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I like to have a pulse counter in Fibaro. I have a water flow meter, solor inverter. This devices give pulses for water is 1 pulse =1 liter and the inverter 2000 pulses =1kWh. But electricity meters and gas meters gives also pulses. I think that there are more divices that gives pulses.

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Yes, I/O device would be great.


For water/gas flow i have a sollution for pulse flow meters.


I have some sollution with with micro relay (to get clean binary), universal sensor. and global variable. Then you just need some virtual device (cannot find mine). My accuracy with flow meter was 0.5 liter.


Scene is: If sensor gets breached, then [Global_Variable] = [Global_Variable] + [liter per pulse]


Sorry wiring in CZ.



NO kontakt: NO contact

Bezpotenciálový kontakt: potential free contact

Vstup: Input

Reléový modul RMM: Relay modul RMM

Bonega T/20 is water flow meter.



That micro relay, can be something like this: https://abra-electronics.com/electromechanical/relays/micro-miniature-low-profile-dip-relays/rmm-140-micro-miniature-relay-dpdt-24vdc-rmm-140.html

I used this one (documentation in CZ lang): http://www.alarmvideo.cz/manual/man/Manual rele.pdf

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You have managed to integrate a water flow meter into the fibaro? I would like to use Water Meter Pulse Sensor and fibaro-universal-binary-sensor.

Do you have somebody experience and advice with connection and creation lua scene and atc?? 


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