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  1. Morning all, It's been a while since I have seen any chatter about the Broadlink devices. Has anyone created a virual device or further thoughts on integrating the Broadlink IR / 433 blaster???
  2. Hello everybody, I just upgraded to a HC3, the migration went superb, now I want to connect my irrigation system like I had my HC2, the problem is I can't find the sprinkler system plugin in the HC3, can anybody help me? I would also need to know where I can find all the plugins in the HC3. I hope somebody can help me. Best Regards Dzień dobry, Wczoraj zainstalowałem HC3 i wszystko działa dobrze tylko nie mogę znaleźć funkcji podlewania ogródka tak jak było w HC2, tam było wszystko przejrzyste. Czy ktoś wie gdzie mogę to znaleźć w HC3? Te
  3. Hi - We have connected the CoolMasterNet device to a Daikin VRV HVAC Outdoor Unit and downloaded Coolmaster plugin on HC2 interface... The Indoor Units can be configured and appear very well... But the individual units & all Coolmaster items stop working after sometime and they have to be downloaded again as L1.102 etc etc into Unassigned and then do the assigning all over... This is happening many time. can you pls help and if someone has an input in this regard. - Sanjaya ([email protected])
  4. Hi - how integrate Russound AV system and Stealth Acoustics speakers - do they both have plugins or Virtual Devices which can be downloaded? Has anyone done it yet? regards - Sanjaya [email protected]
  5. Hi, I have a Fibaro HC2 and I would like to be able to use the Fibaro to control my two Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifiers to switch on to maintain a preset temparature using the builtin temparature sensor and remote capability already provided with these units. These are very popular household devices along with the robot vacuum. Has anyone produced a plugin? Fibaro and Dyson are missing an opportunity here, perhaps someone should contact Dyson to see if they will work with Fibaro to produce a plugin? I look forward to the deluge of comments on my first posting to this forum....
  6. Hello, everybody, I use the HC2 with the current firmware version 4.570. I would like to install my netatmo weather station (indoor and outdoor module) using the existing plug-in. I get access to the weather data, but unfortunately the weather data is not updated. The only update I can achieve by restarting the HC2. I have already created a 2nd app at netatmo, experimented with the query timer (different values between 60 and 3660) all without success. I have also deleted and reinstalled the plugin several times, all in vain. The displayed values remain constant until the restart of HC2,
  7. Dear Forum members, After buying a HC Lite i found out that it is not possible to connect it to my Satel alarm, therefore i recently bought an HC2. Now I cant add my Philips hue Lights. When installing the plugin the Hue brige is found but when pushing the button 'search for new lights' and waited for 60 seconds it wont find any of my hue lights. Does annyone know how to add the lights ? Kind regards, Bram Willems
  8. Hello friends, I would like to control my sonos devices via scenes. It seems not possible to do that with common ways. So maybe someone in this forum already did that via http methods, rest apis etc. Would be great help if someone has any idea about that. Thanks in advance.
  9. Od pewnego czasu w aplikacji hue można ustawić zachowanie żarówek po włączeniu, fajnie by było gdyby udało się to zrobić za pomocą pluginu w HC, ustawiając w zależności od pory dnia barwę światła.
  10. [TUTORIAL] How to add Philips HUE plugin in less than a minute It works on HC2 FW4.100 to FW4.120 and Philips HUE bridge 1 and Philips HUE bridge 2 Model BSB002 on FW01036659 I write this tutorial because of some disinformation that lately show up here on forum and it seems that source is Fibaro support team? So, for all of you that don't want to mess with [VD] Philips HUE Color & White ambience and White dimmable only v2.1m & v2.1b here is complete tutorial on what needs to be done or checked to successfully add Philips HUE plugin: Proper procedure to add
  11. I have a Denon AVRX-2300 amplifier. I was expecting the Denon plug in to work with it. Having installed the 1.0 version and clicking the search button to find the Denon amplifier, selecting the IP address from the pop up dialog. The amplifier does not respond to any commands sent to it using the UI provided in the plugin. Has anyone else experience similar difficulties?
  12. i could swear, plugins section existed 2-3 months ago on developer.fibaro.com, but now it's grayed out, why?
  13. amatt


