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Jarvis@Home 2: Vocal commands from your android


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This is my first post. So first, I present myself, I'm French, I'm living in France, and I started home automation since 4 years now. 
I use the "jeedom" server and zwave devices + rfxcom. I have multiple fibaro modules that work very fine.

My objective was to control my home automation through the voice with a tablet that can display my home + interact with it.
I found some applications but I was not really satisfyied. My objective was to give a name to my tablet and to discuss with it.
To start the discussion I wanted to call it but not with the "ok google" but with "jarvis" like in "Iron Man" or with "nestor", the butler in "Tintin et milou" (it's famous in france, I don't know if you know "Tintin et milou" ;) ).
As I'm a developer, I decided to start my own application on android 1 year ago, it's still in development but it starts to work now, you can have a look here: Jarvis@Home in the playstore or 

Please login or register to see this link.

The main features are:

  •     It react to the butler name you choose
  •     It is fully private, nothing is sent to another server. It is purely on your local network
  •     Autonomous: Nothing to install on your home automation server
  •     Define scenarios 
  •     Tasker integration
  •     HTTP API


ok, but why I'm here in this forum? 
    - Obviously, it is to promote a little my application 
 but also for 2 others reasons:

  •     I don't have a fibaro home center, and I'm wondering if my system could works with it. I think yes, but can someone help me to validate it works, and tell me if something is missing and needs to be developped to make it works?
  •     I created some predefined configurations in english (to enable an alarm, open a portal, do an intercom). But my english level is not high enough to be sure, it is really useable in english. For example, with my french accent, I'm not able to test my application because my english is not well recognized. I never succeed to say "Nestor" correctly and it never understood me :(

To finish, I'll really appreciate that someone gives me a feedback, and tell me if something is missing for your usages with the home center + if my english configurations are corrects and useable with a "native" english person. 

Thank you very much,


Edited by PascalEM
add the application name in the playstore
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Bonjour Pascal... your project seems very interesting.

I will be pleased to test it in my HC2.

Unfortunately I'm IOS user not Android... do you have the IOS app available?



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  • Topic Author
  • Hi Alessandro, 


    Unfortunately I don't have a version for IOS :( 

    and I don't plan to do it for the momen, it is a lot of work


    Heck!  :(


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    • PascalEM changed the title to Jarvis@Home 2: Vocal commands from your android
  • Topic Author
  • Hello, 
    Since my last post, I published several versions, and the latest was yesterday.

    Now, you can control very easily and quickly any equipments because there are configuration templates which are generics.

    You will only need 2 minutes to configure actions. (to control roller shutters, lights, gates, etc...)

    There is an "how to start" documentation here: 

    Please login or register to see this link.

    and you can download the configurations template here:  

    Please login or register to see this link.


    From now you can have multiple Jarvis@Home installed on multiple android systems, you will be able to synchronize the configurations between all of them.


    I continue to improve this application since I have still a lot of ideas to do.

    See you soon

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    Seems like a cool project!


    I have a wallmounted android device at home that I would like to be able to talk to and that could invoke scenes in my HC2.

    I will give it a try and let you know the outcome.

    Regards david


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    • 3 months later...
  • Topic Author
  • Hello, 
    I published a new beta version, I give you the details to install it below.

    But first here are the new features:
    - Scenarios/actions can be executed on a remote mobile (notification, TTS, openUrl, tasker, etc...)
    - Android TV Support
    - More actions available in the free version
    - Options are added in the application settings to choose which service must be started at launch (Http Server and/or Voice Recognition)
    - New action to generate notification with a vibration schema 
    - new Google translation toolbar in the interface

    And the bugfixes:
    - Review of the volume management
    - system.lastSpeech now returns the TTS sentence
    - Fix of the Kill action
    - Multiple Bug fixes

    To get the beta, you just have to follow the links below:
    - for the Free Version:

    Please login or register to see this link.

    - for the Pro Version :

    Please login or register to see this link.

    Do not hesitate to give me feedbacks by email or in this forum
    Thanks and see you soon,

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    • 3 weeks later...
  • Topic Author
  • Hello, 

    I published a new version. It allows you to have an overview of variables & synonyms of all your configurations.
    You can edit quickly variables/synonyms value without opening the configuration.
    It's easier, allows you to have a quick look of the variables and allows you to stabilize the synonyms accross all the configurations.


    Please login or register to see this image.





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  • Topic Author
  • Hello, 

    I published a new version that fix some bugz, but mainly that improve the reactivity of the Jarvis answers. Is is already available.

    Here are the changes:
    Improvement of the Jarvis reactivity
    Bugfix of the httpServerStop & VoiceRecognitionStop actions
    Bugfix of the group name that was not saved
    Bugfix of the stop action in the notification area


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    • 8 months later...

    Hi @PascalEM

    I have installed your Jarvis@Home Free app. and I think the configuration is too complicated. Took me few minutes just to understand how to download and then upload the templates....

    Right now we have Google Home and Amazon Alexa that provide same functionality without any configuration at all. (The just scan and discover the configuration directly from HC2)

    But I think we could take your idea much further...  some kind  AI ( artificial intelligence ). It might be an overhead idea, but we could at least give a try!

    What I mean, if  we can find a way to send the text (string) of the speech to HC2, then we can analyze the phrase to action.

    For example:

    Phrase                                              Action                                                                   Reply (TTS on phone)

    is David at home                               Check motion sensor at David's room.

                                                                   Scan his phone on WiFi network.                            David at home (or not)

    I am on my way to home                Automatically turn on my coffeemaker, boiler,

                                                                       air conditioner or heating and other                    home is ready for you

    Doors status                                    Check all door sensors                                                  All doors are closed (or list of open doors)


    is anyone at home                          Check all motion sensors.                                            Presence detected at kitchen and living rooms.


    and so on....


    By the way have tried to use Butler (kind) and after speech the app mutes the phone. Every time I interact with "Butler"  I need to set volume back.



    Edited by cag014
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  • Topic Author
  • Hello Cag014,

    Thank for your opinion, you are right, Google & Alexa are more powerfull than Jarvis,

    I know that and I cannot figth against, but I promise that Jarvis do not use your data nor your speech.


    I'm wondering if you installed Jarvis@Home or Jarvis@Home v2 ?

    Because I have the feeling you installed the v2, but perhaps the v1 is what you are looking for?


    the v1 just send the text to your server and the server must analyse and do something then return the answer.


    About the volume, normally, the volume is set to 0 when Jarvis is listening you, then when he speaks it reset the volume.



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    OK... have installed version 1, but there is no documentation how exactly I can get the text on HC2....?

    Please note that I'm unable to open any port on HC2 to provide command reply URL

    It might be better that I can query your app let's say something like:

    Please login or register to see this link.

    Do you have any example?


    Edited by cag014
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  • Topic Author
  • Hello, 

    Do you understand french?


    Because I wrote a little doc here: 

    Please login or register to see this link.



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