I'm volunteering in a residence for people with disabilities where we're trying to setup a domotic system for a therapy SPA. I'm configuring a scene where Sonos needs to play a couple of songs that are hosted in PC (for the moment). I set up the Music library without any problems. However, when referencing the path to the song, the Sonos app prompts the following message: "Unable to play track1.mp3 - cannot connect to /// because the server cannot be found" To give you more context, here you can find the tutorial I'm using: https://doonic.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/sonos-und-fibaro-hc2/ Works for the radio although I don't need it. I'm only interested in playing my local mp3 files. My music library: Local path: C:\MusicSonos Sonos Music Library path: //DESKTOP-PVTSA31/MusicSonos/ Predefined variable SONOS_MUSIC set to //DESKTOP-PVTSA31/MusicSonos/track1.mp3 Not sure what I'm missing here. Could you please give me a hand? Thanks a lot!! Raul.
  7. Hi, I'm locking for how to read-out the VD's uiLable in a scene. I did try the following: fibaro:getValue(167, "ui.Label1.value") == "open" but it doesn't work. Any help on that is very welcome. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am using Global cache (WiFi2IR) to control my all IR devices with Fibaro HC-2 (4.140). 1. When there is no internet at that time HC-2 is not able to communicate with Global cache. 2. Certain time i have to press VD button multiple time to send proper IR command.
  9. Hi, is there a way to have 2 buttons for VD's on the UI? Two buttons like a regular light (on/off). any suggestion are welcome
  10. I was trying to find workaround here but without success. So I request for a new feature. Possibility to break line in labels of VD on all devices (web UI, iOS mobile, Android mobile) in one common way. Actually: web UI supports html tag <br/>, but mobile not (mobile displays tag as <br/>) iOS supports \n Android doesn't support <br/> nor \n Solution can be done in 2 ways: a) support <br/> tag on iOS and Android mobile or b) support \n on webUI and Android Examples how line breaking looks like actually: web UI iOS mobile Android mobile
  11. Hi I'm trying to break line in VD label. Do you have a solution for this? My VD has got 3 labels: Label 1: line 1<br/>line 2 Label 2: line 1\nline 2 Label 3: line 1<br/>\nline 2 Label 1 looks good on www but not on iOS mobile. Label 2 looks good on iOS mobile but not on www. Label 3 looks good on www but not on iOS mobile. Every of these 3 labels looks bad on Android mobile. www mobile iOS mobile Android My VD: Line_Break.vfib
  12. hi, I made this VD a while ago. It makes a weekly report of the HC2 and works pretty good but I want to move in to a scene. I used Net.FHttp and this doesnt work in scenes. Can somebody help? Regards Martijn --- UPDATE MEMORY VARIABLES fibaro:call(fibaro:getSelfId(), "pressButton", "8") --- MAKE CONNECTION connection = Net.FHttp("", 11111); --- FUNCTION REQUEST DEVICES getData = function() --- MAKE CONNECTION response ,status, errorCode = connection:GET( "/api/devices/" ); --- STATUS NOTIFICATIONS fibaro:debug("status = " .. status); fibaro:debug("errorCode = " .. errorCode); --- IF SUCCES if (tonumber(status) == 200) then --- DECODE TO LUA TABLE deviceTable = json.decode(response); end return deviceTable; end --- FUNCTION REQUEST CONSUMPTION getConsumption = function(url) --- MAKE CONNECTION response ,status, errorCode = connection:GET( url ); --- IF SUCCES if (tonumber(status) == 200) then consumptionTable = json.decode(response); end return consumptionTable; end --- CONSTRUCT SUBSTRACTION DAYS START DATE OF LAST WEEK if(os.date("%a") == "Mon") then substract = 7 elseif(os.date("%a") == "Tue") then substract = 8 elseif(os.date("%a") == "Wed") then substract = 9 elseif(os.date("%a") == "Thu") then substract = 10 elseif(os.date("%a") == "Fri") then substract = 11 elseif(os.date("%a") == "Sat") then substract = 12 elseif(os.date("%a") == "Sun") then substract = 13 end --- SET VARIABLES UserId = 2; lowBat = 