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Hello to everyone

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Just bought my first fibaro home center lite and fibaro dimmers pluss the aotech wallmote controller.


Anybody that have jused this configuration before?



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Hi @Larsa


This category is mainly for the purpose of introduction.


If you have any specific issues please head to the right category.


Since you write about the Dimmer and Aeotec WallMote Controller, please post your question in Dimmer or Other Devices / Third-party devices category.


Finally, welcome to our community : )

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@Larsa there are a few users that use this.  you NEED to search for this item in the "search bar" in the upper right of the site.

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  • Thanks for feedback guys.


    This wasnt the meaning to get techcical here. Just pointing out what my starter package was :)


    Is time to make my stupid house smart :)



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