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  1. hi friends! want to do virtual console TVSAT on the Fibaro Lite. For a start, the two buttons on/off Tell me what has to be done in line fibaro:call(id, "setThermostatSetpoint", "", "") below this button included 12 value programmed by me 25 parameter? and what tick to deliver, and which are not? Please send me a screenshot of who is able to configure. not working please help
  2. Hi @CelticWebs I've attached the gate and garage VD's I use but didn't strip out any parts as discussed. Some comments to help as you pick through the code Garage I use the sonos-api for music control. The IP and Port that are set i the vd are for the api (XX.89, port 5005) all the jT references are for the Hometable global variable In the main loop i check status of /fibaro:getGlobal("G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_7")/. This is my garage door sensor, it looks different because it is part of my siemens alarm whose status is mirrored in my HC2 the garage all off doesn't close the door - I'll be adding that soon Full vd looks as follows Gate My gate just requires a zero volt contacts close to either open or close so I have the relay set to 'auto-off' after 2 seconds and this is enough to trigger it If I leave the relay open it will hold the gate open The button options are standard enough, nothing different here in the Main loop I use a global variable called stateTable. I use the table to check for changing states at parts of my setup When the gate pen I want to take a photo but as the vd loop runs (constantly - every 3 seconds) I don't want an endless stream of pics if left open. To prevent this I write the status to the state table and what it next changes state I compare before setting the new state. This gives me one trigger point to take the one picture -- code to write the state table jS.driveway.gateState = 0 jSonosTable = json.encode(jS) fibaro:setGlobal("StateTable", jSonosTable) This sets the icon fibaro:call(device, "setProperty", "currentIcon", 1954) The rest should be easy enough to pick through Please come back with any questions as it can be difficult sometimes to pick through some other persons code -f Garage_Control(1).vfib Gate_Control(1).vfib
  3. Hopefully a straight forward question with a straightforward answer. is it possible to make a VD show under a device type? For example I have a VD which controls a light, simple on and off VD. It doesn't however show under lighting devices. Can it be made to show under lighting with some extra code or something? Thanks for any information you can offer!
  4. I was starting to read thru and try the docs as available on my HCL (IP Address/docs). So I created a variable to try. I tried the PUT command and it all works like a charm after some trial and error. But how do I translate this into a string to be used e.g. for a button in a virtual device? the docs subpage provides no clue about this. Currently I have given up as it is just trial and error without having a clue what is wrong. It would be incredible helpful if the docs page would show the string as well in the format it has to be put into the VD String section. It would definitely help beginners like me
  5. Hello ALL, as a newbee and beginner in LUA, I'm trying to build a VD for my Logitech Squeezebox Touch, where i have a slider to set the volume and also 2 buttons to increase and decrease the volume. Now I don't know how to move the slider by software, when i in- and decrease the volume by the buttons. Anybody an useful idea? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi. I have a short question: I use several virtual devices and to control my home. I use Android tablets, Android phones and also iPhones and iPads. My problem is, that the font size of the VD on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) is extremely large, so I have to scroll within the VDs to see all buttons. On Android devices (tablet and phones), the font size is perfect. Is there any possibility to configure the font size for iOS devices? Thanks, Torsten
  7. ZXT-120 is an IR extender for air conditioners, but it can be learned up to 20 defferent ir code for multimedia. The process of learning of zxt-120 is written in its manual, but i want to show a way to use that codes in fibaro HC. For this purpose we have to make a virtual device, and fill its IP Address with your HC ip, and write 80 in TCP port box: Then make buttons according to your multimedia device: Now you have to write commands for corresponding buttons. For example for first button: We can learn up to 20 code according to this list: Use this command for changing mode : /api/callAction?deviceID=107&name=setMode&arg1=0 For setting temperature (in cooling mode): /api/callAction?deviceID=107&name=setThermostatSetpoint&arg1=2&arg2=23 For setting temperature (in heating mode): /api/callAction?deviceID=107&name=setThermostatSetpoint&arg1=1&arg2=21