70; SelfId = fibaro:getSelfId() dev = getData(); lowBattDevices = ""; deadDevices = ""; totalConsumption= 0 ; heavyConsumption= ""; now = os.date("*t") week_start = os.time({year=now.year,month=now.month,day=now.day-substract,hour=0,min=0,sec=0}) --, week_end = week_start + 604799 -- plus a week --- LOOP THROUGH DEVICES for i = 1, #dev do --- SET VARS batLevel = tonumber(dev.properties.batteryLevel); deadValue = dev.properties.dead; deviceName = tostring(dev.name); prestr = "[" .. dev.id .. "] ➜ " .. deviceName; --- DEAD DEVICES if(dev.visible == true and deadValue == "true") then --- TRY TO WAKE fibaro:wakeUpDeadDevice(dev.id) fibaro:sleep(2*1000); --- CHECK IF STILL DEAD if(fibaro:getValue(dev.id, 'dead') ~= "1") then deadDevices = deadDevices .. prestr .. " ✔ Woke up \n"; else deadDevices = deadDevices .. prestr .. " ❌ Did not wake up \n"; end end --- LOW BATT / IF FIELD EXISTS if (dev.visible == true and dev.properties.batteryLevel ~= nil and (batLevel < 100 or batLevel == 255)) then --- ONLY LOW BAT OF ALLREADYDEAD if(deadValue == "true" or batLevel <= lowBat or (deadValue ~= "true" and batLevel == 255)) then -- lowBattDevices = lowBattDevices .. prestr .. " - " .. string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s</%s>', "span", "red", dev.properties.batteryLevel .. " %", "span") .. "<br>\n" lowBattDevices = lowBattDevices .. prestr .. " - " .. dev.properties.batteryLevel .. "% ❌ \n" else lowBattDevices = lowBattDevices .. prestr .. " - " .. dev.properties.batteryLevel .. "% ✔ \n" end end --- CONSUMPTION if (dev.visible == true) then --- SET VARS url = "/api/energy/" .. week_start .."/" .. week_end .. "/compare/devices/power/" .. dev.id Consumption = getConsumption(url); --- ONLY IF THERE IS A KWH FIELD if(Consumption[1].kWh ~= nil) then --- SET VARS kwh = tonumber(Consumption[1].kWh) --- HEAVY USERS LOOP if kwh > 1 then heavyConsumption = heavyConsumption .. prestr .. " ⚡ " .. Consumption[1].kWh .. " kWh \r"; end --- TOTAL CONSUMPTION SUM totalConsumption = tonumber(totalConsumption) + kwh end end end --- CONSTRUCT MAIL HOME REPORT emailContent = "Weekly Home Report \n"; emailContent = emailContent .. "Date: " .. os.date("%d %b %Y - %H:%M") .. "\n \n"; emailContent = emailContent .. "⎋ Low Battery\r"; emailContent = emailContent .. lowBattDevices .. "\r \r"; emailContent = emailContent .. "⎋ Dead Nodes\n"; emailContent = emailContent .. deadDevices .. "\n \n"; --- SEND MAIL fibaro:call(UserId,"sendEmail", "Weekly Home Report " .. os.date("%d %b %Y - %H:%M"),emailContent); --- CONSTRUCT MAIL CONSUMPTION REPORT emailContentConsumption = "Weekly Consumption Report \n"; emailContentConsumption = emailContentConsumption .. "Date: " .. os.date("%d %b %Y - %H:%M") .. "\n \n"; emailContentConsumption = emailContentConsumption .. "⌘ Consumption\n"; emailContentConsumption = emailContentConsumption .. "From: " .. os.date("%d %b %Y",week_start) .. " till " .. os.date("%d %b %Y",week_end) .. "\n \n"; emailContentConsumption = emailContentConsumption .. "Heavy consumption \n"; emailContentConsumption = emailContentConsumption .. heavyConsumption .. "\n\n"; emailContentConsumption = emailContentConsumption .. "Consumption total\n"; emailContentConsumption = emailContentConsumption .. totalConsumption .. " kWh \n\n"; --- SEND MAIL fibaro:call(UserId,"sendEmail", "Weekly Consumption Report " .. os.date("%d %b %Y - %H:%M"),emailContentConsumption); --- CONSTRUCT MAIL CONSUMPTION REPORT emailContentMemory = "Weekly Memory Report \n"; emailContentMemory = emailContentMemory .. "Date: " .. os.date("%d %b %Y - %H:%M") .. "\n \n"; emailContentMemory = emailContentMemory .. "⌽ Memory\n"; emailContentMemory = emailContentMemory .. "➜ Free memory: " ..fibaro:getValue(SelfId, "ui.labFreeRam.value") .. "\n"; emailContentMemory = emailContentMemory .. "➜ Maximum free: " ..fibaro:getValue(SelfId, "ui.labMax.value") .. "\n"; emailContentMemory = emailContentMemory .. "➜ Minimum free: " ..fibaro:getValue(SelfId, "ui.labMini.value") .. "\n"; emailContentMemory = emailContentMemory .. "➜ Memory Cache: " ..fibaro:getValue(SelfId, "ui.labCache.value") .. "\n"; emailContentMemory = emailContentMemory .. "➜ Memory Buffers: " ..fibaro:getValue(SelfId, "ui.labBuffers.value") .. "\n"; emailContentMemory = emailContentMemory .. "➜ Memory Used: " ..fibaro:getValue(SelfId, "ui.labUsed.value") .. "\n"; emailContentMemory = emailContentMemory .. "➜ Storage: " ..fibaro:getValue(SelfId, "ui.labStorage.value") .. "\n"; --- SEND MAIL fibaro:call(UserId,"sendEmail", "Weekly Memory Report " .. os.date("%d %b %Y - %H:%M"),emailContentMemory);
