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Hi from the Netherlands

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My name is Kevin, 28 years old and live in the Netherlands. Work on the techinial department for a Apple Service Provider.


Purchased a new house about a month ago and started right away with installling the Fibaro system, I have waited years for this to do it because I didn’t want to invest it in my old house. I now have a HC2, 16 Dimmers, 4 roller shutters and more...

Just completed to add my new Enphase solar panels as a VD to my HC2 thanks to @ReneNL who created this VD and made it availible on the Fibaro Marketplace.


Hope to get here some solution when I can’t figure it out anymore.




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Welcome to the community! :)

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  • Topic Author
  • @T.Konopka

    Thank you.


    Do you have some usefull tips and tricks or some usefull scenes that are must haves? Just links to articles/forums are enough.



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    Hi Kevin, welkom!

    The work of @Sankotronic helped me understand quite a lot about the system (still far from an expert though ;) )


    Please login or register to see this link.



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