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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I installed the Aeotec Siren 6 today on my HC3. The device is shown as configured and is working properly, when accessed via the web interface of the HC3. Strangely enough, it doesn‘t show in the Yubii App (IOS). Any idea? Thanks! Cheers Alfons
  2. Hello, Introduction I am creating a scene to open my window blinders in the morning to a position where they still block the sun, but light comes into my house. I have 4 blinders in my home with each their own Roller Shutter 3 that is connected to the HC3. All the roller shutters are calibrated with their respective blinders. Problem In the morning when I woke up, I noticed the scene had been running, but only 1 out of 4 blinders was in the correct position. When I manually run the scene again, all blinders are going to the correct position. Then I started to investigate further and I noticed the following: Only 1 out of 4 blinders I can set the position to a specific value directly from closing position, the other 3 I cannot. I also tried setting the level via the HC3 manually by going to "Settings" => "Devices" => "The blinder" => "Preview" => Set the level there. This gave the result that he will show that the blinders will go to 50%, then the blinders will open, but they fully open and then the level changes automatically to 99%. I checked that all the parameters of the devices are the same, and they are. Which leave me without a clue what to try next.
  3. Hello, I have a scene to send a push message when my garagedoor opens and closed, i use a door sensor for this and a fibaro smart implant for controlling the garage door. This works, however the garage door is closing and opening and then closing again due to some positioning from the garage door. This causes to send multiple messages (close, open, close) when the door is closed while I only want to receive one message when it is closed. How can this be done? Is it possible to have some waiting moment or another option to validate the state with a time/duration before sending the push message? Thank you in advance. Roland EDIT / SOLVED: It cost some time, but i got it working and wanted to share my lua script below. If there is anyone who has some suggestions/improvements, please let me know --[[ %% autostart %% properties 270 value %% events %% globals --]] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Garage door state push message configuration ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local doorSensorId = 270; -- The door sensor -- The doorSensorID is used to set the doorsensor that the scene uses local PushDeviceId = 265; -- The device where you receive push messages -- The PushDeviceId is the device that receive the push message with the state local lastDeviceUpdateOffset = 60; -- The update offset in seconds -- The lastDeviceUpdateOfffset sets the time from within changes are not pushed local changeOpenCounterOffset = 2; -- The open counter offset counts local changeCloseCounterOffset = 2; -- The close counter offset counts -- The change counters determine below how many detections a message is pushed local msgopened = "De garage deur is geopend"; local msgclosed = "De garage deur is gesloten"; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Garage door state push message functions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function Debug( color, message ) fibaro:debug(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s</%s>', "span", color, message, "span")); end ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Garage door state push message script ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Debug( "green", "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------" ); Debug( "green", "Garage door state push message" ); Debug( "green", "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------" ); local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); local changeopencounterlocal local changeclosecounterlocal changeopencounterlocal = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("changeopencounter") ) changeclosecounterlocal = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("changeclosecounter") ) Debug( "green","The globalvalues for open and close counters has ben set to localvalues"); local value, timestamp = fibaro:get(doorSensorId, 'value'); Debug( "orange","Device has " ..value.. " as statevalue"); local lastMod = fibaro:getModificationTime( doorSensorId, "value"); local lastdeviceupdate = os.time()-lastMod Debug( "orange","Device " ..doorSensorId.. " last updated: " ..lastdeviceupdate .. " seconds ago"); if lastdeviceupdate > lastDeviceUpdateOffset then Debug( "green","The lastupdateoffset with value " ..lastDeviceUpdateOffset.. " is exceeded, nothing to do."); changeopencounterlocal = "0" fibaro:setGlobal("changeopencounter",changeopencounterlocal ) changeclosecounterlocal = "0" fibaro:setGlobal("changeclosecounter",changeclosecounterlocal ) Debug( "orange","Change open counter is reset to: " ..changeopencounterlocal.. " times"); Debug( "orange","Change close counter is reset to: " ..changeclosecounterlocal.. " times"); else if (value == "1") then -- open? Debug( "green","Device has " ..value.. " as statevalue which is OPEN"); changeopencounterlocal = changeopencounterlocal +1 fibaro:setGlobal("changeopencounter",changeopencounterlocal ) if changeopencounterlocal < changeOpenCounterOffset then Debug( "green","Changeoffset " ..changeopencounterlocal.. " lower than configured value " ..changeOpenCounterOffset..""); Debug( "green","Sending push message"); fibaro:call(PushDeviceId, "sendPush", msgopened); Debug( "green","Message send: " ..msgopened.. ""); else Debug( "green","Changeoffset " ..changeopencounterlocal.. " not lower than configured value " ..changeOpenCounterOffset..""); Debug( "green","Nothing to do, no message send"); end end if (value == "0") then -- closed? Debug( "green","Device has " ..value.. " as statevalue which is CLOSED"); changeclosecounterlocal = changeclosecounterlocal +1 fibaro:setGlobal("changeclosecounter",changeclosecounterlocal ) if changeclosecounterlocal < changeCloseCounterOffset then Debug( "green","Changeoffset " ..changeclosecounterlocal.. " lower than configured value " ..changeCloseCounterOffset..""); Debug( "green","Sending push message"); fibaro:call(PushDeviceId, "sendPush", msgclosed); Debug( "green","Message send: " ..msgclosed.. ""); else Debug( "green","Changeoffset " ..changeclosecounterlocal.. " not lower than configured value " ..changeCloseCounterOffset..""); Debug( "green","Nothing to do, no message send"); end end end
