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1. Double Switch 2 (light switch module named in China): It hardly be used in China because all of them will cause relay adhesion, I think the problem may be the led adapter is not standard by checking data(at the moment of opening light produce powerful current that result of burning out double switch 2 and the circuit cannot be closed), but it is a common problem. I have tried to use z-wave combine with the other light modules to solve the problem, but this method will harmful to entire system(not compatible, badsignal relay, lack of the templates, etc.), I hope engineers of fibaro can give a reasonable solution because I havent find good solutions as yet(such as increasing the arcing circuit, or other advice). There will be too many problems of the whole system if we use other modules, so I still insist on using dual modules. Your technician told me that It would be better with the dimmer module but more costs.

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I wrote about this some time ago. Contains background explaining the issue and suggestions for solutions.




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