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Temperature Measurement with FGT-001

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Hi all,


i recently bought a FGT-001 Thermostat and added it to my openHAB system.

From what i read in the description and the manual of the FGT-001, it should be able to measure the temperature of the room.

I also see a channel that is named Sensor(temperature) but it is always 0


Is my thermostat broken? Or is this functionality just not implemented and the description is wrong?




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Hi @Nayenia,


Welcome to the comunity.


Do you have Fibaro external sensor paired with Fibaro TRV?


If not, then you see 0 (null) value there, because Fibaro TRV reports temperature meassured by Fibaro external sensor, not temperature measured by TRV itself.

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Hi @jakub.jezek and thanks for your answere.


No, i don't have an external sensor paired with my FGT-001, why should I??

let me quote what is officially on the fibaro homepage:



The FIBARO Heat Controlleris an intelligent, radiator thermostatic head, which controls the temperature in the room, using the in-built or extra sensor and regulating the heat level automatically, according to your individual preferences.


So if this is correct, the thermostat itself has a sensor to measure the temperatur. Which would make sense, because else it wouldn't be able to tell if the (targeted) setpoint temperature has been reached, thus making this whole thermostate pretty useless....

If i understand you correctly you are trying to say that the FGT-001 is actually measuring the temperature with its own sensor but not reporting it over z-wave? and the sensor(temperature) is only used if an external sensor (of course only the fibaro sensor will be able to be paired?) is paired?


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Same question and official answer here:



Danfoss LC12 and LC13 do not report it either. But some alternatives do report temperature.

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