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[Feature Request] Pre-programming

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Allowing pre-programming of devices may involve quite a change to the Fibaro gateway workflow.  Ideally I'd like to be able to manually select a device template to add without having the device exist on the z-wave network. It would just be a placeholder. Then when adding a device to the z-wave network, an option is presented to select an existing device or create a new device. Even better would be if it was possible to enter the serial number of the device when manually adding and then if a new device with matching serial is included on the gateway, it is automatically configured from the pre-programmed device.


This could also allow for failed devices to be replaced by selecting it when a new device is included. Following this: If a dead node is replaced, the old device is removed from the z-wave network and the existing parameters transferred to the new device.


Not sure if it's possible for the device ID's to be transferred but this would also solve a lot of headaches when replacing devices and then manually updating scenes, etc to the new ID.

I've used other automation systems that operate this way and it's super handy.

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