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FGMS-001 Driving me crazy


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i have a few of these - and i am sure i am failing to understand something. Can anyone clarify the parameters below - as i do  not find the explanation clear.


extract from Fibaro HC advanced settings


Parameter 62This parameter determines how often the temperature measurements will be performed. The shorter time is, the more frequent temperature measurements are, however this has negative affect to the battery life.
0 means that the temperature measurements will not be performed.
Parameter 64This parameter determines how often the temperature reports will be sent to the controller.
0 disables the reports.
How do 62 and 64 relate to each other - ie if i want the temperature every 100 seconds - i imagine i have to set paramer 62 to 100s
But - do i also have to do something with Parameter 64 ? - do the 2 have to correllate ?
Or can the module take temperature readings every 100 seconds but then report them to the controller every 5 mins (example) ?
in my mind - 62 could be 900s and 64 could be 900s - meanign the temp is taken every 15 mins - and sent to the controller
Maybe i am dim - but this is not clear to me.
Does parameter 64 determine if reports are sent to the controller at all - ie 0 disables the reports.
My logic is that if i want the temp taken every 5 mins - then 62 should be 300 - and i imagine 64 should be too ?
any guidance appreciated.
So far i am not overly impressed at how difficult this all seems to be

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/emoticons/default_icon_sad.gif" alt=":-(" /> - hopefully its me and i will get mor clever soon
thanks in advance
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Parameter 62 defines how often the module itself measures temperature ("Let me stick my finger into this pot of water to see how hot it is...")


Parameter 64 defines how often the module tells HC2 what its latest measurement was ("Mom!!! The water is boiling! I burned my finger!")


So whatever values you choose, parameter 62 should always be smaller or equal to parameter 64, or else you will end up reporting same temperature values to HC2 without measuring the actual temperature between the reports.

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  • Topic Author
  • hi - it just seems odd to me that option 62 is set to 900 seconds and option 64 is set to zero by default.

    SO - a device which is designed to measure temperature is, by default, set to check the temp every 15 mins but not actually report it to the controller - this just seems a bit odd

    final question (maybe!) - I have set the option 64 to 900 on most units - and each of them takes the command. On one particular module it simply will not take the command - I get the whirly blue circles after hitting save - then nothing. The unit never reports back that it has taken the set command - the status lines at the top of the page also never show the set command as having been sent.

    any thoughts ? - faulty module - or faulty user

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    /emoticons/default_icon_smile.gif" alt=":-)" />

    thanks again


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    My understanding is as follows: I think you need to consider parm 60 in conjunction with 62 and 64. In addition to what Rait said above, parm 64 determines when the module is forced to send a report to the controller. Parm 60 tells the device at what change in measured temp will it report to the controller irrespective of parm 64.


    So, if you set parm:


    - 60 to 1C

    - 62 to 60

    - 64 to 900


    The device will check the temp every 60 seconds (parm 62). If the temp changes by more than 1C (parm 60) it will report to the controller, however every 900 seconds (parm 64) it will send the latest temp to the controller regardless of how much it has changed. I guess to conserve battery parm 64 is set to 0 by default. This way the module will only report to the controller when the temp has changed beyond the threshold of parm 60.


    I also guess that sending a signal to the HC2 uses a lot more energy than checking the temp, hence the default configuration of the device.


    In the example above, if you want to see the temp changing in less than 1C increments then set parm 64 to something > parm 60. if the temp changes by 0.5C it will be reported within a max of 900 seconds. if you want to conserve battery then set parm 64 to 0 and use parm 60 to tell the module when to tirgger send command to the controller.


    Regarding your issue with setting parms, not sure what could be going on. Have you tried a soft reconfigure? or just waiting? I was renaming a module (Fibaro Wall plug) recently and it took about 5 minutes for the swirling dots to go away and actually rename the module. No idea why this happened, but patience i.e. walking away and doing something else paid off that time.

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  • Topic Author
  • Hi

    many thanks again

    you were correct - patience was the answer

    Please login or register to see this image.

    /emoticons/default_icon_smile.gif" alt=":-)" />

    Seemed to just take a while. It can get a bit frustrating when wanting to set something up quickly - but I am just glad it now works

    I now have accurate temperature measurements

    Next step is the scenes I think

    thanks all - great forum with very constructive help


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