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Found 21 results

  1. Hello Amazing Fibaro Community! I'm a newbie here and am hoping to get some help. I live in an apartment building. Our buildings front door is opened by an intercom phone. This intercom system consists of one door panel at the building's front door and several handsets distributed among the building. The handset unit inside my apartment opens the building's front door by pressing on a physical button. And I am looking for a solution capable of transforming the intercoms dumb handset unit into a smart one! Basically, I want to be able to open the building door from my mobile phone. The intercom device is an analog Golmar Tekni T-540 ( I'm attaching its manual ) I am assuming that the Fibaro Smart Implant is the best solution based on some online research ( since the building door uses 12V DC). I am attaching the current wiring without installing the Smart Implant. I was told by the technician that the Green wire (labeled 3) carries 12V DC from the main door panel unit that is mounted at the building door. And the blue wire (labeled P1) is responsible for sending a signal to the building door to unlock it. Right now this is done by pressing on the physical button. Now here come the questions: 1) Would anyone be kind enough to draw a layout plan for wiring the Fibaro Smart Implant with my Intercom. 2) Can the Smart Implant get its power from any of the 5 wires that currently feed the Intercom handset? The Green wire labeled 3 in the attached photo carries 12V DC from the main unit. 3) After getting the Smart Implant configured, can i still have the physical button that is on the intercom to operate and open the building door? 4) The intercom handset can talk and listen to anyone standing at the buildings front door. Using the Smart Implant, can this feature be passed on to my mobile phone? Cheers! Mohamed Golmar Intercom manual.pdf
  2. Please help! I added a scene a while back to test push notifications to a mobile phone. Long story but basically I left it running and now theres 999+ notifications on my Android app (see screenshot). Does anyone know how to clear the "Current" notifications? There's too many to clear individually. I tried deleting the mobile device in HC2 and re-adding it. Also tried deleting the Android app data. Thanks, Elton,
  3. Hi guys, I'm going mad with Fibaro GPS scene trigger which refuses to work although my movement traces from my mobile are sucessfully recorded within Fibaro. I have done/checked/tried: create a custom location in localisations panel instead of using my predefined HCL location using a separate variable instead of direct GPS location checked data privacy settings on my IOS and allowed it for Fibaro to collect GPS (otherwise traces would also not be visible in Home Center) Home location: Collected movement traces: Fibaro test scene: What else can it be?!? Note that I can trigger the scene manually and i get the notification. Also I can trigger the scene via IFTTT even location-based! Help much appreciated! Home-Center light is on latest version 4.560.
  4. Hi, I have several Qubino Smart Meter devices installed and included in my HC2. I can see that the energy reporting is working in the web application (in the energy dropdown on top, in the energy panel, and in the device config page). However, the total consumption in the top bar in the mobile app does not include data from the Qubino Smart Meters. I can not see the power meters when I browse through the devices by room or by device type. I can see the ampere meters in the Android app, but nothing else. Why isn't the power consumption available in the mobile (Android) app?
  5. I am writing a mobile app where I want to change the value of a virtual device label from it. Do I really have to grab the json, modify and send it back ? Is there no way to run the equivalent of setproperty ? Background. My wife keeps losing her phone several times a day. So I have installed three beacons (for testing), I have another 20 to install. My app can now figure out which room the phone is in. All I have to do is to have a virtual device with a label for each member of the family. The app will update the location and we will know where the phone was last seen.
  6. Hello, I bought a Neo Colcam power plug which is working pretty well with Fibaro, except I cant look at the consumpiton history from mobile APP. If i tap on Fibaro plug, there is screen that shows daily, weekly... consumption etc., but when im trying to tap on Neo Coolcam plug which showing actual consumption the same way as Fibaro plug, it does nothing - it wont open that consumption history as it doeas with plug from Fibaro. From web i can see consumption fine in device settings and also in panel with all graphs etc.
  7. Hi All, I tried to use my iphone for presence/location detection in combination with the fibaro mobile app & HC2 locations. current location in the HC2 looks good. I tried making 2 blokscenes to test, one to send me an e-mail and push when leaving an area with range 100m and one for entering an area with range 100m. However, I never receive any push/mail, it looks like nothing is happening. The fibaro app has access to location data of the Iphone all the time. Am I missing something or is this just not working ?
  8. Dear all, is there any solution to use the app on an iPad in vertical mode? I hope so, because the is the only space left in my configuration. cheers Erik
  9. Hi all, Is it possible to create a "tapable" virtual device? Meaning that - for example like the Fibaro plug - when you tap it it can execute some LUA code? What I want to do is quite simple: I have automatic lights in the bathroom, which is great. However, sometimes I want to take a bath and I do a) not want the lights to turn off automatically and b) set the lights to the lowest setting. I know how to achieve this in LUA, however I want to have a VD that I just tap to turn it on and off and perhaps change the icon while I'm at it. Is this possible? Thank you for your help, much appreciated. KR, Kristof
  10. Greetings, I am trying to get a Dahua IPC HDBW4431EP-AS to show image on my tablet and smartphone, it works fine via a webbrowser but on the tablet and smartphone I get the black "no videoscreen". To compare I am using an Acti E12 camera aswell and while the quality/fps is low, there is image in the tablet and mobile app. The only considerable difference between these cameras I can see is that resolution of the Acti can go down to 640x320 pixels while the lowest setting for the dahua is 720p. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Does anyone know if there are certain restrictions for which image streams the fibaro can show?(Settings/configurations that have to be made?)
