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OUTDOOR AIR QUALITY data import to scene

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Hi all,


I tried to find similar topic, but without expected success. I'm wondering if it is possible to import the "OUTDOOR AIR QUALITY" indicator from NETATMO sensor to the LUA scene via API? 


Has anyone of you tried similar solution or maybe wrote a scene which can perform such action? Your advice would be much appreciated. 



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accordinf doc from Netatmo



Air Quality work only in the USA

and as i can understand (my guess) it take from https://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.dynamicpatnerslist

for EU we can take this value from here http://www.airqualitynow.eu/comparing_home.php 



so, you could always go it (cerate VD) alone. without Netatmo





just googled: 


SDS011 sensor + Arduino




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