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iOS user interface too static

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I'd like to pass a message to the Fibaro team behind the iOS app: Could you please make the home screen a little more configurable?


My initial idea was to mount an Ipad in the kitchen and use it as control panel for my system. But it turns out that with only 6 positons where I can add my own devices, scenes etc it is too limited and not very useful. 


The screen usage looks as follows (approximately):

Application header    : 13%

Weather information   : 29%

Energy graph          :  6%

6 configurable blocks : 28%

Footer                : 13%

Empty space           : 13%


Why do I only get to control 28% of the screen? 

I know what the weather is like, I can just look out the window and see. Why does the weather info have to take up 29% of the surface? And what If I want to use my own sensors for outside data? Then I need to use the configrable blocks for that, which consumes valuable space.


I can understand that there has to be a navigation header and possibly footer as well, but the rest of the space, 75%, should be mine to configure as I like.

One device/block takes up approx 5% of the screen space so if I could control 75%, it would mean I could put as many as 15 devices or information sources on the screen. Now, that would make the app relevant as a control panel.


A development I would welcome as well is if you could make the app look a little more like an modern iOS app, or an Android app for that matter, by removing some of the graphic filler and make it simpler. Even if I think the current user interface is quite good looking, a clean and not so graphically heavy interface is still easier to use and hence preferable in my view.


Kind regards


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there is also no way to "quickly" access Virtual devices either... as most of my system is based on mostly Virtual devices that have menus and with settings and configurations like VSL, and a VD for my alarm..  its quite painful "with way too many steps just to access them via the tablet app....

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