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Found 3 results

  1. First of all I have to say, that I’m using Fibaro for more than 3 years intensively for myself and some of my customers. So far didn’t find better solution for all use cases I have, but I think its time to start to look more intensively for alternatives. Why? Here are the most critical reasons: Remote system access – each time I do connect to HC from outside, I’m getting little bit nervous whether I do succeed. Its cause mostly by Fibaros issues in past with remote access. Unfortunately its back these days. This unreliability will most probably persist because of past experience. No imagine, what are the all sexy use cases for, when you can’t access this system remotely. I can’t arm/disarm the alarm when housekeeper comes to my house, neither to change the heating system setting, or extra irrigate a garden. Suddenly you lose control and comfort, just because Fibaro can’t provide reliable service. It’s a pity that 20€ IP camera from China is more reliable with remote access than 600€ Fibaro system! I didn’t have any issue connecting to those Chinese IP cams ever (I’m not touching security issue here). Push and email notifications – problem of past days that persist from Sunday till now (Wednesday). Imagine that you won’t receive notifications from your bank about transaction for such a long time? In my case, notification take very critical part in the system. Im being notified when Solar system start/stop to produce electricity (to fine-tune the system), alarm notifications including snapshots from cameras, smoke or flood notifications to ensure that everything is OK. Can I relay on such a system now? Maybe my house is on fire at this moment I’m writing this article… Bugs and bugs and bugs – every new update I’m getting excited about new features and bugs fixed. However on the other side, every new update I’m scared of new bugs that appear in system. Its kind of Fibaros best practice, fix one think and “develop” some new bugs on already working features (e.g. weather trigger issue, VD icons issue, VD stops working issue etc…) Support – and last but not least, Fibaro support, for such a critical system as a home automation is, should be much better and 24/7. Come on guys, the fact that there is a holiday in Poland, doesn’t mean that all home automation owners across the world can wait for several days for your help! Not mentioning the fact, that “Missing template” for Aeon micro switch is persisiting in my system since the very beginning (3 years!) without any option to remove it. Downloaded template provided to fibaro support for a few times in the past… Development of user requested features – there are tons of requests on Fibaro forum, asking Fibaro to fix or develop small features that would significantly improve user experience. One of the examples is “low battery notification” being send by email every half an hour!!! That represent 96 emails if I’m away from a home for a weekend!!! So to conclude, I’m staying with Fibaro, but only until a time I do find a suitable alternative for my use cases. Then, good bye Fibaro.
  2. Privacy 'dead lock' for all HC owners ! @Fibaro, you really p!ssed me off now. We MUST agree with Fibaro's privacy policy or ELSE "the services are IMPOSSIBLE TO USE" as stated in https://id.cloud.fibaro.com/privacy-policy I do not agree the way Fibaro wants to use MY personal information by forcing all customers into this 'dead lock' situation. (With this construction, you are able to change the content stated on https://id.cloud.fibaro.com/privacy-policy at any time you like, without informing us, your paying customers.) Well dear Fibaro, after to many, many, many 1.bugs, 2.firmware upgrade problems and 3.failing plug-ins I'm am now completely done with Fibaro Home Center.
  3. hi all, This is my first post on the forum SO HI!! We're hoping someone else is experiencing the same issues. Fibaro has been running very well for the last 18-24 months then this, it comprises of a gradually built system with the following HC2 and 30+ fibaro modules (doors, motion, flood, Smoke, rgbw, dimmer 1 and 2s, relays. almost the whole suite) and 4 older aeon lab relays that were laying around. I got some bizarre problems with 4.08 - 4.10 upgrades in that motion sensors stopped working, scripts changed doors from breached to armed, scenes stopped working altogether that worked fine for over a year, door sensors stopped working and loads of other issues. i thought it was because of lots of tinkering over the course of that time; so decided to restore and start fresh. I firstly installed all latest firmware 4.100 before adding any modules. Things got weird door sensors wouldn't work and toggling between awake, update ok, awake, update ok for hours gave up and took out the batteries after 4hrs removed batteries and rebooted reset and re-added nothing changed motion sensors ran like strobes and didn't work at all in scenes inspected all their parameters and most were nothing like default replaced the settings to what they are meant to be and they just won't take the new settings. Only wake for 1-2 seconds only then back to disco mode aeon labs relays that worked in 4.08. They add in and show that they work in the app/browser but don't respond at all (lights stay off) scenes don't work with variables the list goes on............. What took originally a few hours to redo a year ago i ended up wasting 12+ hours yesterday investigating all i could Today i decided again to do a fresh install buy installing modules that had issues in 4.100 straight into 3.600 (basically battery operated Motions, Flood, Smoke and door reeds, PLUS the 4 Aeon labs relays). Made sure EVERYTHING was removed on the previous install of 4.100, eprom reset every module and then recovered to V3.600 They all work fine! WOOOHOOO i'm getting somewhere..... then Updated to V4.100 and all aeon lab modules doing exactly the same ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH and most battery devices gone from the interface and doing crazy stuff again when removed and then re-added I'm hoping i'm not alone here but this is the 3rd attempt with no luck. It's that bad that the whole automation system is disabled plus all batteries removed (over the disco) and we're just using it as a normal lighting system with button dimmers:( IS THERE ANYWAY of restoring and upgrading to V4.08 only? PLEASE HELP Thanks in advance for any assistance Regards Szymon
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