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Wall Plug setup failed

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I've bought a Fibaro Wall Plug, type F, and it's my first Fibaro product. Maybe also the last one, since I can't get it set up.


I made sure my iPhone was using a 2.4 GHz network, and then tried to add the Wall Plug through the FibaroHome app. The plug is found and the app askes to share my network with it, but after accepting this, the "spinning wheel" of the app keeps spinning. The LED-ring on the plug initially flashes greenish (not yellow as stated in the Quick Start Guide), but after a while it became red and then it turned off completely - but the FibaroHome app still spinning and telling me to wait...


Also tried Apple Home app, but did got similar result - no Wall Plug was added!


I've also reset the Wall Plug several times and tried both FibaroHome and Apple Home several times.


Help! What am I doing wrong?



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  • Ok, so now mine is working, and here's how I got it to work.


    I changed the password on my 2.4 GHz WiFi to 12341234 just to try if my previous password was creating some trouble, since it contained exclamation marks "!". Then I got it to work! :)


    Then I reset the Wall Plug and changed back to my previous password, where I replaced the exclamation mark by a number, but it didn't work. Because of the length of my password I limited the length of it to 12 chars, and once again I got it to work. The password now only contains letters and numbers.


    The really bad thing is that it seams like the support wasn't sure about what chars was supported and which ones was not, and when I did my search I couldn't find anything about this.

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