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Michael Somers

Hello all....

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Hello I'm Mike from Holland. And my systeem req. 

Fibaro HCL = updated to a HC21

1Fib switch

5 Fib Smoke Sensor 

2 Fib RGBW modules

1Fib Waterflow Sensor 

1 Fib Binaire Sensor 

5 Fib Wallplug

2 Fib DoorSensor

1 Fib Motionsensor

1 Neo Coolcam Sirene

1 Fib Thermostatic Valve 

20 Hue light (6x Gu10 Full, 5x Gu10 WhA, 3x E14 WhA, 2x Full strip, 2x Bloom, 1x Only White.)

1 Fib Keyfob

1 Keypad + RFID 


For the future this all will be upgraded. But for now, I'll want to learn the systeem better. And also make a home automatic systeem prefer on our behaviors.

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