  11. I would like to request the following functionality (this applies probably mainly to the Fibaro Cloud, but should manifest itself mainly in a mobile app). The problem: AFAIK there is no way to be notified if the HC/HC2 is no longer available in the internet. And this is very important, because this can mean a number of bad things: 1. The power is down 2. The internet connection is lost 3. There is a burglary and someone disabled the system 4. Many more... The solution: Fibaro Cloud servers should be able to provide (probably upon request) a simple monitoring functionality of the HC/HC2 centrals (simple "is alive?" call, probably invoked by the HC/HC2). If the "is alives" are repeatedly not received (some simple rules decreasing the rate of false notifications couldapply), the user (administrator?) should get a push notification and optionally an email. Thanks in advance!
  12. The problem: Some of the functions in Fibaro may get pretty security-sensitive, especially around locks and security systems. However, the security of the Fibaro App is not very convincing! 1. The app does not allow requesting any type of authorization when connecting to the system. 2. Some (if not all) sensitive functionalities (like a secure lock) cannot be additionally protected by the app. The solution: I would be very happy to see the following options (I stress: options, not user requirements, as many users do not need any security at all!): 1. Starting the app (= connecting to HC/HC2) should have an option to request a fingerprint authorization or a PIN. The fingerprints seem to be already implemented in the app, and they are very useful and fast, so why not use them? 2. The user (or maybe even the administrator) should be able to set additional authorization (again: fingerprint or PIN) on any chosen functions. The most important ones are the secure devices, but it probably also applies to scenes and maybe any device in general. Thanks in advance!
  13. I have a huge request for the mobile app development team. The problem: The mobile app (I use Android) has a very limited ability to customize the user experience and it drives me mad. I typically (many times a day) use 5 functions: open/unlock/close/lock doors (main door, garage door and the gate) and 2 scenes (activate night mode and activate day mode). Some of them are typically run in a sequence (but not always, so it does not make sense to create a "macro scene"), like when I arrive home by car. And this is a horrible experience with Fibaro mobile app, because I need to navigate multiple "rooms" to open the gate (yard "room"), then the garage door (garage "room") and then the main door. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap... It drives me mad. I know, it is possible to create a homescreen widget in Android (which is pretty cool!), alas not all of the functions are supported (e.g. no secure lock widget is available, for good reasons probably!). Also, widgets are not always optimal - they consume a lot of space on the desktop and cannot be grouped in a folder. The solution: How about creating a new folder in the mobile app called "shortcuts" and allowing the user to create a "copy" of any chosen device widget there (in a chosen order)? I guess it is a very simple solution to implement and would solve a lot of usability issues with the current app. Thanks in advance!
  14. Can you implement a function to delete all msg when pressing button in mobile app? Not just in history Like "clear all message?" Yes or No
  15. Maybe i am not looking correctly or it just desinged as-is. But can i also make it that when i create new devices/vd etc that i don't have to go to the user access panel and mark every new item so that i can see them on my mobile device? If you have 4 people in the house using the app, i would have to go through all 4 of them. Not the end of the world, but it feels like i am missing something. Thanks. Erik
  16. wouldn't it be great to have a windows app working similarly like the mobile apps? when working on a computer it would be really nice not to have to reacht for the mobile phone or log onto HC in a browser. as an addition, or even instead of such a software a really nice effect would be links on the windows desktop to start scenes / switch devices on/off. Wouldn't this also be a relevant and nice idea for homescreens on android smartphones?
  17. Hi, As far as I know the mobile app of Fibaro on Android smartphones uses one sound only for all kind of notifications. At this moment I don't know if I receive a (not that important) message or that my house is starting to burn down. I would like to have the option to give motion and smoke detection a different sound. If possible a choice of sounds for different kinds of notifications. Anyone have a working solution? I have a HC2 therefore LUA won't be a problem.
  18. Hello! I would like to know which char/fontset is used for displaying text in a virtual device? Some of the symbols I use are displayed properly some are not, especially in the android application: local grafik = "▄■▀■▄____▄▄▄▄■▀" mobile APP: webapplication: Is it also possible to change the color of the text? The string.format code does not work... fibaro:debug(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s</%s>', "span", color, message, "span")); Thank's for help
  19. I've purchased a 9 Inch dedicated home automation tablet. As a flush mount tablets the display has a low pixel intensity (800x480 - 16:9). This is not mean the tablet has a low quality graphics but only the pixel density. Like the Zipato in wall Tablet (800 x 480), I've received this message when the Fibaro for Tablet Start. I and all people that wants a serious and integrated home automation system need the app work on these tablets. I don't hink is a problem run the same interface for 7" and 10" on this resolution because the screen ratio is the same. Why not remove the block at the beginning of your app and let the user decide whether to continue run or not? I know there's the ImperiHome application but The Fibaro app is better and is near to my vision of home automation app... Fibaro Mobile Team: Why don't remove the constraint at startup and on alert popup leave the user to decide if continue or not? P.S. the Android version of tablet is 4.1.1 0 Quote MultiQuote Edit
  20. Hi, I have purchased a HC2 and FGSD-002 Smoke Detector. When the smoke detector is triggered, I want alarms on the mobile phones (preferably with option to postpone/cancel the alarm sound on the device), such as shown in the video ad. How can I set up this on Android? I can't find an option in the alarm panel.
  21. Hi all, Before I start on a project I wanted to check to see if anyone has already done this. Looking to build a graphical mobile IOS/Android user interface that allows the user to take pictures of rooms and adds Fibaro or Z-Wave devices graphically to the picture as controls.(see attached) G4 has something like what I want: Anyone done this?
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