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Hello there,


My colleague sent me this article: https://www.cepro.com/article/ring_protect_shatters_price_barriers_for_security_monitoring_video_storage


Finally keypad, that looks great as security and it is in Z-Wave. No offence to guys with Zipato, BeNext and simmilar (i do not like Zipato keypad). I think i even buy this one, if it will be in EU version :D.


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Hi @Bodyart,


I do as 1st line of security (has to be encrypted). 2nd line is a dog and 3rd always loaded shotgun (god bless CZ for it's weapon law :D) with S-Balls.

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@Bodyart It Depends, every system got advantages and disadvantages


That is wireless don't mean always that you can hack it easier. In last year z-wave made a big step for security.

If company like UL test and saying that device can be a real "alarm device" you should belive them. Because they testing cable devices too and give certification when device pass tests



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@AutoFrank, maybe it can, Cepro shows price for Z-Wave keypad as an accessory. It is 50$.


Maybe that price is if you already have sollution from Ring. I'm getting together some mail about that keypad for Ring guys. Hopefully it will have EU frequency.

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