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Found 14 results

  1. I have 2 RGBW modules which are in the kitchen and are on firmware 22.22. I get notified that new firmware is available. However, every time I try to update it, it comes back after a minute or so saying Update Interrupted - device connection lost. try again. Now as the relays are in a different room, how do I get this to update as I can't remove the relays and bring them closer to the HC2 nor can I move the HC2 to closer to the relays. Is there a way around this or do I have to just accept the fact that the distance betweent the 2 will always prevent the update from succeding??
  2. Hi there! After latest update (or may be one before) my scene not triggered on motion state. I have Fibaro motion sensor and Fibaro wall plug. Only magic scene works. My own - no. Yes, it has Automatic flag and work when I press Run. I try to create new scene but the same. All the scenes and devices assigned to same room. What the problem?
  3. While I am waiting for Fibaro Support to fix this issue, if figured I'd ask in here as well. The situation is as follows: I recently got tasked with getting our company HQ's Smart Home Network back online, which apparently hasn't worked for over a year. The HC2 was stuck in an update loop, which i could only fix by a system recovery. This reset me to version 4.056. Any attempts by me to update to 4.120 cause the system to be stuck in a loop again. Attempting to restore the backup (4.080) causes it to be similarly stuck. Does anyone know this problem? And how to fix it? -NG
  4. krossli

    Home Center Lite Buggy

    My Home center lite seems to hang up after a while, more and more common, the only thing that solves the problem is to restart it. It often happens when logging into home center via the mac. I have now 13 devices, wonder if it can have something to do with the memory? Or is there any way to refresh it? Or can it have something to do with the new Beta version 4.501 ? This is my second Home Center Lite. The first started to get buggy after some month. Anyone with the same problem? Regards Øystein Krossli
  5. My motion sensor will not update. i am due for a version 2.7 upgrade. every time i start the update and starts the download i wake up my motion sensor then after about 6-10 seconds it says failed. What am i doing wrong? *i have a new battery in it *no scenes are running *have limited CPU usage *motion right next to home center anyone have any ideas?
  6. Emilio

    Bluetooth HUB

    Hello All, I'm using the Door Sensor, in combination with my Apple TV but the apple tv is to far away for the bluetooth, We moving with my phone in the room everything is working when placing the Apple tv in the same room it's also working. Do the Fibaro devices act like a Mesh network? So i can place an other Fibaro homekit device between the Door sensor and the Apple tv to get the connection working? it's running ver 1.20 but also unable to update the firmware via the app only getting the eroor än error occurred during Firmware upgrade"" Thanx al for you reactions Kind Regards Emiel
  7. Hello all, I'm working of a Zipatile controller from Zipato. But all my dimmer modules are FGD-212 modules. There are recent firmware upgrades I don't have. How can I update the modules myself, via the Zipato controller? I can't find an instruction on upgrading the firmware anywhere. Regards, Pieter
  8. Last night I got a update on my Android phone with the new Beta version 1.14.0. But on the forum I can't find any news about this update. Does someone got some more info / experiences?
  9. severin

    Netatmo windgauge plugin

    The Netatmo climate plugin version 1.0 for HC2 is old. Fibaro - please update the plugin so that it also includes the Netatmo anemometer. Best regards Jan Severin
  10. Hi, is it already possible to get files for updating devices in Homeseer Hs3? The Z-wave confing page for the fibaro devices has an option available for updating the firmware: This is what the page is giving when looking at a double relay switch par example: Current Firmware: Manufacturer = Fibaro Version: 2.1 Click the button to upload a .hex or .hec firmware file provided by the manufacturer, to be uploaded to the device.
  11. Gerdek

    HC2 Update freeze

    Hi! 2 hours ago I started the update via controll center. As there was no respond after ca. 30 seconds I clicked again "start". After a short error message I got this window: Update in progress Downloading upgrade Installing upgrade Restarting Home Center The status bar at 0%. As the status bar left at 0% I closed the window after some minutes and try to reconnect via finder. I got the same window again. Restarting device, deleting browser cache, using other browsers, using other computer... No changes always the "Update in progress" window. The access via Iphone or Ipad and triggering the actors works. Can you please help me to get out of the update mode? Regards, Gerd
  12. Hi, I have been trying to update my HCL from 3.6 to 4.1 and it got stuck on the screen "update in progress". Probably there was a power surge during the update. What can I do now? How can I fix this? Is there any way to login through ssh and upload the firmware?
  13. Beppe

    updating devices firmware

    do you know any procedure for updating the firmware of the devices with HCL? thx
  14. Below, you can find the error codes that may show up during the update process with solution to each issue. 4 - Internet connection error - check the wiring and make sure that Internet connection is available 5 - error while downloading info file from the server - redo update 6 - error while downloading the update package - redo update 7 - error while downloading the update checksum - redo update 8 - checksum error - redo update 9 - error while extracting update package - redo update 10 - run.sh file is missing or is not an executable file - redo update 27 - error while copying files - redo update 30 - error while downloading a file with checksums - redo update