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How to setup Heating thermostat MCO MH8-FC


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I have 6 x MCO MH8-FC thermostat fan controller on a multizone setup with and one FGS-222 relay for starting central gas boiler. 

I am new to Fibaro world and I want to learn but the winter already started and I need my heating system to work  :) . I have tried to associate the thermostat with the relay but not working. 

I someone can help me how to set up the system or at least some guide, please! ;(

Thank you in advance.


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  • Topic Author
  • Please, any idea of an LUA code of how to activate Fibaro relay FGS-222 when MCO thermostat is starting the heating program?.

    Attached has the device template if that helps.

    Thank you.

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    • 11 months later...



    I got almost the same config (5 MH8) without any info how to control the boiler based on fancoil modules. I wonder you find out something meanwhile ?

    Thank you.

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  • Topic Author
  • Hi, 


    I had the chance to run cables from each fancoil module to the boiler. I chose to put in parallel all valve relay contact connected to the boiler start &stop in order to be independent from Fibaro in  case of any problem in the system. You have to separate the contact inside fancoil control  unit to have clear contact only for the boiler without any potentials. Fibaro just give me temperature setpoint from heating panel. It is working like this very well since  the beginning. 

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    • 1 year later...

    Here is my little scene to activate boiler based on fancoils state for heating. I think there should be an easier way, but it's Fibaro's secret yet.


    %% autostart
    %% properties
    %% events
    %% globals

    if (fibaro:countScenes()>1) then
        fibaro:debug('There can be only one!');

    HEATING_REFRESH = 30 * 1000;
    HCDEVICES = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable"));
    FANCOIL_HEAT = "1";
    FANONLY_DELAY = 30 * 60;
    FANONLY_RUNTIME = 3 * 60;
    FCDATA = {
        {fc = HCDEVICES.Nappali.FanCoil, vent = HCDEVICES.Nappali.FanCoilventilator},
        {fc = HCDEVICES.Haloszoba.FanCoil, vent = HCDEVICES.Haloszoba.FanCoilventilator},
        {fc = HCDEVICES.Jatszoszoba.FanCoil, vent = HCDEVICES.Jatszoszoba.FanCoilventilator},
        {fc = HCDEVICES.Gyerekszoba.FanCoil, vent = HCDEVICES.Gyerekszoba.FanCoilventilator},
        {fc = HCDEVICES.Vendegszoba.FanCoil, vent = HCDEVICES.Vendegszoba.FanCoilventilator}
    boilerrelay = 0;
    -- FanCoil.mode = {0,1,2,6} (0 = off, 1 = heat, 2 = cool, 6 = fan only)
    -- FanCoil.state= {1,3} (1 = heat, 3 = fan only)

    function checkFancoils()
        local boiler = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(HCDEVICES.Kazanhaz.Kazanrele, "value"));
        local now = os.time();

        local i, j, fcstate, fcmode, ventstate, turnboileron;
        turnboileron = false;

        local triggerer = "";
        for i, j in ipairs(FCDATA) do
            fcstate = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(j.fc, "state"));
            fcmode = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(j.fc, "mode"));
            ventstate = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(j.vent, "state"));
            local room = fibaro:getRoomNameByDeviceID(j.fc);

            if (fcmode == 1 and (fcstate == 1 or fcstate == 3) and ventstate ~= 0) then
                turnboileron = true;
                triggerer = room;

        if (boiler == 0 and turnboileron) then
            fibaro:call(HCDEVICES.Kazanhaz.Kazanrele, "turnOn");
            boiler = 1;
            boilerrelay = 1;
            fibaro:debug("heating - boiler on triggered by " .. triggerer);
        elseif (boiler == 1 and turnboileron == false) then
            fibaro:call(HCDEVICES.Kazanhaz.Kazanrele, "turnOff");
            boiler = 0;
            boilerrelay = 0;
            fibaro:debug("heating - boiler off");
        -- fibaro:debug("-----------------------------------");

        setTimeout(checkFancoils, HEATING_REFRESH);


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