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[SOLVED]Fibaro HC2 LUA Boolean logic



A bit embarrassed to ask for advice on this, but I seem not to be able to understand the structure of simple IF-tests in HC2 Scenes, regardless whether these are created in the Block editor or LUA.


I need an IF test with the following structure:


....IF ((a AND b) OR (a AND c)) THEN....


Due to the lack of parantheses, I am not able to understand the logical structure of the resulting statement, which in my mind seems confusing


...IF ((a AND b OR c AND b),


I use this code to save electricity on my snow melting mats by twice a day testing whether weather conditions has recently set the variable SNOW to YES in which case mats are turned on for two hours (morning and afternoon) and the variable set back to NO. Seems now my mats turn on twice a day (at times "a" and "c") regardless of the the variable ("b").


Are there any "paranthesis" conventions in LUA I have not understood ?


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It works with or without parenthesis.

Looks like in your case A and C always match your condition, so condition with variable B will be ignored (according to your IF statement)

If you need more help, please post your code and we can go through to see what is the problem.


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@jodohl I was not absolutely sure, so I did test it (easy to test by yourself) and @cag014 was right they work both perfect like you need it.


Please login or register to see this code.


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  • Inquirer
  • Thanks a lot for demonstrating the logic!

    My take from your test is that when parentheses are not explicitely written, LUA code implicitly assumes parentheses before and after "and", but not around "or".

    Important to understand, since:


    "if a and b or c then" will be executed as

    "if (a and b) or c then" and not as

    "if a and (b or c) then"


    Which also shows the limitation of the Block Scene editor which to my knowledge has no parentheses functionality. The last statement will in the Block Editor have to be written as 

    "if a and b or a and c then", equivalent to

    "if (a and b) or (a and c) then" which is equivalent to

    "if a and (b or c) then".


    Maybe this is well known stuff to all up to date programmers, but not an oldtimer who learnt his Boolean algebra in the seventies :-)

    Thanks for teaching me! This motivated me to pick up some more LUA coding.

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    I found some more on this :)



    Operator precedence in Lua follows the table below, from the higher to the lower priority:

    Please login or register to see this code.

    All binary operators are left associative, except for `^´ (exponentiation) and `..´ (concatenation), which are right associative. Therefore, the following expressions on the left are equivalent to those on the right:

    Please login or register to see this code.

    When in doubt, always use explicit parentheses. It is easier than looking up in the manual and probably you will have the same doubt when you read the code again.


    Please login or register to see this link.

    Edited by PreHack
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