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Fibaro as AI Alarm system


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Hello to community,

I like to share some thoughts about the Fibaro as Home Alarm system that may think and act. As I m not a coder, I like to share basic ideas hoping that people like them and build a sence/vd to make them real.

On the other hand, as I have been victim of home break in more than once on the past, I have start to take security more than serious.


I know that it is told to forum that fibaro can not be used as a burglar alarm. I may agree if the burglar is a tech guru or is part of law enforcement body. In this case break in would be the smallest problem I may face.

Also believing that I may have the most advanced alarm system can save me from break in. False, I admit that. I just need to go one lever higher from the common burglar to alarm system configuration.


First of all, you need to think as burglar to build a security alarm for your property.

Increase safety everywhere on same level. For example putting a security door with high tech locks may force burglar to search for a easy opening window. 

Do a security audit for your property.

I believe to human stupidity (I was victim of that on first time). So let fibaro to take care whatever you do not like to repeat.

Install sensors on smart way. Where I install a door contact I ALWAYS put a motion sensor out of that door. I have a sence that when motion sensor detects motion, it arms door contact for an amount of time, even the alarm is not armed. Placing a button close that door can provide the cancellation of door contact arm status. it is used on Patio doors, or garden doors that have limited access from outside as also limited movement.

On entrance I ask from community to build a sence that can trigger a notification/alarm if someone is outside the door for more that 1 min. It can be useful for people living in  apartments.

Surprise unexpected "guests"! A strobe light is triggered in the period of night by a fibaro plug. Opening lights can help burglar to search on the rooms. A strobe light disorientates! Also people that have garden in front, sprinkler system can be a solution (a wet burglar is easily spotted in the first minutes) 

Get more that 1 siren and hide them. The new trend on house break in is to remove siren and submerge into water (game over). So be prepared!

Use bluetooth tags for detecting people presence. IMHO is the easiest way to arm and disarm alarm. I wish some day fibaro can give a native ble interface. If someone has a safer or reliable way I like to discuss about.

On vacation mode add dummy users with their email and assign them on the security sences. It may save you and your vacations. I wish one day in my Country to get an email address the police station close to me ;D 

@Fibaro do you have any glass break sensors? Now days, burglars break door glass. No contact is activated, burgars get 3-5 secs time to cut power (game over).

When you left property, set your cameras on continuous recording using sences/vd. There is a possibility to records movements out of the area you have placed for motion trigger recording (may be a second person that support the person that break in)

Night time inside home? Arm the perimeter and lock the doors! That is not news BUT if you place a micro-switch on the frame of the door (where lock is placed) and triggered when you lock the door, you can do 2 tasks in 1. Locking the door, automatic arm the perimeter. you can you binary switch or even window/door contact ( @Fibaro great idea to have this interface).

Keep notifications as low as you can. We, humans, get confused with much info and by time we could not understand the severity of info.

Trap the central power panel with contact sensor. Even if it inside house, it is a good practice to understand if/when they powered down main power switch. it may be a good reason to power up a backup generator.

Build a maintenance scheduler for z-wave battery replacement (z wave devices, batteries of  UPS that supports Fibaro HC2, camera lens clean, etc) that can be send as notification.

Hardware request: Build a pressure sensor. If you use a silicon tube full of water and put a pressure sensor on one end and the other side is blind, you can you installed it on fences as pressure sensor, connecting to fibaro binary sensor you can get protection from climbing fences, balconies with the minimum false alarm.


For now that is my thoughts, ideas. Hope someone find them helpful or even better build them. :>:D


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Hi @korniza ,


Those are all great suggestions and we'll be sure to look into them!

However, I have to remind you that the @Fibaro account is not one of the admins per se, it's only used to perform technical tasks.

Next time, please, tag me or one of the other admins ;)

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  • Topic Author
  • 4 hours ago, A.Smolinski said:

    Hi @korniza ,


    Those are all great suggestions and we'll be sure to look into them!

    However, I have to remind you that the @Fibaro account is not one of the admins per se, it's only used to perform technical tasks.

    Next time, please, tag me or one of the other admins ;)

    Thank you @A.Smolinski for your kind words. I will on future call your name or other admins. 


    I have an other suggestion. You can call it heatmap for alarm system. AI need to get trained before acting. So we need a way to feed how many times and when sensors are triggered on a zone.

    If this sensor is on outside area, the amount of trigger it will suppose to be higher than a emergency door contact. Also a sensor inside house is triggered more on day time than night.

    Thinking loud, I would like to use "weights" on sensors. I need to do the maths and build the equation.  The reason is to get less false alarms and have a real AI alarm system.

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