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Lost devices and scenes with firmware upgrade to 4.082

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hi guys,

yesterday I wanted to upgrad from 4.080 to 4.082.


After the upgrade finished, I had only 5 devices left of my previous 43 devices.

I tried to load the backup, that was automatically created. Same result 5 devices only.


I then went back to 4.080 with recovery mode. Loaded the backup and again 5 devices only.


If I go back further, where I had 31 devices only, everything is restored as expected.

But ofcourse not all devices are there then.


When the restore of the 43 devices Backup finishes, i can see breefly a message telling somithing like:

finished removing dead devices ...


Now my question, how can I get my devices back without having to:

  1. exclude them from the z-wave
  2. pull them out from wall-covers all over the house
  3. move them close to the main controller to include them again
  4. move them back to their places across the house
  5. correct all the IDs in my szenes
  6. find a solution to prevent this happening again

I'm happy for any help/hints to get things up and running again.


Thank you,





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sorry, maybe a stupid question:

What logs? and where should I find them?


I can't find anything in my HC2 adminstration that looks like a log.


Are you refering to the tiny 4 lines at the top of the screen?

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