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FibaroHC2 - Fibaro SmokeSensor - No smoke graphs ?

Guest solarium

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Guest solarium

Hello all,


I just updated to the last HC2 firmware (4.032) and still have the same difficulties with my smoke sensor :


The Fibaro Marketing announce this on the official page : (A nice graph of smoke with green to red colors).



But when I look in my own HC2, there is nothing like that.


I get only the Temperature from the sensor. (No smoke at all, even we tried today to put the sensor in real smoke)



So, Fibaro team, when i had an HCL, you said i should consider an HC2 because it has this feature.

Now I ve an HC2, with the lastest firmware, it still an unavaillable fonctionnality (like many others)


Please provide a way to get THE SAME screen that your marketing announce.





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Interesting... I am not getting any of these. I am getting what the threadstarter has.


Fibaro Smoke Sensor has been exclude and re-include after update HC2 to 4.032 and now 4.033. Is it possible to share the devices view (the main_zwave and the child devices under it)?

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how did you test your smoke sensor?    or with what kind of smoke is a better question ...


I have a new smoke and showed this last week...


But saw my other smoke it's got worst graf i've seen  :-(   ..  did no testing what so ever...  going to mail support.





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Yes i think also.

Graph must be clear indeed.

Still want do big test with official smoke gas. And then see graph etc

But when these things happen I cant do it.

Already got a defect smoke sensor, spontaneous alarm and beebs (replaced now)

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