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is there a way to reach fibaro support they never respond


Hi, i have a problem with 3 valves that are in version 4.0. The menu is not performing any action, i press the pin, the color changes, i reach the function i want, i.e. calibrate, i release the pin and press it again to confirm but nothng happens.

I have a 4th valve, shipped with version 4.3 and everything works as expected.

can anyone confirm that this is a 4.0 issue? 

I try to reach fibaro asking if there are different instuctions for v4.0, but no response. Actually i got one response just after christmas, apologising for teh delay, but no follow up after that. I want them to give me the firmware to update the valves. If somebody has it, please share it with me.

best regards,



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I have same experience with Fibaro and there support reaction.

Every time when I send a e-mail the response is 1 or sometimes 2 weeks with default answer...  sorry for late response etc. etc... 


In my opinion Fibaro is one of the best home automation device with one of the worst support reaction...   


I work in one of the biggest international multi industry company and service and support is one of the important things...   

I want to share my opinion with them but I feel they have a lax attitude about this...  

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Hello @panagiotis,


Sollution would be update to version 4.4. Do you have HC2 or HCL to perform an update? Fibaro does not give binaries (or hex files) for upgrading firmware through different gateways.


@D-Vine, have tried to contact Fibaro partner for 1st support line? Some Fibaro partners doing 1st support line for FIbaro products (and extra product what they sell). For Netherlands it is JDK Holding. See 

Please login or register to see this link.



If it is something that require more than 1st line could handle, then they have priority channel.






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I have one with firmware 4.0, however when I want to update to 4.4, the update gets stuck saying the wrong file size, till now no respond from fibaro either.


However , the heat controller does work, I had to do the including 3 times before it actually included it.

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