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Heatit thermostat, upgrade from 1.5 to 1.8


Hi have one Heatit thermostat in version 1.5 and two of them in version 1.8.

I need to update the 1.5 to 1.8 but a cable and a software is requested.

I got the software and the update procedure.

The cable is very expensive, about 70€, is there someone that know the wires schema in order to self-made the cable?

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6 minutes ago, Ole said:

Yeah, I was told that this would be fixed in a firmware update, but the cable you need to update is so expensive that I didn't think it was worth it (about NOK 600). They still work, only it is not very useful to have the temp sensor display the set temperature. You have a different temperature displayed than your set temp though.

Thanks for your prompt answer.

I've contacted Thermofloor and are awaiting answers from them . If there is a fault in the FW they should send that cable for free...


Regarding different temperatures - No, it was just delayed, takes about 3 seconds from I change the set-temp to the sensor updates. 

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