  8. Hello, I need your help guys;) I want to display the data from YT in vd: the amount of views on a particular channel and the total number of videos I have a direct link that displays information in JSON: https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/channels?part=statistics&id={CHANNEL_ID}&key={YOUR_API_KEY} If I put it in web browser, I see the following information: // 20170117085953 // https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/channels?part=statistics&id={CHANNEL_ID}&key={MY_API_KEY} { "kind": "youtube#channelListResponse", "etag": "\"gMxXHe-zin558lTnzKu8vjcmDI/2Qud556x4kgLe-969qH7-65gh7t\"", "pageInfo": { "totalResults": 1, "resultsPerPage": 1 }, "items": [ { "kind": "youtube#channel", "etag": "\"gMxXHe-zinKdE9TTEzKu8vjcmDI/q3O415qUconyEsljnEa554j5mM\"", "id": "{CHANNEL_ID}", "statistics": { "viewCount": "34315", "commentCount": "0", "subscriberCount": "76", "hiddenSubscriberCount": false, "videoCount": "74" } } ] } I want to import from the above data to VD following information: viewCount": videoCount": I know that the connection to the data is encrypted (via https), so I created a php script and put it on my server: <?php $url = fopen( ‚https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/channels?part=statistics&id={CHANNEL_ID}&key={MY_API_KEY}’, ‚r’ ); $wynik = ”; while (!feof($url)) { $wynik .= fread($url, 8192); } fclose( $url ); header(‚Content-Type: application/json’); print_r($wynik); ?> Then I created of virtual device on the Home Center: HC2 = Net.FHttp(„ADDRESS_OF_MY_HOSTING”,80); dane ,status, errorCode = HC2:GET(„/PHPFILE.php”); ajson=json.decode(dane) view=ajson.items[1].statistics.viewCount fibaro:call(195,’setProperty’,’ui.Label1.value’,tostring(view)) video=ajson.items[1].statistics.videoCount fibaro:call(195,’setProperty’,’ui.Label2.value’,tostring(video)) The problem is that it does not collect any data from YouTube. In main look I see: line 2: unexpected symbol near '�' If anyone has any idea where I made a mistake or how I can accomplish in a different way?
  9. Hi, Enyone who can help me turn my Sony reciever str-DN1050 ON/OFF trough HC2 ? Nothing fancy, just an VD for ON/OFF and maybe input source an volume... Is this possible? Cant find anything....
  10. I would like to create a scenne called "sleep time" which is invoked by amazon's Alexa by saying "Alexa turn on sleep time". The purpose is to turn bedroom lights off and switch off my Kld-40hx750 Sony Tv by sending the http post protocol (text/xml) to the TV like in attached Foto (the one is working example where I switch my tv to netflix by saying "Alexa, turn on Netflix" (to turn tv off the code is the same with the only difference in the string "AAAA..."). The Problem I have is that I can not send to Fibaro the Get Method (text/html) to turn the lights off (second Foto) and in the same time http post (text/xml) using HA Bridge (perhaps I'm wrong?). Therfore I was thinking to run the scene in Fibaro to turn the lights off simple calling function "fibaro:call(ID, "turnOff")" but the Problem remain with sending the http post protocol to the TV. I have read this can be done by making VD and sending http Protocol over it. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hi! I am working on my first VD and I want to change the text of a button during runtime. fibaro:call(SelfId, "setProperty", "ui.Button21.Label", "new text") fibaro:call(SelfId, "setProperty", "ui.Button21.value", "new text") None of the calls on top is working, I am a little bit frustrated Change a slider value or a text of a label is working fine Any help is welcome ...
  12. I want to try to operate my AC using the AC Panel... Shouldn't be hard right? The problem is that I'm using the Remotec to control the AC. In linked devices, it wont let me select anything but switches. My thought was to make a VD to control the AC unit. But no VD comes up in linked devices.... How does anyone control the AC using the AC Panel? This seems like a joke.
  13. Hi HC2 guru's Would a scene with a xxx value in the header/properties or a VD main loop be more efficient (ie use less resources) if I wanted to use a sensor (motion, light, humidity) to trigger an action. I find some of my sensors don't always react to a scene header trigger and in a vd. I think I could also exert a better level of control with repeat triggers with a vd but I wanted to make sure that this approach wouldn't impact the HC2 excessively Thanks -f
  14. Hi When I try to import a vfib file I get this error "403" access forbidden. Any clues ?
  15. Is it possible to add feature that when VD main icon is changed that are also changed icons of all buttons on that VD with the same icon at the same time? It is really tiresome to change icons on all buttons one by one, especially if VD has plenty of them like the ones that are remote controls? It would be really nice to have this feature. Pleeeease Fibaro in some of the next releases.