  13. Hi all, Is it possible to create a "tapable" virtual device? Meaning that - for example like the Fibaro plug - when you tap it it can execute some LUA code? What I want to do is quite simple: I have automatic lights in the bathroom, which is great. However, sometimes I want to take a bath and I do a) not want the lights to turn off automatically and b) set the lights to the lowest setting. I know how to achieve this in LUA, however I want to have a VD that I just tap to turn it on and off and perhaps change the icon while I'm at it. Is this possible? Thank you for your help, much appreciated. KR, Kristof
  14. Hey Guys, Trying to send a HTTP String from my HCL VD but it's not working.. anyone see what I'm doing wrong, String I'm trying to send is: GET https://api.thingspeak.com/update?api_key=MYKEY&field1=
  15. Hello everyone, I have this code local myDeviceID = fibaro:getSelfId() local value1 = fibaro:getGlobal('bg_ramendeuren') fibaro:call(myDeviceID, "setProperty", "ui.Label1.value", value1) if value1 == "Open" then fibaro:call(744, "SetProperty", "currentIcon", 1008) else fibaro:call(744, "SetProperty", "currentIcon", 1010) end But what I want it to do (change the icon based on the global variable) doesn't work and I have no idea what's wrong. The code is running within the "main loop" section of a virtual device. the virtual device only has one label, no buttons. debugging the main loop gives no errors. Hope someone can help me out here.... Greetings, Vincent
  16. Hi. I have a fibaro HC Lite and have recently bought a Sonos Play:1. I would like to use the double click of my kitchen light switch to 'play' the speaker and then again to pause it.I've installed the plugin and have it working but I cannot see the device when in the graphical blocks scene builder, nor is it showing as a virtual device.I also tried to get the hcl virtual device to import but it just kept on saying doesn't support LUA code. Even though it was the specific home centre lite virtual device control plugin from the fibaro website.What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I only bought the play:1 as it works with FibaroCheers,Steve
  17. HI I am running 4.134 (just updated issue was in 4.133) I have a very simple VD to change a variable Variable is "Position" VD Below PUT /api/globalVariables/Position HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Basic a2VsdmluQHN1ZHMzMi5jby5uejp######## admin user and password (in my case admin is email address) {"name":"Position","value":"Home"} And PUT /api/globalVariables/Position HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Basic a2VsdmluQHN1ZHMzMi5jby########## {"name":"Position","value":"Out"} Screen shots attached. Basically it does not work anymore but I can't work out why, I have other VD's that have stopped working but the Reboot one works fine
  18. pablo77


    Witam, Oto opis sytuacji: mam czujnik temperatury, wilgotności, ruchu oraz natężenia światła. Całość działa pod kodowaniem arduino. Informacje z czujki są wysyłane do serwera mqtt (CloudMQTT). Wygląda to tak na serwerze mqtt: sensornode_2{"state":"OFF","color":{"r":255,"g":255,"b":255},"brightness":255,"humidity":"45.90","motion":"standby","ldr":"903","temperature":"31.40","heatIndex":"26.40"} sensornode_1{"state":"OFF","color":{"r":255,"g":255,"b":255},"brightness":255,"humidity":"48.80","motion":"standby","ldr":"816","temperature":"31.10","heatIndex":"26.20"} Czy da się to przenieść na HC2 jako VD ?? Będę wdzięczny za pomoc.
