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How can upgrade a Fibaro Double SWITCH RELAY 2X1,5kw from v2.2 to 3.2?

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I have a Fibaro Double Switch Relay 2x1,5kw (v. 2.2) and recently i buy another with v.3.2.

I observe new features and parameters in version 3.2 (like real power consumption, no estimated from user).

How can i made firmware update, it is possible from v2.2 to 3.2?!?

I try "check firmware update" but don't find any update, answer is up to date.


I have HC2 /4.141.

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double relay fw2.2 is http://manuals.fibaro.com/double-relay-switch/ 

double switch 2 fw 3.2 is http://manuals.fibaro.com/switch-2/


that's completely different products, from both hardware and firmware side. Asking for firmware update for the double relay to get double switch2 is like to ask for firmware update for co sensor to get smoke sensor, just because both have similar enclosure and led.

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I understand your comparison, in first time I did not realize I had two different devices (both have written "switch")

You have right. Thanks! ;)

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