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Failing to remote access

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Seems I cannot do remote access to my fibaro (network connectios is OK since I can connet to a web server I have inside ) but Mobile & home.fibaro.com doesn't work at all

home.fibaro.com leave my HC2 disabled.

I cannot remember the version number I am running, but I was running the latest version and havent apply the latest 2 updates (seems its been very few days since them and some people were reporting lots of troubles, as usual) so I migth be the latest stable one before HC2 4.053



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Got the same for last several days. Nothing helps.. restarts, etc. Moreover local LAN connection from ipad or smartphone works great but no chance to do in remote. Home.fibaro.com doesn't work either.. I can connect to remote server but can't register to my HC2.

Looks like some kind of tunneling between auth. serwers and HC2 can't initiate the connection ?? (IP on WAN? ..but I guess ARP table should refresh itself?)


Would you like to help us?




Android/iOS software are ok (local connection works fine)

HC2 Software is ok (local con.... fine)

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I have been experiencing this problem too - i have recently updated to the latest version and the problem is worse. No remote access using the Fibaro cloud. I can connect into the HC2 directly but the little blue circle just keeps spinning. It works for up to two hours if i go home and reboot the HC2!!


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Remote access is not related to the firmware version. I know that is not what you want to hear, but only way to inspect remote access issues is with support, only other thing worth trying besides it is setting static IP and DNS to  I am not saying that to discourage you, but this is simply the right place to seek help and will save you some time if you head there directly.

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Apparently lost my remote access to the HC2 at my summer house, (see attached file), but receives plenty of emails (about 380 so far this evening)  with fibaro smoke sensor warnings and push messages (eventually they stopped until I cleared them on my phone, then the started all over). Suggestions?


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Any more suggestions?  

I can't connect from my iPhone via the Fibaro app to my HC2 when I don't have an internet (wifi) connection.

I tried the DNS and that was no help.

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