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Fibaro dimmer 2 setup

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Morning everyone,


choosing a setup for my new home maken me wonder if my idea works,

each side of the bed I install a dimmer 2 connected to a double momentary switch. Above the bed I install a LED strip connected to a RGBW and the ceiling light is also connected to a dimmer. 


-S1 single click controls direct load spot

-S1 double click controls other dimmer

-S2 single click controls led strip in ceiling

-S2 double click controls ceiling lamp


this means from either side of the bed I can control all lights in the room with dim function. 


All i lose is the double click to 100%. Correct?

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I'm quite new to this, but from my knowledge you would not be able to control rgbw (colour changing strip) from a dimmer 2, you might be able to turn it on/off from s2 but not dim or change colour etc and you would need one side to be a dimmer 2 wired as a 2 way switch and an rgbw module to control the strip on the other side (or elsewhere).


If you are happy with white led strip only the you could use 2 x dimmer 2 modules. You would need a mains dimmable led driver though for the strip and you would need to wire your switches in a 3 way setup, from main switch to left side of bed and right side of bed all on s1 terminal, then s2 to both sides of bed (and main room switch if you want control for led strip from there too).  


I hope that makes some sense. 

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  • Ok, so coming a little further with my project the next question comes up. I have 3 LED lights (wall washers) which are rated 16W (8*2W in one housing) and I want to make them dimable. 


    They are constant 700mA lamps so a dimable driver is required. 3*16=48W. Unfortunately I can’t find one that supports phase dimming. Option 2, buy 3 drivers. 


    Do I need 3 Fibaro Dimmers on this or can I do with 1? The fibaro dimmer supports 50W for resistive loads. 


    Or or am I reading this wrong?


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