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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I would like to display a debug message with the time of sunset + an x amount of minutes. So there needs to be a calculation. I have a few scenes whose start is dependent of the month, turning lights on earlier or later. My debug message should be something like "today lights will be on at 21:15". That 21:15 is the calculated time. I have these declarations at the start of scenes: local sunsettime = fibaro:getGlobalValue("SunsetTime"); local sunsetHour = fibaro:getValue(1,'sunsetHour') But I can't figure out how to do this. Shouldn't be very complic
  2. Guest


    Version 3.0


    This is JavaScript code, which displays debug information (in parallel to code development) at full screen on desktop (supports HC2 and HC3 controllers) Main purpose is to support scenes where debug information is in HTML format, like All-in-One Scene, Z-wave monitor/viewer, Z-Range analyzer . All other formats will be displayed in same format as in debugger window. Since HTML format is not supported by HC3 and debugger window is too small, it could be a helpful alternative for better view and debug your code. In many cases variables values include a lot of information (like jS
  3. Latest version of Lualibs = lualibs v1.0.1.zip Changelog for v1.0.1 (thank to @petergebruers) - fix HC user authentication (was: user:password in URL, is now: basic authentication).- fix chunked responses (was: use only chunk 1, is now: concatenate chunks). Fixes "getDevicesId".- add error checking and display in the HTTP part, to get sensible error messages. Most of the information came from the french forum which can be found here all credits go to Steven! ZeroBrane is an IDE for development in Lua code. It offers you auto completion and partial supp
  4. Hi, I have several problems to get my HUE lights working white my Fibaro HC2. I have made a scene for my bathroom just to turn on and off the light in combination white a motion sensor. This is working fine but the light is always changing back to the warm color after about 24 hours. So i like to set the color by a LUA command. I used the debug function for the settings (see below) --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] fibaro:debug(fibaro:getValue(162, "ui.brightness.value")) fibaro:debug(fibaro:getValue(162, "ui.saturation.value")) fibaro:debug(
  5. Guest

    Clear Debug & Catching Errors

    Version 2.0


    I have noticed that sometime scenes or virtual devices stuck without any visible error. Another observation, that when it happens I cannot see debug information/messages of the scene/VD. In addition the Chrome browser crushes - Ah, Snap. The idea behind this scene is to monitor debug text of all scenes and virtual devices (including all buttons, sliders and etc.) in the system. In case the length of all messages over 40.000 characters, the scene clears the buffer. Since the code already reads debug messages, it checks the last message and if there is an error message (scene or virt
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This function can come in handy if you want to print a json structure in readable form for debugging or inspection. It takes a json string as input and returns a HTML formatted string which can be printed in the debug window using fibaro:debug(); Example Input: "{\"api_data\":{\"status\":\"online\",\"timestamp\":\"2019-01-18-18:01:32\",\"sensor_1\":[\"value_1\":125,\"value_2\":35],\"sensor_2\":[\"value_a\":34.5,\"value_b\":45]}}" Output: { "api_data" : { "status" : "online", "timestamp" : "2019-01-18-18:01:32", "sensor_1" : [ "value_
  7. This is feature request with low priority. So i will post it only on forum Better function of clipboarding from debug windows from VD debug window and LUA scene debug window. How it is now works: Succesfull clipboard: Hold left mouse button to select some debug lines and then ctrl+C for copy, while left mouse button is held down. Unsuccesfull clipboard: Hold left mouse button to select some debug lines, release mouse button and then ctrl+C for copy, while left mouse button is holded. What is requested: Hold left mouse button to select some deb
  8. Hi, can somebody explain me how the debug in scenes is working? Meaning, how many records HC2 will store maximum (or characters), what's the rotation mechanism, .... ? The reason I ask, In some scene's I can find a lot of history (with a lot of text). In others only some hours (where text is even very limited). Thanks.
  9. How to write a scene: what does the following: show the time of activation and show me which lights are still on in debug mode. A start of a scene could look like this: local cTime = fibaro:getGlobalValue('Time') local motionSensor = 267; -- motion sensor family lounge if ( cTime == '01:30' or cTime == '04:30' ) and tonumber(fibaro:getValue(motionSensor, "value")) == 0 and fibaro:getGlobalValue("Auto_Sleep_Mode") == "AWAKE" then fibaro:debug("Forgot lights at...."); fibaro:setGlobal("Awake_Message", "FORGOT LIGHTS"); setTimeout(function() fi
  10. Now Fibaro:debug outputs the time before a debug line. It could be usefull to output the date also. (and yes I know I can make this happen through lua)
  11. Hi, is there a smart way to see what scene was executed a specific time? Could I get that info trough a api or somehow?
  12. How to add a variable "BathroomSetTemp" to a scene I made a variable in varaibles panel = BathroomSetTemp write a temperature to variable "BathroomSetTemp" read the temperature from the vairaible "BathroomSetTemp" This is my code: Wondering what i am doing wrong... as in the debug window in my scene, i am getting: [DEBUG] 13:40:57: Previous Target Temperature: nil < NIL instead of a temperature reading from my variable -- Thermostat ID local FloorHeating = 262 -- Heatit Unit -- Get Temp (Target) Readings local FloorBathroom
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