  4. Hi, I couldn't find an solution on this forum but maybe you have the answer for me. I've got the fibaro wall plug and i want to made a scene to switch off the wall plug when my TV goes into standby mode. Now i found the power measurement < 30W and than the action turn off and even a timer before this action takes place for example 2 minutes. But you can guess, this is always true because wall plug isn't on so the wall plug never get on because of the previous statement. How can i fix this or am i doing something wrong ? Kind regards, Jappie
  5. Hi, I'm new with this Fibaro Gateway. We're using Fibaro Home Centre 3 Software Version: 5.080.20 I'm trying to add/pair Aeotec TriSensor and having issue. Seems its not adding the device properly. Its showing Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor and Light Sensor. The Motion Sensor is missing and this issue is happening with all of our Aeotec TriSensor but for other Sensor its fine like Aeotec MultiSensor 6. Aeotec TriSensor is updated via OTA also did the "reconfigure device" under "Device Configuration" tab but still the same result. Also there is a software update for the gateway (Version: 5.100.22) is this version safe? Does anyone having issue when they update to this version? Is there anyone here using the same device or same result after adding the device. Will be very much appreciate for your help. Thank you so much. Kindly see attached file for reference
  6. I have a weird behavior with my HC3. When I make an error in my code, the program stops but there is no error showing in the console. After a few seconds, it automatically restarts the program. It only shows me parentheses errors, "end" missing or = missing or handlejson error. But nothing else. It also often happens that the HC3 is no longer accessible for several minutes following an error without it being a loop problem. And still without displaying an error in the console. Is it normal ? Thanks for your help.
  7. I had a scene for turning on the lights by using GetSourceTrigger (Pressed, Pressed2, Pressed3 etc.) on the FGS-223. This is offcourse not working anymore in HC3. I'm not so good with using LUA so I can't figure out how this work in HC3 LUA. Is there anyone that can give me a help by reating one example for LUA HC3? I have added the LUA script from HC2 as how it used to work. S-K-H-L.txt
  8. Hi, Is it possible to create variables from a array ? lights = {7, 14, 54} for i, v in ipairs(lights) do local lichtwaardeIDv = fibaro:getValue(v,"value"); if debugging== true then debug("Blue", "Lichtwaarde van "..v.." is "..(fibaro:getValue( v, 'value'))) end fibaro:call(v, "setValue", "98") fibaro:sleep(100) if debugging== true then debug("Green", "Lichtwaarde van "..v.." naar "..(fibaro:getValue( v, 'value'))) end end for i, v in ipairs(lights) do fibaro:call(v, "setvalue", lichtwaardeIDv) fibaro:sleep(100) if debugging== true then debug("Green", "Lichtwaarde van "..v.." hersteld naar "..(fibaro:getValue( v, 'value'))) end end I'm trying to record the lightvalue of my dimmers, before i change them to 98. So that i can later on set them back to there former value before i raised them to 98. Thank you for your help guys! Kind Regards David
  9. Guest

    Do not turn on/off power

    Hi everyone. I just installed a Single Switch 2 and want to use it with my smart bulbs. Instead of turning off power completely, I just want to send a scene to turn off the lights without disconnecting them from the network. Unfortunately, I could not find any configuration options for this. The relevant part of my setup is: Wall switch (toggle switch) <-> Fibaro Single Switch 2 (S1 terminal) <-> Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 <-> Raspberry Pi running OpenHAB2 <-> RaspBee Hue Gateway <-> Hue light bulbs (which are connected to the wall switch) * I could manage to register and react to a scene of the Fibaro Single Switch 2 * I could manage to control the light bulbs with these scenes Only piece missing is: When I press the switch (toggle switch), I do not want the Fibaro Single Switch 2 to turn on/off power of the bulbs. Instead, I want to have it on at all times. Is there a way to configure the device accordingly?
  10. Hello, I need trigger my scene with event from ZIPATO keypad device even if the device doesn't change their value. Can anybody help me with using this option? I cannot find informations about this setting. Thanks --[[ %% autostart %% properties %% events %% globals --]]
  11. Dear all I am running HCL version 4.100 and am having some issues with using my Fibaro Wall Plugs (that I know for a fact is working since I saw them working a few hours ago in 4.074)... I updated everything and ended up having to reset the plugs in order to be able to include them to the controller (in included them manually by clicking the B button 3 times)... However, ever since resetting the plugs they show up as "Not configured" and I cannot reconfigure the device. As it is now the device is rather useless. I guess I am making a very fundamental error. The plugs themselves think everything is a-ok, indicating this via a green LED... Any help, weather simply ideas or a fail-safe step-by-step guide are GREATLY apprechiated... It would be great to seeing these included and working again... Thank you very much for all input! Johan S Edit: I deleted the devices again, and re-added them - and now everything works as expected. No idea of why/how...
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