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Problem with batterie check script



Hi Guys,

I have the following battery check script, which sends a weekly email with the status of the batteries.
The problem is, only the first 980 characters arrive
in the e-mail. The rest is cut off.
I have tried to send a mail via the Notification Center, where I can send over 1200 characters per mail.
I do not understand why it works here and not in the script.
With more than 25 battery devices this is a problem.
Perhaps an LUA specialist can look at this and find a work around for this problem..
Thank you.


%% autostart
%% properties
%% globals
-- file:    Batterystatus.lua
-- version: 0.03
-- purpose: Check the batteries and email status.
-- Batteries are checked once per week (Sunday on checktime)
-- Copyleft 03-2017 {jwi}
local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();
local oldnodeId = nil ;
local subject   = "Battery status";
local userId    = 2 -- primary email address
local checkday  = 1 -- 1=Sunday 2=Monday ...
local checktime = "19:15"
local full        = 100 --between 50 and 100 the battery status is assumed to be good
local warning   = 50  --between 30 and 50 battery is running low
local critical  = 25  --below 25 battery status is asumed as critical
local empty     = 255 --probably a completely empty battery
Debug = function ( color, message )
  fibaro:debug(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s', "span", color, message, "span"))
devices = fibaro:getDevicesId({interfaces = {"battery"}, visible = true, enabled = true})
function checkBatteries()
  local status = ' ' ;
  local n = 0;
  Debug('withe', os.date('%c'));
  for id = 1, #devices do
    local batteryLevel = fibaro:get(devices[id], 'batteryLevel')
    local nodeId       = fibaro:get(devices[id], 'nodeId')  
    if batteryLevel ~= nil and nodeId ~= nil
       local name   = fibaro:getName(devices[id])
       if oldnodeId ~= nodeId then
          local room = fibaro:getRoomNameByDeviceID(devices[id])
          if not(room == "unassigned") then
             n = n+1
            if tonumber(batteryLevel) >= warning and tonumber(batteryLevel) <= full then
              Debug('green', "Battery " ..name..' ('..room..') - Battery: '..batteryLevel..' % OK')
               status = status .. n .. ") " ..name..' ('..room..') ' ..batteryLevel..' % OK\n';
               tonumber(batteryLevel) >= critical and tonumber(batteryLevel) <= warning then
               Debug('yellow', "Battery " ..name..' ('..room..') - Battery: '..batteryLevel..' % Warning')
               status = status .. n .. ") " ..name..' ('..room..') ' ..batteryLevel..' % Warnung\n';
               tonumber(batteryLevel) < critical  then
               Debug('red', "Battery " ..name..' ('..room..') - Battery: '..batteryLevel..' %')
               status = status .. n .. ") " ..name..' ('..room..') ' ..batteryLevel..' % Critical\n';
               tonumber(batteryLevel) > full or tonumber(batteryLevel) == empty then
               Debug('red', "Battery " ..name..' ('..room..') - Battery: '..batteryLevel..' % probably empty!')
               status = status .. n .. ") " ..name..' ('..room..') ' ..batteryLevel..' % Error\n';
       oldnodeId = nodeId
  status = status .. 'Checked on: ' .. os.date('%c') ..'\n'
  status = status ..n.. ' devices were checked. '
  Debug('withe', os.date('%c'));
  Debug('withe', '------------------------------------------------------------')
  Debug('withe', status)
  fibaro:call(userId, "sendEmail", subject, status)
  --fibaro:call(5, "sendEmail", subject, status)  
  local status = ' ';
end  -- function
function main()
    local currentDate = os.date("*t");
    local currenthour = string.format("%02d", currentDate.hour) .. ":" .. string.format("%02d", currentDate.min)
    local weekday     = currentDate.wday
    local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();
    if (weekday == checkday) and currenthour == checktime then
    setTimeout(main, 60*1000)
if (sourceTrigger["type"] == "autostart") then
local currentDate = os.date("*t");
local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();
if (startSource["type"] == "other") then



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2 answers to this question

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simple fix: do not send all information, but only from batteries that are empty or nearly empty.

bit more complex fix: send multiple emails with e.g. 10 modules each



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  • Inquirer
  • @tinman

    Thanks for the answer, but I'm sorry, it does not satisfy me.

    For some reasons I do not want to use the simple solution. ( In the past I had battery devices that fell in a week from 70% to 0% ),

    and for  the second, it is not a problem for me to build a version which sends several emails. But I do not like that.

    Because Notification Center can send larger emails I hope for a solution with lua. Perhaps there is a limit to the size of a local variable in LUA.

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