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Hi Everyone, 


browsing earlier on I noticed that Maplin UK have started selling z-wave products. There are only selling a handful but I was impressed with the price of them. 


I came on here earlier and did a search for the Foxx water sensor and couldn't find anything. so I thought with them being on offer for £9.99 I would go and get one and see if it works. When I got into the store for some reason they aren't on the shelves so I had to get a member of staff to go and dig one out of the back. 


It has just paired with my HC2 without a problem, it recognises the device as a motion sensor, but once the drop down box was changed to flood sensor it works a dream. There are no parameters listed (the manual does not list any either) so I am assuming there is nothing that can be changed. 


This could be a turning point, as I have never been able to walk into a shop in the UK and pick up a Z-wave device - hopefully more will be coming soon! 


17-10-29 7-25-56 pm 1621.jpg

17-10-29 7-26-07 pm 1622.jpg

17-10-29 7-26-32 pm 1623.jpg

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Thanks for sharing  @krisstoff

 a quick check 

Amazon.co.uk - £35

Maplin Ireland €15


Foxx seem to have 4 products

Leak detector

Zwave extender

door sensor

smart plug in switch


Does it say if it is zwave or zwave plus ?

I wonder what it is under the hood


Does it have an option to be powered by usb ?

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Hey @AutoFrank


The flood sensor is just Z-wave and battery powered with no option of a power source. i'm not sure about the others as the website is quite vague, but i have ordered a door sensor which i will collect next week. 



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