    Has anyone successfully integrated ecobee into HC2? I believe that there is a API for ecobee and could be used in Lua.
  14. Hi everyone, I installed KODI plugin in HC2 and now I have a sort of remote which I can use to control it in Fibaro interface, but how do I get Kodi to start scenes? I understood that I can, for example, turn off the lights when I play something in Kodi, but how? Do I have to install and configure a plugin in Kodi too? Which one? As usual, Fibaro documentation is totally non existent, so I need some help...
  15. Hello evereybody, yesterday I tried to include my hikvision camera into HC2. Therefore I used the HIKVISION Plugin. It was included successfully - and I could saw the stream of my camera. But after going to Home Overview, the Browser crashed after a few seconds. Then I had to reload the browser - and the same happend again. Finally I excluded the camera and everthing worked fine again. Somebody with similar problems?
  16. Version 0.1 BETA


    Due to the netatmo plugin often stop work without any info the attached scene reboot it. Please add the scene to any another time based scene (ex for 2 time call by day) Explication of scene. After check mail.lua in plugin source: if (netatmo:updateProperty('polling_time', config.polling_time) or netatmo:updateProperty('username', config.username) or netatmo:updateProperty('password', config.password) or netatmo:updateProperty('client_id', config.client_id) or netatmo:updateProperty('client_secret', config.client_secret)) then plugin.restart() end to force plugin restart th
  17. Gondo


    Hello, I'm just deciding which gateway I should buy - HC 2 or HC Lite. I don't need voice control, VOIP, master controller or LUA. I plan connect 5 thermostats, 7 blind controllers, some door and window sensors, 2 water leak sensors, sliding gate, 3 RGBW controllers and maybe some power outlets. The only difference between HC 2 or HC Lite I've found are plug-ins. But I didn't find any info about them. Are they important? What are plug-ins for? The price of HC 2 is more than double than HC lite. Are the plug-ins worth for this price?
  18. Hi, can anyone tell me whether it's possible to use the Netatmo plugin to supply the default weather info to the HC2? I currently use the Yahoo plugin and don't seem to be able to select the Netatmo plugin for this. I can use Netatmo ok in scenes, just not the main weather info. Thank you,
  19. Hi, I would like to use the wake on lan plugin in my scene, but it doesn´t show for block scenes so I guess it is only available for LUA. But I have no idea how to use it in LUA. Can someone help? Regards, Jens
  20. Hi all, I tried to find similar topic, but without expected success. I'm wondering if it is possible to import the "OUTDOOR AIR QUALITY" indicator from NETATMO sensor to the LUA scene via API? Has anyone of you tried similar solution or maybe wrote a scene which can perform such action? Your advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  21. Witam, Panowie i Panie oraz drogie wsparcie Fibaro. Nie bardzo wiem w jakom watku umiescic tego posta, dlatego umieszczam go tutaj. Mam nastepujace pytania: 1. Kiedy bedzie wypuszczony nowy plugin do satel integra, ktory bedzie poprawnie obslugiwal Integre 256 ? - to raczej pytanie do fibaro 2. Czy mozna z bloczkow uzbroic strefe w satelu ? -> jakos mi to nie dziala. Rusza z LUA po zmianie z armed na arm. 3. Czy jest jakas komenda w lua do uzbrojenia strefy w satelu z opcjami (takimi jak w satelu 0-wszystko 2-bez wewnetrznych) ? 4. Jak
  22. Is there planned to create a plugin and / or native device support or the Danalock v3 smart lock? https://danalock.com/danalock-v3.html
  23. Hello guys Any news on the Nest plug ins? Any solution other than IFTT? On the 4.12 there is no NEST plug ins at all Thanks in advance
  24. L.S. There are plugins, which are used only once for configuration. After that they are only taking place in gui. Please add the posibility to make plugins hidden in system like the other devices. Thanks for your attention.
  25. Cześć, mam problem ze sparowaniem amplitunera VSX-831 z centralką HCL. Standardowy plugin jej nie widzi. Ktoś może się już z tym spotkał?
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