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Value reporting / manual poll



first let me apologize for posting to this forum even that I have HC lite, but I think that it's platform independent issue and this forum looks like more "alive".


I have several spirit radiator valves (it's battery powered device) and it's reporting current temperature to HC. Spirit documentation states, that device is reporting value upon temperature change (and when I had devices connected to other non-fibaro network all valves were reporting fine).


Now quite often happens that temperature isn't updated for several hours. As I understand it - poll interval in HC is just for devices which report that they do not send updates automatically.

It is really important to me that temperature is updated at least every 15 mins.


My questions:

1) any clue why device doesn't send updates? does anybody have same experience - how did you solved it?

2) As I have HCL I can make virtual device which will use REST API to trigger manual POLL every 15 mins, however I didn't found POLL command in REST documentation - any advice? (found that in LUA, but that's not an option)




UPDATE: Found out that POST:http://IP/api/devices/66/action/readWholeConfiguration will read whole config from device - little bit brute method, but my question 2) is answered and I can now schedule regular updates.

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