  16. Hi, I am converting and combining some of my scenes into Virtual devices I noticed that the main loop code seems to 'loop' every 3 seconds. I thought it was every one second here is the code and the debug screen function UpdateEventLog(eventStr) local currDate = (os.date("%b %d - %H:%M")) local updStr = (fibaro:getGlobal("Log_Event") .."".. currDate .." ".. eventStr .." \n") fibaro:setGlobal("Log_Event", updStr) end -- Auto lights Hotpress local HotPressLightID = 143 local HotPressDoorSensorID = 888 if (tonumber(fibaro:getValue(HotPressDoorSensorID, "value"))) == 1 then fibaro:call(HotPressLightID, "turnOn") UpdateEventLog("Hotpress auto-light activated") else fibaro:call(HotPressLightID, "turnOff") end -- Auto lights Dining Room local DiningCenterLightID = 25 fibaro:debug(tonumber(fibaro:getValue(DiningCenterLightID, "value"))) if ((fibaro:getGlobalValue("G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_19") == "OPEN") and (fibaro:getGlobalValue("TODModeInside") == "night") and (tonumber(fibaro:getValue(DiningCenterLightID, "value"))) == 0) then fibaro:call(DiningCenterLightID, "setValue", "30") UpdateEventLog("Dining Room auto-lights activated") end Thanks Frank
  17. HI, Looking for some advice here I have a simple scenario. Enter room, sensor picks up the movement, lamp turns on. I can implement this as a scene (clode below) but I seem to get a lot of "too many instances", presumable because the sensor gets triggered when we are in the room I could also implement this as a VD in the main loop (code below) In terms of best practice or least load on the HC2 or what do our guru's generally do ? Thanks Frank VD Lua -- Configuration Device ID's local LivingRoomLamp = 1423 local LivingRoomLight = 231 if (fibaro:getGlobalValue("G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_18") == "OPEN") and (fibaro:getGlobalValue("TODModeInside") == "night") and (fibaro:getValue(LivingRoomLight, "value") == "0") then fibaro:debug("turning on living room lamp") fibaro:call(LivingRoomLamp, "turnOn") end fibaro:sleep(3000) Scene Lua --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_18 --]] -- Configuration - Scene Info sceneName = "Autolights On for living room" sceneVersion = "1.0.1" -- Configuration Device ID's local LivingRoomLamp = 1423 local LivingRoomLight = 231 -- Validate Number of Scene Instance if (fibaro:countScenes()>1) then fibaro:debug("stop scene, to many instances") fibaro:abort() end function UpdateEventLog(eventStr) local currDate = (os.date("%b %d - %H:%M")) local updStr = (fibaro:getGlobal("Log_Event") .."".. currDate .." ".. eventStr .." \n") fibaro:setGlobal("Log_Event", updStr) end -- Main Scene Execution Code function tempFuncLiving() if (fibaro:getGlobalValue("G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_18") == "OPEN") and (fibaro:getGlobalValue("TODModeInside") == "night") and (fibaro:getValue(LivingRoomLight, "value") == "0") then fibaro:debug("turning on living room lamp") fibaro:call(LivingRoomLamp, "turnOn") UpdateEventLog("living room auto lamp on") end fibaro:sleep(3000) end tempFuncLiving()
  18. HCL version 4.100 (stable). I noticed that in case you change the order of labels in a VD that scene's, writing info in those labels, use the wrong one. Reproduce it : Create a VD with 2 labels. Write a scene in which you write information to a label of the VD. Create 2 different scene's within each 1 of the different VD labels in it. Test your scene's. Re-order the labels in the VD. Open the scenes. You'll see now it's using the wrong label. Change to the correct label in your scene. Close the scene. Open the scene again --> if you're fast, you'll even see now that is has the old (wrong) label even still in memory. After a second, you'll see the correct label. After the change, it's correctly working. But if you want to reorganize your VD, it can be a lot of work to change your scene's.
