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Does master / slave setup work for anyone?


I have had a master / slave setup now for probably over 4 years and I can say that it's never really work fully. 

There have always been issues, however with the new 4.5x series of firmware it was degraded to the point of being unusable / unstable:


- zwave network traffic issues - long delays or sometimes no communication at all

- all devices on the slave becoming unconfigured seemingly randomly

- slave devices on the master showing as "communication problems" i.e. they are greyed out and can't be controlled from the master via the web interface

- slave devices on the master showing as dead on the android app, so can't control them or see status - however many of these are visible through the web interface

...  just to name a few. 


All-in-all, really bad experience. Tech support seem to be non-existent despite pleas for help and phone calls where I'm told to wait for someone to look at my ticket, but no one does look at it in the end.


Has anyone had any good experiences with master / slave setups and 4.5x firmware?

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