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I thought I would share some new on the 25.25 firmware for the RGBW module...


I've got three of these modules, two have firmware 22.22 which works perfectly in every-way I use it (Just with single colour LED strip), the Third module is running the newer Firmware 25.25


The Module running 25.25 has a bug in the firmware which doesn't allow it to be probably controlled over association. Basically it will always switch on at 1-5% brightness from association. You can still dim up, dim down, switch off, double click etc... but it will ALWAYS come back on at 1-5%.


I've been speaking to Fibaro Tech support (Slowly) and thereby basically said there is no cure for this.


I just thought I should share this as others may have the same problem. The e-mail chain from Fibaro is below:






Krzysztof Gumny 07 Oct 15  
Dear Sir,

With firmware 25.25 it works as I wrote you.

You can also control your modules via switch connected directly to the RGBW module, not via association.

You can not upgrade or downgrade firmware of module.

Best regards

      Tom van Schelven 05 Oct 15   You seem to be ignoring what I’m saying. I want the dimmer to RGBW to remember the last state it was at. There is no way I can make a scene to do that. What is the point in having a module which can only ever be at 1% or 100%?!?!

Can I downgrade the firmware to 22.22? It works perfectly in that version, 25.25 doesn’t work at all.

Your scene solution relies on the controller working, which it doesn’t always.

Please answer my questions and don’t just tell me about a scene which doesn’t answer my original problem.

        Krzysztof Gumny 05 Oct 15  

As I mentioned you can create a scene as for example from my previous message.

Or you can set up for a dimmer parameter 15 to value 1. Then single click turn on RGBW from Wall Switch by association on value 1% but 2xclick will turn on it to 100% just like in dimmer.

Best regards

      Tom van Schelven 30 Sep 15   I can't explain it any more simple other than I want the module to remember it's last brightness. Your solution doesn't offer this. How can I get it to remember it's last brightness?
Also I should be able to use the devices if the controller crashes, with your solution I can't. Please can you explain a way I can get the module to remember it's last state and control it over association.

        Krzysztof Gumny 30 Sep 15  

With firmware 25.25 it looks like as I showed you.

You can create a scene in order to turn on the RGBW module.

Please create the following scene:

When the module A (for example relay switch) is Turn On THEN RGBW module TURN ON

You should also create a scene responsible for turn off the module.

Best regards

      Tom van Schelven 29 Sep 15   But I need it to remember the last used brightness like all other devices do. Is this a bug in the firmware?

I don’t want to always have to switch the RGBW at either 1% or 100%. Why has this changed between 22.22 and 25.25??
        Krzysztof Gumny 29 Sep 15  
For RGBW module with firmware version 25.25 you can do for example such thing:

You can set up for a dimmer parameter 15 to value 1. Then single click turn on RGBW from Wall Switch by association on value 1% but 2xclick will turn on it to 100% just like in dimmer.

You can also instead of an association create a scene compatible with your needs.

      Tom van Schelven 29 Sep 15   why is this? I want it to behave like my other RGBW modules which turn on at the last used value. How do I do that?

        Krzysztof Gumny 29 Sep 15  

For example association between Fibaro dimmer and RGBW module 25.25 works in the following way:

When you push the button (key of the switch) connected to the dimmer in order to turn off the light the RGBW module turns off normally.
But if you push the switch connected to the dimmer in order to turn on the light the RGBW module turn on the value of a few percent (about 1% – 5%).

Instead of association you can use a scenes.

Best regards

      Tom van Schelven 28 Sep 15   Hi Details for the module below, I towelled be great to get this cleared up ASAP



Device kind:RGB Driver
Device type:FGRGBW 441M EU
Current power consumption:0.00W

        Krzysztof Gumny 28 Sep 15  

First of all I apologize for such late answer from our side.

What is the firmware version of this RGBW module ?

Best regards

      Tom van Schelven 15 Sep 15   Hi,

I’ve worked out the problem is not with the Dimmer 2, its with the RGB controller. Everytime it switches on via Assiosation it comes on at minimal value, not at the last used brightness. I have exactly the same set-up in another room and it works perfectly. Please advise what I should do, or if I have a faulty RGB module.


        Krzysztof Gumny 15 Sep 15  

Please go to advanced settings of a dimmer and do the association for endpoint 0 and the group number 4 and also for group number 5.

Besides association you can also use scene activation function.

Best regards

      Tom van Schelven 10 Sep 15   Hi,
I have a Dimmer 2 with two switches. I want the S2 to control the on/off & Brightness of a Fibaro RGB Module. I've had the exact same set-up working fine with a Dimmer 1.

The problem I have is the RGB Module doesn't come on with a single click, only with a press and hold. And when it does come on its not at its last state, rather it comes on at the min level.

I don't really understand all the new associations, I currently have it set at EndPoint 0, Group 5, although I've tried Group 4 too. Whats strange is the RGB Module will switch off with a single click, it just won't switch on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I have the same problem with my RGBW module except that I didn't know it worked well on previous firmware...

I use this module to control a RGB led strip in my son's room and associated it with the module behind the wall button, just like other lamp module. And each time we enter the room, when we switch the light on, the led strip is only at 1%. We have to double click the switch to have it at 100%...

It would be perfect if it could remember the last state !!!!!


PS : it's a bit disapointing to see the answers given by fibaro !!!!!!!

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  • Inquirer
  • Hi,

    It worked perfectly in the previous firmware, it's obviously a bug fibaro have hoped would not be spotted. It should be pretty basic that devices work over association and I think it's something they have simply missed out as I've not been given any reason why it won't work.

    It's a shame as I have a home automation blogger coming to do a 'real life' review next month and it appears this is something that won't be fixed.

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