  19. In the app we have the room "lamps" How to assign a VD as being a lamp, so that the VD will be displayed in the lamp room in the app? if not that would be a great feature.
  20. Hi, Looking for some help with some VD code for a Global cache GC-100-12 as I can seem to get anything to work My TV is connected to IR Port 3 on the gc device i used the GCIRE learner for the power button on the remote This is the string I got sendir,1:1,0,40000,1,1, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,1029, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,1029, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,1029, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,1029, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,4018 in the iLearn app the first two lines are colored - not sure what this means but I took the whole string..... I changed the second number after the sendir from sendir,1:1 to sendir,1:3 as I am using port 3 on the GC unit (I also changed this to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and none of them work) I created a VD with the following I included both 0x0D and 0x0D0x0A at the end of the sent string and neither worked I also tried some lua code in a VD with the /r at the end and no luck with that either fibaro:log("Connecting..."); fibaro:debug("Connecting..."); local selfId = fibaro:getSelfId(); local ip = ""; local port = 4998; tcpSocket = Net.FTcpSocket(ip, port); tcpSocket:setReadTimeout(1000); -- POWER -- tcpSocket:write("sendir,1:3,0,40000,1,1, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,1029, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,1029, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,1029, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,1029, 96,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,48,23,24,23,24,23,24,23,24,4018\r"); fibaro:sleep(2000); result, err = tcpSocket:read(); tcpSocket:write("END"); if (err == 0) then fibaro:log("transfer OK"); fibaro:debug("transfer OK"); fibaro:log("Please Wait..."); fibaro:sleep(5000); else fibaro:log("transfer failed"); fibaro:debug("transfer failed"); end tcpSocket:disconnect(); finally i tried a reboot in case I had too many socket connections open but that didnt make any difference Would somebody that has this working have a look and perhaps let me know where I have gone wrong Thanks -frustrated
  21. Hello, I do not know if somebody posted it here. Fibaro, can you add label from virtual device to a condition into block scenes? It could save us many trouble with compare some desired values with label in VDs. I know, i can make it into Global variables, but they are unreliable (mine opinion only), because i think parameter "invokeScenes" is set to false by default. Many times happened to me that scene did not run, even if Global variable had desired value.
  22. Morning all! Been trying to figure all the documentation all last night about Global Variables and the API. I can look at the status of a variable but no idea how to set it using the API? Does anyone know the line for setting Global Variables using the API? Thanks!!
  23. Hi, Strange one for you ... I have 14 sonos zones or varying types and when I add the 12th the VD doesn't work or display anything. I think its a number related issue as I removed a few and added a few different ones and always couldn't seem to add more than 11 I tried the usual, adding/removing VD many times, fixed IP's on the zones, all SW up to date, power cycled impacted zones, removed any 'funny' characters in the room or device names running 4.080 and it's the 1.0.1b beta sonos remote Does anybody have more that 11 zones with VD and all running okay ? Thanks -Frank
  24. Hello, I thought it was time to start learning some simple lua coding. Anyhow, thought I could get some help here. I am trying to make a slider adjusting a variable that controls two different wall plugs. I want to make a slider for behaving like a thermostat. I've got two electric heating panels which is connected to two wall plugs. My thought was that if I set slider value to 21 then it would cut the power to the wall plug when netatmo reaches that temperatur. I don't really know where to begin, help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Hello, I'm working on a tiny lua code showing status on different variables and devices. This is what I got: local ID = fibaro:getSelfId() local lys = fibaro:getGlobal('LYS') local lysstue = fibaro:getValue(36, 'value') local TV = fibaro:getValue(85, 'value') local dor = fibaro:getValue(66, 'value') fibaro:call(ID,'setProperty','ui.Label1.value',lys) fibaro:call(ID,'setProperty','ui.Label2.value',lysstue) fibaro:call(ID,'setProperty','ui.Label3.value',TV) fibaro:call(ID,'setProperty','ui.Label4.value',dor) Only thing I want to change are values displayed as 0 and values displayed as 1 changes to "OFF" and "ON". Help is much appreciated!
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