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Cannot reset the Fibaro door sensor


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I had my Fibaro door sensor FGK 101 mounted on a door, connected (included) to my HCL system and working fine. Then I decided to reset my HCL and start all over. I did not exclude my door sensor at this point.

Then, in order to include the door sensor in my new setup I needed to first reset it, then include it again.
Now my problem is that I cannot reset the door sensor whatever techniques I use. I have done as it says in the supplied manual (and at fibaro.com support). I do not get the  diod to blink twice. There is a slightly different description at the vesternet.com homepage. Does not work either.

What to do?

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I can confirm this. It happens. I have been thinking it might have to do with timing. Or karma.

Please login or register to see this image.

/emoticons/default_icon_smile.gif" alt=":-)" /> I don't know, for instance, when you take out the battery, how long you have to wait. It took me a few attempts to get the double blink. I always follow the manual.

But maybe you don't need a reset. You can exclude it (again). Any controller can exclude any device. Exclude resets the device. Every once and a while the exclusion trick doesn't work. One case I remember, was a door sensor (indeed!). The other odd thing was with a minimote.

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  • Topic Author
  • Thanks!

    Problem is that I cannot reset, I cannot see the door sensor any more since I reset my HCL.

    What to do then?

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    You don't need to "see" it. "Any controller can exclude any device." - this means you can go to add/remove device, it starts to count down from 30 seconds, then you triple click the b-button of the device, just like a "normal" exclude. It doesn't matter if the device was ever included on your HCL or not. If I send you a device that is included on *MY* HomeCenter, you would still be able to exclude it. And include it on your controller after that. Does this help?

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    Guest fat

    As Peter has said above. Any controller (not just the original controller) can perform an exclude of a device. If you reset your HCL the door sensor will still think it is bound to it even though it isn't. You need to exclude it and then you should be able to include it again

    Sometimes the fibaro door sensor doesn't include or exclude very well and you need to not only have the back button held in but also need to click the inside button around 6 times before you will be able to include/exclude

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  • Topic Author
  • Still problems.

    Question: My sensor is mouted on a door, and hard to remove. I read that you can activate the rear TMP by pushing the battery (I can hear/sense a "click" when doing this). Or do I have to remove the sensor to be able to reset/exclude/include the sensor again?

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    You can go to "add or remove device", then put "300" in the box next to "Duration of Learning Mode" and click "delete". Then go to the sensor, press and hold the battery, then keep clicking fast on the button on the inside. It can take up to 10 attempts, with different amounts of clicks & different rhythms. If that fails, I'd try the reset procedure that is in the manual. I don't know if the state of the back tamper switch has any influence on this. I doubt it. I never saw anyone mention it. But then again, I never saw many people post that they had to reset their FGK. I'm wondering if the reed sensor inside is damaged. If it is stuck in the on or off position, the FGK won't detect if the door is open or closed, so the reset procedure can't work. The reed sensor is a tiny glass tube, transparent, greenish, close to one of the sides of the sensor. I'd try to see if the tube isn't cracked.

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  • Topic Author
  • Problem solved!

    Increased time as "petergebruers" suggested. Pushed repeatedly on both battery and on the internal TMP switch.

    First i succeeded to exclude the sensor, then in the same manner i succeeded in including it.

    To me it seemed that the intense and rapid pushing on the internal TMP sensor did the job, not the battery pushing.

    And the Reed sensor is OK.

    Thanks a lot!

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