  19. Hello, I've some of my automatic Somfy automatic curtains connected with a Rollershutter 2. Now i would like to create a Virtual Device with 3 buttons ('Open' , 'Half' and 'Close') and a slider to manage these curtains Is some having a kind of VD for this already of can somebody me give some examples how to create a VD like tis? Thank you in advance! John.
  20. Hello, Here is site with earthquake sensors. Any one tried to create VD with these sensors ?? http://quakecatcher.net/qcn-map With regards, pablo77
  21. Hi, Is this is new bug or a feature for a while If I try and create a label ID with a _ it reverts back to the preset label even though the preset ID has an _ Take VD label... change the ID and click save and the label ID reverts back trying the with a simpler ID with no underscore and success... new bug, old bug or just the way it is ? Thanks
  22. Hi, I'm new to HC2 and getting HC2 to know little by little. I have a VD to control my airco. I have three buttons, Power toggle, Power on and Power off. I have Power on and Power off working. I use LUA for all three buttons. Is it possible to control the Power on and Power off buttons from the Power toggle button? If Yes, could someone please provide me with some sample code? Thanks, FJW.
  23. hi friends! want to do virtual console TVSAT on the Fibaro Lite. For a start, the two buttons on/off Tell me what has to be done in line fibaro:call(id, "setThermostatSetpoint", "", "") below this button included 12 value programmed by me 25 parameter? and what tick to deliver, and which are not? Please send me a screenshot of who is able to configure. not working please help
  24. Hi @CelticWebs I've attached the gate and garage VD's I use but didn't strip out any parts as discussed. Some comments to help as you pick through the code Garage I use the sonos-api for music control. The IP and Port that are set i the vd are for the api (XX.89, port 5005) all the jT references are for the Hometable global variable In the main loop i check status of /fibaro:getGlobal("G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_7")/. This is my garage door sensor, it looks different because it is part of my siemens alarm whose status is mirrored in my HC2 the garage all off doesn't close the door - I'll be adding that soon Full vd looks as follows Gate My gate just requires a zero volt contacts close to either open or close so I have the relay set to 'auto-off' after 2 seconds and this is enough to trigger it If I leave the relay open it will hold the gate open The button options are standard enough, nothing different here in the Main loop I use a global variable called stateTable. I use the table to check for changing states at parts of my setup When the gate pen I want to take a photo but as the vd loop runs (constantly - every 3 seconds) I don't want an endless stream of pics if left open. To prevent this I write the status to the state table and what it next changes state I compare before setting the new state. This gives me one trigger point to take the one picture -- code to write the state table jS.driveway.gateState = 0 jSonosTable = json.encode(jS) fibaro:setGlobal("StateTable", jSonosTable) This sets the icon fibaro:call(device, "setProperty", "currentIcon", 1954) The rest should be easy enough to pick through Please come back with any questions as it can be difficult sometimes to pick through some other persons code -f Garage_Control(1).vfib Gate_Control(1).vfib
  25. Hopefully a straight forward question with a straightforward answer. is it possible to make a VD show under a device type? For example I have a VD which controls a light, simple on and off VD. It doesn't however show under lighting devices. Can it be made to show under lighting with some extra code or something? Thanks for any information you can offer!
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